5 custom BigCommerce apps that stores can’t survive without


BigCommerce is one of the bestselling options when choosing a platform to set up your eCommerce business. With plenty of built-in features, an easy-to-use dashboard, BigCommerce apps, and an unlimited cap for sales, this self-hosted eCommerce CMS checks several key features for what it takes to manage an eCommerce store effectively.

Despite being feature-rich and convenient to use, you always need to depend on BigCommerce app store’s third-party apps for functionalities that suit your unique business needs”.  – Gaurav Tyagi, BigCommerce Expert, TBI

With severe competition, relying on the default features of  BigCommerce isn’t enough. If you want to edge out the competition, then your store needs to provide a bespoke experience that enhances the customer experience and gives them less reason to abandon their order 

Luckily, the BigCommerce app store comes with access to a wide range of tried and tested apps that can help your store to stand out from the competition and become a customer magnet. While depending on the pre-built applications listed on the BigCommerce app store may seem the right idea, as you keep scaling up, you will find yourself restricted in your growth initiatives of providing unique experiences to the buyers. 

So what is your option here? The BigCommerce developers at The Brihaspati Infotech strongly recommend BigCommerce custom app development for apps made exclusively for your store.

Why Vouch For BigCommerce Custom App Development?

Building an app from scratch and investing funds in its development may seem unviable to most store owners. We already have numerous public apps on the BigCommerce app store readily available to achieve the desired functionalities for your eCommerce stores. 

However, using those apps will only make you a part of the crowd, thus you need more options. Let’s check out some points that will help you understand why your store needs a custom BigCommerce application to thrive in the eCommerce industry:-

Solving the specific problems for your business

Tailored or custom BigCommerce applications can help address specific problems or needs of your online store. Even if there is a wide range of Bigcommerce apps available on the marketplace, there can be unique issues specific to your business.

Though scoping out the business requirements and determining the cost can become a pain point, custom apps using BigCommerce development services still hold a great relevance over pre-built and subscription-based apps available on the BigCommerce app store.

However, there is a common misconception regarding the cost of BigCommerce custom app development. If you think a custom BigCommerce app will cost you more, you should continue reading this section.

No monthly subscription

While you may get your hands on free public apps, most BigCommerce apps on the marketplace will cost monthly subscriptions. You need to ask yourself whether you wish for these subscriptions or to go with a one-time investment?

Your business intends to stay for a long time therefore you may find yourself stuck in the recurring payment cycles for subscription-based apps. Building a customized BigCommerce app can make you pay an upfront cost, but it will never happen again!

Ownership of the code

Building a custom BigCommerce app for your store will give you complete control of the app. Rather than depending on the BigCommerce app development company that owns the code or a third-party software vendor, you have complete freedom to decide about the future versions of your apps. 

Apart from that, retaining the rights to the source code will ensure that your app solution stays unique. It will also make it hard for competitors to get a similar app solution.

Lower maintenance costs

Recent industry norms suggest that expenses of around 20% of the total development cost are required to maintain the app. Though it also applies to BigCommerce, you can bring down these costs by going for custom development. 

According to our BigCommerce app developers, custom apps can cut app maintenance costs by up to 50% of what a pre-built app can cost annually. Thus considering a custom BigCommerce app can turn into a wise decision in a long run.

Option to scale the app anytime you want

The growth of your business will revolve around the scalability of the BigCommerce app you are using on your store. BigCommerce app development company helps you accommodate the growth efficiently, thus evading investments that are required otherwise. 

Only custom app solutions can help you handle unlimited scalability and growth requirements. It helps you serve more customers without disrupting the current business and end-user experience. 

Option to leverage the BigCommerce marketplace

Apart from being a winning factor for your own BigCommerce store, custom apps can also help you earn more by offering them to other BigCommerce stores in the eCommerce universe. 

BigCommerce app developers can design different subscription plans using the BigCommerce development services. You can earn recurring revenues when other stores use your apps to get similar functionalities. 

Top 5 Custom BigCommerce apps that your store needs

Bigcommerce App Development Services for Group Pricing App

Though BigCommerce already has group pricing features, it lacks the flexibility and efficiency you wish. Our BigCommerce app developers assisted one of our clients with a custom group pricing app for the BigCommerce store. The client has numerous custom requirements like the ability to update products with specific pricing for each customer group.

Our BigCommerce app development company used the combination of Laravel and BigCommerce APIs, thus matching his exact requirements. We aimed to make a custom group pricing app with the abilities that the below image will help you understand:-

The unique features and functionalities that we added to this custom BigCommerce app helped our client to execute the group pricing better than ever before. Check out some of the key benefits that the client got in the first few months of integration:-

  • Ability to create specific price tiers and assign products to them.
  • Tempting users with reduced prices by buying more quantities, thus increasing revenues.
  • Increases loyalty and brand value for the business for long-term gains
  • Fast checkout by providing an option to edit quantity in the shopping cart.
  • A competitive edge over counterparts with unique group pricing features.

