Y es, it is (Yii) is a powerful, user-friendly, and high performing PHP framework to create a range of web applications. An open-source framework, Yii offers maximum reusability in an open-source format for a high-tech developmental ecosystem with excellent features. At Brihaspati Infotech, we use the Yii technology to create modern and scalable applications for our clients.

If you are in search of a simple yet modern business website or an eCommerce platform, we are the right source for you. Our Yii solutions contain AJAX-enabled widgets, CRUD generation, quick coding, interface localization, theming mechanism, and message translation. Yii framework is recommended for high performance website setup. Our team leverages its amazing features and combines it with application logic to create robust websites.

We design, implement, integrate, and upgrade Yii frameworks to suit multiple purposes.

Our Yii development services include:

  • Yii shopping cart solutions
  • Yii plugin development
  • Yii web development
  • Yii CMS development
  • Yii 3rd party app integrations
  • Yii migration solution
  • Yii integrations
Our team members are highly qualified in Yii development and we offer 24×7 professional support and maintenance to our clients.
Why Should You Use Yii Programming?
Yii programming is a modern and lightning fast solution to create amazing web properties. WE recommend Yii framework for a lot of reasons. We add the following features in our Yii products:
  • Valuable MVC architecture
  • Smooth and functional layered caching system
  • Authentication and authorization possibilities within the system
  • AJAX widgets
  • Skinning and theming mechanism implemented
  • Integrates with high-end security protocols
  • Handles and logs errors swiftly
  • Smooth third-party integration
  • Automated code generation possibility
  • jQuery support
  • Complex WSDL service support
  • Extension library
  • Quick migration and database access
Yii is truly a powerful and scalable web solution. Over the last couple of years, Brihaspati Infotech has become a leading technology provider for businesses in various verticals. Not only the Yii framework, we use other PHP-based frameworks to build web properties. The choice of a framework depends entirely on the requirement of the projects. Our team consists of experts in the Yii framework. Working across diverse industries, we build Yii applications using Zend or PEAR framework, DAO, MVC, L10N and other techniques to offer the best possible outcome.
After you send us an inquiry, our representative contacts you for further project details. A brainstorming session is scheduled with our experts to help understand the requirements, make recommendations, share project quote and deliverability, and other factors.
Our working system is completely transparent and it is one of the major reasons why clients return to us repeatedly for getting more projects done
The Brihaspati Infotech will create bespoke and radical web applications with the Yii and associated frameworks. Contact us today!
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