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New Store Development

Our custom eCommerce website development company builds full-fledged online stores right from scratch. We ensure robust business strategies and top-notch technologies to deliver the eCommerce stores that match your expectations.

Our services include UI/UX Mockup designs, Theme development, Product setup, 3rd party integrations, and marketing setup to deliver a fully working store.

Matching your Vision icon

Matching your Vision

We ensure to deliver the eCommerce designs that compliment your vision for a successful online venture.

Our team always emphasizes staying on the same page by discussing every design element and feature with you.

With expertise in customizing themes, extensions, and digital marketing features, we always focus on matching your expectations.

Targeting Right Audience image

Targeting Right Audience

We help drive rich user experience and sales by catering to the features best suited for your target audience.

Over the years, we developed many custom solutions for B2B and B2C audiences apart from designing localized stores.

We provide a personalized touch and enhanced buying experience to commend your brand value.

Competitor Analysis image

Competitor Analysis

Our eCommerce development services include the analysis of competitors’ strategies for a competitive edge within the industry.

We conduct a SWOT analysis to help your business outrank the competition by identifying the winning factors.

The Brihaspati Infotech makes sure to hone every critical factor that can enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

Technology Consultation

Our expertise with all popular technologies gives you the liberty to select any eCommerce platform to mark your online presence. Our pride resides in delivering impeccable solutions for kickstarting an eCommerce website continuously since 2010.

Open Source

Open-Source vs Cloud-Based Technologies

Whether you want to choose an open-source platform or cloud-based technologies, our experts are well-versed with all such options to deliver a quality result.

Our eCommerce website development company has expertise on popular platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and many more.

Cms Vs Frame

Cms vs Frameworks

No matter whether you want to choose a pre-loaded CMS-inspired platform or a framework to build unique features, our team can fulfill your needs.

Our expert understands the complexities that haunt the different business needs and can guide you to adopt the most suitable option.

Headless vs Traditional choices

Headless vs Traditional choices

Our eCommerce development company has abilities to deal with diverse flavors of content management systems available in the market.

Whether you are looking for traditional CMS like Woocommerce or headless CMS like Contentful, VueStorefront, our team can deliver them all to match your requirements.

Our expertise in

Shopify Apps

We specialize in building custom, interactive, and modern Shopify apps with the right add-on feature to attract your target audience.Our custom Shopify app solutions enable your eCommerce business to reach its potential.

Bigcommerce Apps

We bring innovations to your eCommerce business by empowering your stores with BigCommerce apps tailored to suit your requirements for immense scalability, unmatched performance, and expansion capabilities.

Magento Extensions

Our team has expertise in developing custom Magento extensions that align and blend perfectly with your business.We have a proven history of building diverse extensions to enhance Magento stores for any industry vertical.

Woocommerce Plugins

Enjoy Woocommerce plugin development that extends to much more than just adding codes, compiling, and uploading the plugin to stores.We create winning strategies for plugins that match your eCommerce store requirements.

Ecwid Plugins

Get a one-stop solution for full-scale Ecwid custom app development for online stores and applications.Our team specializes in integrating with platforms like WordPress and Facebook to take your storefront to the next level.

OpenCart Plugins

Our dedicated opencart development team has years of experience building feature-rich, scalable, and robust OpenCart plugins that can help you get good ROIs by converting more website visitors into customers.

Ecommerce Store Redesign

Our website design experts bring tactical thinking to every project. From big marketplaces to small-scale businesses, we create the stores that are set for success. We consider every lever that influences sales and user experience in your store.

Boosting the sales

Boosting the sales

Our sales-driven website template designs ensure maximum conversions and a consistent flow of hot prospects to your business.

We customize your website to appease your visitors so that they convert successfully into real customers for your business.

Enhanced Mobile experience

Enhanced Mobile experience

Our eCommerce web development company understands the importance of mobile users for your online ventures.

We design highly responsive themes to deliver a pleasant browsing experience irrespective of the device in use.

Fast Loading Speeds

Fast Loading Speeds

We have the skills to improve the loading speed of your websites to deliver a clutter-free and fast browsing experience to the users.

Our team makes sure to prevent your visitors from bouncing to the new website by optimizing your stores for favorable speeds.

Custom eComm Solutions

The Brihaspati Infotech has helped hundreds of start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises to achieve their business goals using innovative solutions catered by our custom eCommerce development team.



We have a track record of delivering successful Marketplace platforms that help bring together a community of sellers and buyers.

We have experience in customizing B2B, B2C, and C2C marketplaces on every popular eCommerce development platform.



Our eCommerce development agency prides itself in delivering unmatched solutions for dropshipping companies.

We emphasize providing easy-to-manage custom solutions to scale up your dropship business with flawless features and functionalities.



The specialization of our web development team can help you create a unique and manageable auction website or app.

We can deliver a high-performing, fast-loading, SEO-friendly, and secure platform to scale up your auctioning business model.

B2B Solutions

B2B Solutions

Enjoy tailor-made B2B eCommerce solutions with The Brihaspati Infotech for easier methods to serve your business customers.

We provide custom B2B solutions to strengthen relations with your sellers.

Platform Migration

Our team provides you an effective solution to move your websites to the platforms that fit the scalability of your business. We ensure minimum downtime for your website to prevent your business from any kinds of losses during the migration process.

Overcoming the limitations

Overcoming the Limitations

We understand your current store platform may be limited for your growing business needs.

Our team can help you overcome limitations by choosing the right eCommerce platform and assist in seamless migration

Shopify theme development

Choosing the Right Platform.

11+ years of experience with eCommerce platforms enable our team to know the limitations and advantages of all eCommerce platforms.

