The tool of choice for Fortune 100 companies, Node.js technology is an innovation platform to help businesses avail scalable network application. Our company has 3 years of experience in Node.js development, working with 49+ clients to create load bearing infrastructure with Node.js. Over the last decade, Node.js has become a preferred application for enterprises seeking high traffic driven application, networked applications, and scalable applications. By recruiting our services, you can deploy cutting-edge Node.js applications to your business.

Node js Features

Node js supports interesting features, making it a preferred choice for high-end enterprises. They are:
  • Website efficient
  • Easy installation and execution
  • Scalable development
  • Swift eCommerce site handling
  • Reduced parsing time
  • Compatibility on all platforms
  • Networking applications connected to server side
  • API integration and development
  • Customised apps
  • Multiple application support
  • Hosted on cloud
Our long standing and valued experience in software development will guide you throughout.
What kind of applications have we built with Node.js?
A brief list is mentioned below:
  • Content management portals
  • Plugins development
  • Chat applications
  • Real-time statistics display applications
  • eCommerce portals
  • 6. System monitoring applications
  • Web APIs
  • Ajax development
  • Creating Marketplace
Node.js Project Process
At The Brihaspati InfoTech., our project managers and Node.js developers maintain a transparent workflow to keep you, the client, updated with the Node.js development process.
#1 Initiation
Our team is introduced to you and we brainstorm the project, with the intent to setup an execution plan and delivery timelines. We follow certain project development guidelines and they are shared. We set a panel of team members to handle the project and a point of contact with you. A scheduled project plan is created.
#2 Analysis
In this phase, we gather the requirements to initiate the project. We identify the agendas by soliciting the requirements and finalise the outcome. There is SCRUM planning to divide the project among the stakeholders.
#3 Architecture
After we receive the requirements, an architectural outlay is devised to show the client and feedback, if any, is incorporated in the architecture before the development phase begins. Each module and component is identified and planned in this phase.
#4 Development
The project begins the development phase. There is planning, development, testing, UAT and releasing. Once all the modules are accomplished, they are released as Beta to ensure all the UAT are met. The next step is to begin the deployment process.
Once deployed, the project is handed over to the client.
Hire us for a transparent workflow, active client support, and Node.js experience that is unparalleled in the industry.
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