A core aspect of the web development industry, JavaScript is an integral aspect that our team at The Brihaspati Infotech utilises to create custom applications, using advanced nodes. Our team comprises of seasoned developers and together, we have delivered over 100 projects successfully.

Advanced JS is a dynamic programming language and we use it offer various development services. Whether you want to initiate a fresh project or revise an existing app, our team will deliver the best of outcomes. Our team is abreast of latest industry developments and developmental methodologies to create a complex and wide array of JavaScript platforms within budget and on time.

Services We Offer in Advance Javascript Development

  • Building simple and practical JS apps for varied niche of businesses.
  • Exact requirements are understood, brainstormed and implemented in the project.
  • We can migrate the existing web property for upgradation and improvement.
  • Our advanced JS products are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.
  • JS products are executed on the client-side making it easier to use and access.
  • Our services are budget-friendly.

Node Js

eCommerce Development

Create customized ecommerce portals and integrated shopping cart systems to automate the whole selling process and avail intrinsic data points.

Plugin Development

Team experts creates custom plugins to extend the functionality of your web property.

Data Statistics

Businesses require data points to analyse and execute business ideas. We give your business data dashboards to analyse your business performance.

android web development

Systems Monitoring

We create applications and perform systems monitoring to enhance the overall productivity of your business, giving your scalable analytics.


We use agile development systems to ensure the modules function in combination with other modules.

Angular Js

Lightweight Coding

Our codes do not ramp up server power. The code is lightweight and impacts the overall page loading time positively.

HTML Components

Scripts are based on advanced and responsive HTML components which are compatible and integrable with the whole platform.

Two-Way Binding

The JS scripts follow two-way binding process, tying together the UI and the model.

Form Validation

Save your time with our intrinsic but simple development of form validation components, easing your effort to run online ventures.


All our apps are tested for bugs and incompetencies, and rectified should any arise. There is dan experienced QA team for testing.

angular js

React Js

Lightweight DOM

React.js strips the DOM, giving your custom system a simpler programming model, without compromising on the performance.

One-Way Data

One-way reactive data flow is simpler than traditional binding and reduces the boilerplate – simpler to reason and execute.

Zero Dependency

React.js modules are independent; hence, executable on both small and large projects.



Team follows pre-defined deadlines and offers continued support and maintenance even after deployment.

SEO Impact

Code has inbuilt SEO components and it runs directly from the server, giving your business a positive boost.

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