Caching Redis & Memcache

A distributed environment applications run on multiple servers and many activities work in concurrent manner. In such systems flawed caching choices and inferior cashing designs can put performance of your business at stake. Dynamic database-driven sites demand caching of all the data so as to boost responsiveness and efficiency of their applications.

Services We Offer in Caching Redis & Memcache


Memcached database runs on Unix, Linux, Windows and MacOSX and is distributed under a permissive free software license. Memcached APIs provide a giant hash table distributed across multiple machines. Our team has been using Memcached -a memory object caching system to speed up dynamic database-driven websites by caching data and objects in RAM to reduce the number of times an external data source must be read.


REDIS is a caching system or in-memory database and popularly known as key-value store that can be used to enhance the responsiveness of your website. Caching plays an important role in developing high-performance and scalable application over distributed environments.


  • Build interactive, database backed website spanning multiple servers.
  • Deploying memcached and redis which enhance the performance and improve efficiency of your project
  • Offer persistence, replication and support to all data types like hashes, lists, strings and sets.
So if your dream project is finally online and is not as fast as you thought it would be. Also, if you feel that heavy loads will deteriorate its performance, you are right! You can hire our developers, they provide web caching services and assist in limiting the website load to improve performance.

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