C akePHP simplifies web development. Built on the inspiration of the Ruby on Rails framework, CakePHP makes the development of open source applications seamlessly easier. It is a comprehensive and uncomplicated framework that helps to build projects rapidly. The team at Brihaspati Infotech specializes in CakePHP open source software development and has successfully delivered thousands of projects in the past to satisfied clientele.

Our team is well equipped to understand the Model View Controller (MVC) and its object-oriented programming which helps us to use and implement its resourceful features like internal authentication, database accesses, validations, translations, and caching. The CakePHP solution can be advantageously used across all business verticals. We not only create a CakePHP product but we create a secured CakePHP product which prevents it from SQL injections, cross site scripting, cross site request forgery, form tampering and input validations.

The CakePHP development is a four-step process: designing, implementing, integration, and upgradation.

Our CakePHP development services include:

  • CakePHP shopping cart solutions
  • CakePHP web development
  • CakePHP plugin development
  • CakePHP CMS development
  • CakePHP 3rd party app integrations
  • CakePHP migration solution
  • CakePHP integration with existing website theme
All our team members are dedicated CakePHP developers and we offer 24 hours’ professional support and maintenance to all our clients.
Why should You Use CakePHP Programming?
We align your business goals with sophisticated CakePHP high-end development, which includes amazing features like:
  • Database interaction with integrated CRUD
  • Clean routes and custom URLs for seamless access
  • Multiple handling components like cookies, emails, security, and sessions
  • PHP syntax with helpers for flexible templates
  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Security modules and ACL functionalities are in-built
  • Extendable components with plugins and behaviours
  • Built-in architecture validation
These features, combined with our top-notch services, make CakePHP a formidable proposition to create scalable business assets.
CakePHP is compatible with different PHP versions, has customizable elements, offers large MVC patterns, easy debugging processes, simple codes, facile database management, reusability of codes and there is no need for downloads too.
CakePHP Development Process
At Brihaspati Infotech, our project managers and CakePHP developers maintain a transparent workflow to keep you, the client, updated with the CakePHP development process.
#1 Initiation
Our team is introduced to you and we brainstorm the project, with the intent to setup an execution plan and delivery timelines. We follow certain project development guidelines and they are shared. We set a panel of team members to handle the project and a point of contact with you. A scheduled project plan is created.
#2 Analysis
In this phase, we gather the requirements to initiate the project. We identify the agendas by soliciting the requirements and finalise the outcome.
#3 Architecture
After we receive the requirements, an architectural outlay is devised to show the client and feedback, if any, is incorporated in the architecture before the development phase begins. Each module and component is identified and planned in this phase.
#4 Development
The project begins the development phase. There is planning, development, testing, UAT and releasing. Once all the modules are accomplished, they are released as Beta to ensure all the UAT are met. The next step is to begin the deployment process.
Once deployed, the project is handed over to the client.
We ensure timely delivery and bespoke CakePHP solutions for your business. Contact us today!
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