Know more about features of our custom group pricing app here.

BigCommerce App Development Services for Web Accessibility

Under this project for Bigcommerce custom app development, we got a task to build a custom BigCommerce app to facilitate web accessibility for Visually challenged users. A fixed layout can become a problem for users with disabilities like color blindness, Loss of Central Vision, Loss of Peripheral (Side) Vision, Blurred Vision, Generalized Haze, Extreme Light Sensitivity, and Night Blindness.

Our Bigcommerce development company helped the client with a custom app, thus bridging this gap. Our solution helped such users to redesign the store layout and customize UI according to their disabilities. The custom BigCommerce app solution assisted the users to change color themes, website layouts, font style, heading texts, and hyperlinks.

The client wanted to offer this app to all BigCommerce stores, so we ensured seamless integration and continuous support to overcome every technical challenge. Apart from it, below are some of the key features that we added to this web accessibility solution:-

  • The users can personalize the orientations for the webpage they are accessing
  • The users can make customizations to the website layout with easy clicks.
  • The Headings can be visually distinguished with the font size and style.
  •  Separate functions for Content scaling and Text magnifier.

Know more about features of Web Accessibility app here.

BigCommerce Custom Product Customization App

Product customization is helping hundreds of online businesses to mark their unique presence in the eCommerce industry. From clothing to gift items, personalization is penetrating everywhere. Our client wanted a custom product customization app for his scrub business that is used to fulfill the supply chain to numerous hospitals in the UK.

His store supplies brand-specific clothing to the hospitals’ staff and patients. Handling bulk orders with exact customizations was turning into a pain point for him. We provided BigCommerce app development services to build an app that let his clients customize the scrubs before placing the orders in a detailed and convenient manner.

Extracting the product details with precision was crucial for the success of this Bigcommerce custom product customization app. Our BigCommerce app development company decided to use a customized Yii2 framework to come up with an application with the following abilities:-

  • Option to avail embroidery, custom logos, and the texts.
  • Javascript and jQuery codes to update price increments.
  • Button to copy the same customization on bulk orders.
  • Enabling/Disabling Customization for specific products
  • Email alert thus, confirming the order and the exact details.

Know more about features of our BigCommerce product customization app here.

Age verification app for BigCommerce App Store

This BigCommerce custom app development project allowed us to work with a client who owns an ammunition business while having an online store for offering the products. As the age of the buyers plays a vital role here, our BigCommerce app developers need to come up with a solution with the ability to verify the ages of customers.

Stringent federal, state, and local laws can cause legal implications for businesses dealing in arms and ammunition, so precision was the ultimate necessity of our custom age verification app for his store. We used the perfect mix of technologies like Yii2 PHP framework, HTML, JavaScript, BigCommerce API, and more to come up with the following solutions:-

  • Ability to display professional-looking pop-up forms.
  • Easy option to set up whole functionality with seamless integration.
  • Ability to work in a fully responsive environment and all-sized devices.
  • Customize the text, font, colors, and background image to match the brand.
  • Seamless navigation experience both for the merchants and the customers

Get more details about our custom age verification app by visiting the Link.

BigCommerce Custom App Development for Inventory Management

Believe it or not, inventory management is still a vital challenge for many eCommerce businesses. The readily available inventory management solutions often fail to meet the exact demands of the stores. It leads one of our clients to build a custom inventory management solution for the BigCommerce store owners.

We aimed to build a custom inventory management application for BigCommerce with seamless integration with the platform. Transferring the customer details, synchronizing the products, updating inventories, and managing orders on both ends were vital challenges while building this custom solution.

Our BigCommerce app development services helped the client to streamline the age verification process for his weapon sale business. It ensured that clients never fail the compliances that can otherwise result in huge fines and long prison terms. Check out some of the noteworthy features of our custom app:- 

  • Synchronizing customers from store to client’s application
  • Synchronizing product details from client’s application to BigCommerce store
  • Synchronize the stock levels with a custom BigCommerce application
  • Managing orders on both the ends

Get more insights for our custom inventory management app here.

Final Words

These were some of the exceptional custom BigCommerce app development projects that our BigCommerce app developers have delivered to the merchants. Apart from these solutions, our BigCommerce app development company can also help you build the following solutions to ensure your success in the eCommerce industry:-

Being a reputed BigCommerce development company we have extensive experience in building applications to manage different business processes and utilities required by BigCommerce stores. If you also wish to build a robust custom BigCommerce application to increase the efficiency, sales, revenue, and profitability of your BigCommerce stores, our experts are just a click away from you.