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What Do You Get?

Avail a chance of earning up to $5000 by referring businesses to our team by either introducing them directly to your Account manager or by filling up this referral form.

Directly to your Account manager or by filling up form.You will enjoy the income of a flat 20% on project's total value.

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Referral Program
Frequently Asked Questions

How We Can Help You?

You will be eligible for the referral commission once the lead shared by you becomes our paying client. We will credit the commission once your referral pays the first invoice after becoming our client.

You have multiple options to receive your qualified referral commissions. If you are engaged in projects with our team, we can adjust the commissions to your project’s costs. You can also choose direct bank transfers or PayPal to receive your referral bonus.

No, there are no such restrictions as long as your referrals are unique. Please note that you will be eligible for commission for every new client, not on the new projects or hiring done by the successful referrals you sent in the past.

The following individuals and professionals can participate to earn referral commission with us:-

  • Our existing and past clients
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Development Companies
  • Freelance Development Consultants
  • Owners of Youtube Channels
  • Hosts of Podcasts and Webinars
  • A friend of someone with development needs.
  • Website and Social Media Page Admins

We will treat you as an individual consultant if you are connected with The Brihaspati Infotech through projects on behalf of your company. However, we are open to disbursing the commissions to your company too.

We respect your rights to participate in project management and coordination with clients referred by you. You can exercise complete control on managing projects and communications with the leads that you refer to.

We offer a flat 20% share on invoiced amounts till 6 months after onboarding your lead and kickstarting the project.

Yes. You can pay for our existing collaborations using your referral commission by conveying the same to your project manager. We will deduct the amount from your project cost, thus saving you significant sums on the projects.

Only projects worth $500 or more are eligible for our referral program. The projects that involve short-duration tasks are not eligible for referral commission.

You can get updates on the progress of your leads by getting in touch with our project managers or support team. However, we will keep you posted with updates on your referrals through email or whatever communication mode you choose.

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