Redefining User Experience and Personalization on Shopify Plus

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Project Goal

Shopify is one of the best solutions for eCommerce businesses. However, we are not denying, Shopify has drawbacks that often create hurdles in this competitive universe. One of our clients was struggling with a similar problem and approached us to provide an effective solution to improve the functionalities and features of his Shopify website.

Clients requirement:

  • Upgrade the website to the Shopify Plus platform
  • To add functionalities such as custom mobile layout, custom product page layout, and more.

After understanding the requirements, we started detailed research for the best technologies and apps.


No doubt, the task was quite challenging but, thanks to the expertise of our development team to provide perfect solutions and maintain the uniqueness of the website. Below are some of the solutions that we worked out for the client:-

Creating a customized mobile layout

Targeting mobile users is essential for any online business. To make sure that our client can exploit the ever-growing mobile users, we made his website responsive. Apart from making it responsive, we also created a custom layout to enhance the user experience while accessing the website through mobile devices. The aim behind creating the custom layout was to minimize the navigation.

Personalization on Shopify Plus Store
Adding a new quick view feature to the website

We added a new Quick View feature to the product pages of the website so that once the user clicks on the images on product pages, he can have a quick view. This feature was helpful to enhance the user experience by eliminating the need to redirect to a new page to see different images of the products.

Personalization on Shopify Plus Store
Customizing the product detail page layout

One of the concerns in our client’s mind was to have a customized product page layout. He wanted our team to change the product layout page and add features like product reviews and back in-store functionality. We created a different layout for mobile and desktop to enhance user interaction on the product page.

Personalization on Shopify Plus Store
Adding the New Fit Quiz wizard

We integrated a New Fit Quiz wizard on the client website. It was helpful for the users to find the perfect match for the products they wish to buy. This quiz included questions that reflect the exact requirements of the users. It enabled the website to present the most relevant products to users on the client website.

Personalization on Shopify Plus Store
Customized Account Page for users

Keeping in mind the importance of a customized account page, we created an account page that caters to information such as Profile, want list, saved addresses, orders, and return. We also provided the option to take the fit guide quiz on the account page if the user has not taken it yet.

Final Words

We know that there is tremendous scope for customization while using the Shopify Plus websites but, it often makes the process daunting. Thankfully our team has all the expertise to handle such products, and we were able to deliver this project well within the time frames. In addition to the solutions we mentioned above, we integrated the website with address validator and iGlobal Stores. TBI’s professional team is always ready with a perfect solution if you are looking for similar changes to your Shopify stores.

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