June 11th holds a very special place in our hearts as we celebrated 14 years of innovation, success, and joy! It is the month our organization was born, thanks to the combined efforts of our co-founders, Mr. Kunal Khullar and Mr. Mrinal Khullar!!

A special occasion calls for an extraordinary celebration. At TBI, dedication and joy define our way of life, & foundation day was no different. Let’s take a tour of how we celebrated this remarkable day together.

The Brihaspati infotech foundation day- new gathering

The moment we had all been waiting for was finally here! Our celebration took place at the Mohali Club, where everyone gathered to commemorate this special occasion. The event kicked off with our beautiful team members and esteemed guests gracing the evening with their presence.

The venue buzzed with laughter, smiles, and a palpable sense of camaraderie, setting the perfect tone for the upcoming celebrations.

Relive the Celebration with Us

To capture the magic and joy of our Foundation Day, we’ve put together a highlight video showcasing the best moments of our celebration. Watch as we laugh, dance, and honor our team, making memories that will last a lifetime.

The Brihaspati infotech foundation day- activities for all

As our host kicked off the evening on a high note, the excitement was infectious! From games to interactive sessions, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it was fun with balloons or the challenge of gathering unusual items to create the longest link chain, everyone found their way to join in.

Our beautiful couples broke into fits of laughter while playfully “looting” their partners, and shared sweet moments while collecting similar candies. It truly was a night to remember!

The Brihaspati infotech foundation day- The Big Shots Enter the Ring

We were all excited to hear from the visionaries who started it all. Our co-founders shared their journey, memories, and hopes for the future.

Their words resonated deeply with everyone present, as they spoke from the heart, expressing gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the entire team. Their speeches not only inspired but also reminded us of the shared vision and values that have driven TBI’s success over the past 14 years.

The Brihaspati infotech foundation day- performances

The evening truly came alive with a series of captivating performances. It started with a mesmerizing solo song, followed by a spirited dance by our project managers and team leads.

A hilarious corporate comedy skit had everyone in stitches, and two energetic group dance performances brought the house down. Each act added a unique sparkle to the celebration, making the evening unforgettable for all.

The Brihaspati infotech foundation day awards

Finally, it was time to recognize the hard work and dedication of our team. Awards were given out for Favorite Project Manager, Mr. TBI and Miss TBI, and Employee of the Month, recognizing their outstanding contributions. The Perfect Presence Award celebrates those who bring positivity to the workplace.

We also honored long-term commitment with awards for employees who have been with us for 5 to 10 years. The night culminated with the honoring of Employee of the Year.

Show Stealers activities

The little ones bring their own magic to the evening. Everyone watched as they lit up the night with their smiles and performances. Their infectious smiles and delightful dances lit up the night, capturing everyone’s hearts. 

Each performance was met with cheers and applause, as the kids’ energy and enthusiasm added a special warmth and joy to the celebration. Their presence reminded us of the simple joys and the importance of family, making the evening even more memorable.

food and dance floor

As the night drew to a close, we indulged in a delightful feast that satisfied everyone’s taste buds. The delicious food was a perfect end to the evening, with everyone savoring the variety of flavors.

Meanwhile, our DJ kept the energy high, and the dance floor buzzing with lively beats. Laughter, music, and the joy of good company filled the air, wrapping up our celebration on a perfect note. It was a night to remember, leaving us all with cherished memories and a sense of togetherness.

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