The Brihaspati Infotech creates beautiful UI using the React JavaScript library. React JS is trending among developers to create reactive data flow points in applications and websites. Made by Facebook, the React JS is an open source accessible platform. Famous organizations like Sony, Airbnb, and Yahoo also use React JS in their platforms.

The React JS platform is maintained by Facebook and a large community of independent developers, like us. The platform stands out among others as it simplifies the rendering logic by allowing one-way data binding only. It is a lightweight DOM and avoids much of the issues created with other development platforms.

The valued team of experts at The Brihaspati Infotech work diligently with the React JS system to create beautiful projects for our clients. We can implement the React JS framework to both small and large projects. If the project requires, we can combine the React JS framework with others such as the backbone.js and the angular.js.

React JS Development Services

At The Brihaspati Infotech, we offer the following development services using the React JS module.
  • User interface development
  • Native app development
  • Plugin development
  • Template creation
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Front-end development
We work with the React JS framework to create UI from the beginning. Our DOM is lightweight that doesn’t ramp up the server space. The UI works on cross-platforms and the debugging process is extremely simple. We have exceptional developmental tools to combine with the React JS system, to create declarative and native apps. Our React JS products are high performance oriented. Each of the website or app component is split into useful components, with a smooth reactive flow. Lastly, React JS products are search engine friendly.
If you have an existing and running business system in-house and you are looking to expand to other functionalities, our team can integrate the existing system with React JS framework. Our work begins with expert consultations between you and our team member where we discuss all the requirements, known and unknown, in detail. Integrating React JS with existing custom applications is sometimes challenging and we eagerly take up the challenges.
Kinds of Applications and Integrations Available
We use the React ag-Grid core maps to match with React perfectly. Using HTML, we can create widgetized form input panels which is based on the excellent work done by jQuery UI and the Kendo UI. Each of these widgets are made in React JS to leverage the benefits of the React ecosystem. There is the React Grid Layout feature with which we can create resizable, fluid, static, and draggable widgets according to the responsive background. Existing React modules based on the CommonJS is combined with the React Slick carousel to upgrade. Using these modules are just few examples of what we can do with the React JS framework.
The React JS Development Process
It’s simple. Through emails and voice connection, we interact with you, the client, to establish project requirements and deliverables. Once they are decided, our developers initiate the procedure. You’re kept in the loop in every stage of activity. Once the React JS modules are developed, they undergo stringent testing to ensure any bugs are completely removed from the system. The modules are handed over the to you. The duration between the initiation and project delivery depends on the intensity and detailing of the intended project. The duration ranges from few weeks to few months.
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