Social media is the biggest brand building tool to promote your business and it is the place where strategies can work better than you think. Promoting your business on social media places it on a wide platform where it can get a good deal of interested readers. The old market adage goes like it takes six to eight exposures to a product before customer decides to buy’. Social platform is an excellent stage to make that happen.

We at TBI follow organic social media strategies that give competitive advantage to our clients. We understand that avoiding social media can leave a vent open allowing your competitors to attract your audience. Uploading and sharing is not enough when it comes to social media.

Services We Offer in Social Media Marketing

  • Posting and sharing on social media
  • Finding the right kind of social media platform, be it a personal platform like blogs or forums or paid platforms like Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Consistent measurement of followers/fans, CTR, and examining the timings of your followers
  • Managing your reputation by making frequent updates, consistent branding, and building an online community for your business.
Ethics and integrity blended correctly with latest developments in SMO is our unique selling preposition.
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