ChatGpt AI for Gmail: Development of Chrome Extension

ChatGpt AI for Gmail: Development of Chrome Extension

The power of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly evident as it simplifies complex tasks and completes them much faster than humans can. OpenAI’s recent creation of ChatGpt-3 represents a significant leap forward in the capabilities of AI. By leveraging the working abilities of ChatGpt-3, we developed an AI-based Chrome extension for Gmail.

“AI and machine learning will impact every aspect of business, from supply chains to customer experience, to business models themselves. Companies that successfully implement AI will be the ones that will thrive in the years to come” – Ginni Rometty, former CEO of IBM.

Open AI developed the most powerful learning model which can perform multiple tasks with simple commands. It can generate human-like text, translate the images into coding, Convert the text into images, and many more.

AI has gotten deeper in many sectors like Transportation, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing Industries, Digital marketing, and many more. But why AI has become that much of important for us? These are a few common reasons:

  • Natural language learning model like Chatgpt is a result of deep research into tasks performed by humans it stored all the data and perform the action very quickly which saves a lot of time and effort for humans.
  • The working ability of machine learning makes it more powerful to do multiple tasks single handily. It can generate auto emails, Write HTML codes, translate the language, write SEO-friendly blogs, and so on. 
  • AI-based tools are well-designed to perform difficult tasks they don’t need to take a break after every interval. They don’t require weeks-offs and other leaves, which won’t hamper your productivity.

Above are a few benefits of AI, let’s discuss how we leveraged ChatGpt to develop the chrome extension.

Integrated ChatGpt-3 with Chrome Extension For Gmail

Gmail is a widely-used platform for conveying critical information, exchanging proposals, and engaging in professional communication across various sectors and languages. However, identifying appropriate content for effective email composition can pose a significant challenge for users.

The chrome extension development team at TBI has created an innovative solution that leverages ChatGpt-3 to develop an AI-based chrome extension. We integrate the base language model of ChatGpt-3, text-Davinci.

The functionalities serve to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall quality of email communications, enabling users to compose more impactful and engaging messages with greater ease.

1. Subject line suggestions

Crafting a compelling subject line is critical for effective email communication, but it can be time-consuming and challenging. With the ChatGPT-3-powered Chrome extension, users can generate relevant subject lines quickly and easily.

With the ChatGpt-integrated chrome extension, users can easily generate creative and relevant email subject lines by entering just a few keywords. The AI-powered tool utilizes natural language processing to analyze the meaning behind these words and generate highly accurate and appropriate subject lines with minimal effort and time. 

We can generate multiple types of the subject line by giving the following commands:

  • Marketing email’s subject line
  • Marriage invitation subject line
  • Job positions email’s subject line
  • Professional subject lines for emails

2. Auto-completion of email content

The Chrome extension for Gmail offers real-time suggestions for subject lines, opening and closing statements, and body text by utilizing ChatGPT-3 to compose an email for users.

Users need to put only one or two words to indicate the extension about the topic of the email then the AI-based Chrome extension will automatically generate the most accurate content. Additionally, if the user is not satisfied with the initial response, they can also regenerate the text by suggesting changes. 

To give suggestions for auto-generated text we can use the following commands:

  • Generate the professional text
  • Generate the text in a funny way
  • Regenerate text in a humble tone
  • Generate the text in fewer words

3. Personalization

While ChatGPT-3 is an advanced machine-learning model capable of generating human-like text, it may still have limitations in understanding emotions and tone. Therefore, it’s important to review the generated text and make any necessary modifications.

If you find that the generated text is not up to the desired level of professionalism, you can certainly rewrite it more professionally. 

4. Automated responses

It is another benefit of using AI-based chrome extensions to make auto-responses of threaded emails. Users need to highlight the text to trigger the AI model to generate the response of email.

If users don’t highlight the text, the chrome extension picks the last message and generates the response automatically. 

5. Language Translation

We need to build relations and communicate with people from different countries to interact with them in their native languages. In this case, the ChatGPT-3-powered Chrome extension can help us to translate the text from one language to another.

Users need to give the commands to translate the text from this language to this, the extension will pass the command to ChatGpt-3 to generate the response.


 Benefits of using a language translator:

  • We can use it in both new and threaded email generating
  • It can translate text into multiple languages

AI is not a silver bullet, but it has the power to unlock valuable insights and transform businesses. The companies that will succeed in the future are those that embrace it now.” – Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

More Uses Of ChatGpt-3 for Chrome Extension


ChatGpt-3 is a multifaceted technology that goes beyond email generation. It can be integrated into a variety of applications, including Chrome extensions, to improve user experience through language learning. This means that users can experiment with different ways to incorporate this technology to boost their productivity and efficiency in tasks other than email composition.

1. Language Translator

However, ChatGpt-3 is not specifically designed for language translation but it can translate many languages. We can fine-tune it and develop a ChatGpt-integrated chrome extension for language translation to make the process easy for users to translate the text from one language to another.

Another very advanced ability of this model is that it can translate the natural language into coding. So we can use it in web, app, and game development to simplify the development process. 


2. Social Media Post Generator

While this is a language learning model and has very deep training and knowledge of content creation. We can utilize ChatGpt-3 to generate social media posts for brand awareness and share about our services and organizations on social sites. 

Top AI-based Social media tools

  • SteveAI: It is a very useful AI-powered tool to generate video content to upload on social sites it can convert the text into voice and live or animated video by using AI technology.
  • Canva: Another popular tool to make social media posts, and edit images and videos. It is also helpful to generate AI-based voices for voiceover.
  • Hootsuite Insights: Track the insights of the audience is very important to understand the interest of users this AI-based tool is very helpful to generate the analytics of audience engagement.
  • Contentbot: To generate auto blogs, articles, and other social media posts more attractively and smoothly this tool is very useful because of its AI-powered features, which can generate the response by entering some keywords of the topic.

3. Keyword Researcher

Keyword research is a key factor of SEO, before writing and posting any content on webpages professionals like to research the best keywords to get noticed by google or any other search engine.

We can utilize the learning and working abilities of ChatGpt-3 to develop a ChatGPT-3-powered Chrome extension for Keyword research to save our time and efforts to find the best keywords.

Final Words

The integration of Chrome extension for Gmail has opened up possibilities for businesses and individuals looking to improve their productivity and efficiency in various tasks. From email composition to language translation and even social media post generation, ChatGpt-3 offers a wide range of valuable features that can simplify complex tasks and save time.

These were only a few examples of developing AI-based chrome extensions and tools, the list of utilizing this technology is very long. If you have any similar requirements to develop a chrome extension or any other AI-based app or tool then our AI development team is just one click away to develop your dream project.

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