With the market share of Android users nearing 80%, it is clearly evident that Android apps can get your business the much-needed outreach. Android marketplace becomes the first choice of all app enthusiasts to launch and validate their business idea.

The Brihaspati Infotech aims at providing nothing but the best app development services in the country. With an experienced team of developers, debuggers and IT professionals, we achieve high levels of flexibility and create interfaces that are highly addictive.

Some of the technologies we use include:

  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Android NDK
  • Corona SDK
  • XML
  • HTML
  • SQLite
  • Realm
With our skills, we customise the Android open source network to your business needs and create unique apps. We always provide smart options to our clients. For instance, it is quintessential to use the operating system to develop tailored applications, mobile games and many other revolutionary products. In other words, Android is a modern and sophisticated operating system that runs on Linux and supports Java language. This latest operating system provides a suitable environment with Java IDEs to develop new applications with high utility features.
Advantages of choosing an Android App
  • Open Source Framework makes your app highly flexible and scalable
  • App Stores publish your app to millions of Android users
  • Ready Made code libraries for added customization and functionality
  • Create interactive and user-friendly apps that boost the utility of your device.
  • Android OS provides complete freedom to the users to demonstrate their original thoughts, which often contribute to the development of innovative apps.
Android applications not only help you to carry out business operations successfully but also aid you to manage all the operations of your business. They can be utilised as a worthwhile and dominant means of advertising to draw the attention of potential customers
We specialise in related technologies and marketplaces like Google Playstore. Hence, we exactly pinpoint the requirements of a highly responsive, native Android app that adheres to global compliance standards and always performs on a stellar level.
In short, our developers won’t just create an Android app for your businesses – they’ll create a powerful presence for your business, which will leave your competitors in the dust.
Our Areas of Expertise
  • Business Android Applications across sectors like management, HR, education and more.
  • Entertainment Applications including content forums, booking apps, adventure apps and others.
  • Health and fitness applications that are wirelessly synchronized with wearable devices.
  • Lifestyle Applications including shopping apps
  • News and Magazine Applications
  • Social Networking Apps
Our methodology is consistent and logical. Exclusive attention is paid to the user experience. We use our expertise, broad industry knowledge and operational durability to deliver the best when it comes to Android Apps.
Some key benefits when you hire us:
  • High-Quality Solutions at highly affordable prices
  • Tested methodologies that only get better with our experience
  • Precise, Accurate and Dynamic Apps
  • Maintenance, Support and Communication
  • Record turn around times
We make sure through our development and process protocols that every client gets and optimised Android app that maximised the business potential in their specific niche or sector. With modern technologies including frameworks like Java, Delphi and others, we are consistently finding ways to find newer algorithms and coding modules to deliver each kind of app quickly and with maximum performance potentials.
We make sure that your apps are responsive, highly aesthetic and addictive in nature when it comes to user experience. Therefore, don’t wait for the right developers to find you, contact us now and get your company, venture and startups a new lease of life with a dynamic Android app.
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