Our experts will guide you to choose the right platform capable enough to support the scalability of your business in the long run.

Zero Data Loss

Zero Data Loss

Our eCommerce development company can help you to migrate every piece of data while ensuring zero data loss.

We ensure the UI design, products, customers, orders, reviews, and every other entity is properly migrated within fixed deadlines.

Seamless Migration

Seamless Migration

We can customize each extension and feature to match the user experience plus the brand guidelines of the previous version.

Our eCommerce web development experts deploy an agile process and obsession with outcomes to avoid any compromises.

Product Configurators

Our eCommerce development company can help your customers with the flexibility to personalize the products based on their needs. We can help you in the development of Part Builders, Part Configurators, Sales Configurators, and CPQ Configurators with live product preview options.

Configurators for Every Business

Configurators for Every Business

We deliver impeccable solutions for companies that offer customizable products through their eCommerce or RFQ websites.

Our team can deliver perfect product configurators without overwhelming users with confusing or unnecessary features.

Increase Order Value and Sales

Increase Order Value and Sales

We can help you achieve up to a 70% increase in sales by increasing user engagement and satisfaction with custom products.

We can develop a product configurator as simple or complex as you like based on the nature of products and preferences.

Facilitating Extensive Customization

Facilitating Extensive Customization

We can integrate user-friendly product configurators on your eCommerce stores to enhance your customer experience.

Our eCommerce development team can integrate a 360-product viewer or a 3D model viewer to make personalization more awesome.

Custom Plugins and Modules

Over the years, The Brihaspati Infotech has developed several custom plugins and modules for both public release and individual websites. Our eCommerce website development services offer the development of public plugins for app-store publishing, private apps, and custom module development services.

Extending the Current Features

Extending the Current Features

Our eCommerce development company can help you develop custom features that are limited in your existing store platform.

We provide tailored solutions that enable you to add new features that help increase the customer experience and engagements for better ROI.

Integrations with ERP, Warehouses, CRM, Marketing Tools

Integrations with ERP, Warehouses, CRM, Marketing Tools

Ensure an efficient collaboration of your store with 3rd party Tools like ERP, POS, Warehouses, Mobile Apps, and much more. The data remains seamlessly in sync.

We build custom integrations with 3rd party Marketing tools for sharing customer behavior insights allowing targeted sales campaigns.

REST and SOAP-based Integrations

REST and SOAP-based Integrations

We have expertise in REST and SOAP-based APIs integrations. Whether your store needs such integrations or you are going for Headless development, we have rich expertise in it.

Over the years, we have delivered thousands of public and private apps to enhance your store abilities.

Custom Payment Gateway Integrations

Custom Payment Gateway Integrations

Our eCommerce website development company can help you to integrate custom payment gateways with your online stores.

We have partnered with many Payment gateways looking to harness the power of platforms like Shopify, Magento, Ecwid, and more. We have built custom apps/modules for them, allowing their merchants to seamlessly use these gateways for online transactions.

New Checkout Experiences

New Checkout Experiences

Our eCommerce web development team can improve the checkout experience with our innovative and effective solutions.

We ensure engagement of your customers till order confirmation to keep a check on cart abandonment rate.

Boost Engagement and Security

Boost Engagement and Security

We use the existing architectural framework to develop custom functionalities that boost engagement with users.

The Brihaspati Infotech follows strict code standards to inculcate the best security features on your eCommerce store.

Public Plugins / Apps

The Brihaspati Infotech is dedicated to position businesses for growth by developing public apps to increase their reach and customer base. We have developed hundreds of apps for all popular eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and many more.

Connect Services with eCommerce Platforms

Connect Services with eCommerce Platforms

Create brand value for your services in the eCommerce industry by developing a public app with The Brihaspati Infotech.

Our team can empower your business idea or existing business solution into a fully functional public application for all popular eCommerce platforms.

Accessing the Huge Audience Base

Accessing the Huge Audience Base

We help businesses to expand their reach to millions of active stores running on popular eCommerce platforms. Our custom-built apps are secure and scalable.

Our services will help you reach out to millions of users across the globe.

Integration and Ongoing Maintenance

Integration and Ongoing Maintenance

We make sure seamless integration with each eCommerce platform so that your public app will be able to deliver its worth.

Our eCommerce development company provides ongoing maintenance to ensure the latest versions are supported and regular security patches are applied.

Our knowledge base

Enjoy a wider reach for your products and services by creating public Plugins and Applications for all major eCommerce platforms.

Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Our eCommerce development company can help you to extend the reach of your existing websites and services through content-rich and transaction-centric mobile applications. Our team has over decade-long expertise in building mobile applications that meet market needs, empower brand identity, and encourage business growth.

Expand your reach to the Mobile platform

Expand your reach to the Mobile platform

Our team will help your business strive toward excellence with high-performing and digitally radical mobile applications.

We enable your stores to be in your customer’s pockets by developing high-quality apps using agile and linear development methodologies.

Increase engagements

Increase engagements

Our seasoned eCommerce development team caters to an unexceptional user onboarding experience for app engagement & user retention.

Explore the business potential by targeting/retargeting your users using push notifications, deals, coupons, and in-app messaging.

Native & Cross-Platform Coverage

Native & Cross-Platform Coverage

Regardless of the type of app you choose to build, there are a myriad of technologies that we have mastered to develop your mobile app.

We are well-versed with technologies for developing native and cross-platform applications. We will deliver perfect UI/UX design and functionalities for seamless performance.

Spend less time worrying about technology.

Everything you need to build and maintain eCommerce Store

We at The Brihaspati Infotech take Full ownership of the eCommerce development project playing a Proactive Role with Regular communication.

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