Magento Responsive themes and Their Advantages


Easy to download and get started with, Magento is a perfect platform for making robust e-commerce or any other kind of websites. Strong online-retailers never settle for any other platform owing to its ease of use and excellent features it provides. However, users surf websites through multiple devices and it is vital to take care of every kind of user visiting to your website. Otherwise chances are you’ll lose considerable number of potential visitors, this is because mobile devices are out-reaching desktops. Therefore, responsive websites is something business owners are looking for. A website that reciprocates well on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry operated devices. Even making a website responsive to all these operating systems doesn’t gives 100% guarantee to reach all your customers. This is because new platforms are emerging every now and then, which makes difficult to make website responsive to each one of them. So how can you create a flawless Magento powered online shop? Magento responsive theme is the answer to all the queries that might pop-up. Magento Responsive theme gives your website same environment regardless the platform it is being operated on. The theme is known to provide interactive and comfortable user experience. Magento responsive theme allows users to sync their accounts through all the devices. These themes come with number of advantages, which can keep users ahead of competition. Over the years we have created numerous device friendly Magento themes and customization. We also expertise in PSD to Magento conversion and are offering 1 day free development trial to give you an idea of our work process.

You can cater to the necessities of all the customers by using Magento responsive themes. Some of the advantages of such themes are:

    1. Reduced efforts and time on maintenance: Having a separate desktop and mobile websites for is costlier to create and maintain, rather than having one responsive Magento theme. Magento users would then have to maintain a single website, which would save a lot of time, efforts and money. Any changes in products, categories can be done through a single website and all the versions of your responsive Magento website will successfully take the changes. Also, responsive Magento websites are always given a high priority by search engine like Google.
    1. Extend reach to tech savvy audience: Magento responsive theme is a response to continual proliferation of increased web application and operating systems. Switching to the theme would extend your services to more tech savvy class of people, who can better understand your services and bring in money to your wallets. Research show that sales through tablets and other small screens are on a hike and are expected to grow in future.
    1. Scalable Platform: Magento Responsive theme provides a scalable platform. This means it doesn’t require much of efforts to add new features and functionalities to already built magento theme. You can add features and functionalities without unsetting look and feel of your website.
    1. Improved security features: There are many security issues that merchants faced with non-responsive Magento themes. After the introduction of Magento 1. 9 responsive themes, various security features have been added to Magento feature list. Improvement in file system security, protection from cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and session fixation vulnerability are a few security enhancements that have been added to magento responsive themes.
    1. SEO Advantages: As already mentioned above, Google and other search engines value responsive theme as a good SEO practice than having a separate mobile theme for the same website. Magento responsive themes are easier for search engine bots to crawl and index, thus giving your website better visibility. Magento responsive themes offer great user experience to the users and thus reduce bounce rate. This is considered as a good practice from SEO point of view.
  1. Enhance offline browsing with HTML5: As a magento user, with the help of advanced offline HTML capabilities you can deliver quality content services to your customers. This also makes user experience better and easier than it was on previous magento themes.

With all these features, Magento responsive theme would be useful to you and your customers in terms of security and streamlined payment options. For companies who want to design their websites using Magento platform can first make use of Magento theme templates. For enhanced services of Magento responsive themes; you can hire ecommerce Magento developers who are experts in deploying Magento responsive themes. We have a skilled team of Magento developers that can help you built your desired version for Magento powered e-commerce website. For more information, you can REACH OUT TO US HERE.