App Store Optimization Tips: Everything You Need To Know!


Competition is the buzzword that defines our modern world, which demands you to get noticed for every effort made. The scenario is similar for mobile applications, where getting your app noticed is harder than building it. With over 400,000 android apps and 600,000 iOS apps, the major challenge for mobile app publishers is to market it better than anyone on App stores.

Current way of doing this involves Apps Store Optimization, which can be considered as an optimization tips repurposed for mobile phones. Yet it is in relative infancy as compared to Search Engine Optimization. Using ASO your app can rank higher for search results on app store. For this you would require a crucial understanding of the related keywords, your customer base and your competition.

Take a look at these major app store optimization tips to create an effective marketing plan to market your app:

On-page app store optimization tips

App store optimization is often overlapped with search engine optimization, but the techniques are not quite similar. Let’s get the facts about on-page factors:

  • Title of app: This is the first thing your users will search for, so it has to relevant at the first place. Secondly the name acts as your keywords other than that you are using for branding. Create a balance between your mobile app name and branding keywords. Apple’s app store uses app names to create the respective URLs, which mandates you to be careful of using any special characters in the main name. Keep it short and make sure it describes what your app does.
  • Logo/Icon: With your logo/icon you have a chance to creatively tell your audience in one glance about what your app do. It must clearly express your idea. Avoid using words in the logo. You can do that in the name and make sure it looks good on full screen.
  • Publishing apps: Your major keywords can also be included in the publishing name. Also, you can publish your mobile app under various subdivisions with different publishing names. Publishing names are also used by search algorithm of app store.
  • Description and keywords: The description is very much similar to adding Meta tag descriptions for a webpage. Make it as relevant as you can by not forgetting the minimum characters it supports. You can add benefits and features of your app, give a social proof of where your app is being talked about, and add call to action button where users can find more about it. The striking feature is to localize your mobile app. Although English is spoken universally, writing in description in different languages is always an extra edge.
  • Attractive app screenshots: Good web design is obligatory but what you should leave and what you should choose becomes tricky here. Don’t add any random screenshot, use the best shot and don’t forget to add little explanations to the screenshots.
  • Video demo: This is something new to app stores-adding a video about how your app works. This can be a striking marketing pitch, so display some of the best features of your application and don’t make it too long.


 Off-page app store optimization tips

Unlike SEO, you cannot change much about the off-page app store optimization but you can still control certain factors that can generate more revenues. Optimize your marketing efforts by following the tips below:

  • Good app ratings: App rating is a crucial factor in attracting more users. The better ratings and revises your app has, the better it is going to perform. If your app is well designed and is substantial, it is bound to get good reviews. Just like you couldn’t stop yourself from reviewing ‘Whatsapp or Facebook’, users will review if it is good. However, you can also ask people to give honest reviews and ratings to the app. For that include contact information at the end of app, put a link towards your website, use feedback/ratings SDK within the app viz. Appsfire, and Apptentive. Also, if users are giving not-so-good reviews about your work, don’t ignore them. Listen to them, identify the errors and fix them the sooner you can.


  • App updates: How well updated your app is? If you are taking more than a second to answer this, you can end up in trouble. Make sure your app continues to keep pace with all the new releases of operating systems. Keep track of all the OS updates relevant to your app and make changes accordingly.


  • App downloads: Gettingmore downloads is the ultimate thing you want-A ‘call-to-action’ you want app store users to perform. Starting ‘Cost-per-install’ campaigns is an effective way of gaining downloads. For every install you will pay a little amount to advertisers, this will get you in the top 50 for your niche. This is all you need to do to gain more downloads because people don’t go beyond 50 to search for a desirable mobile app. Apart from this you can publicize it to create curiosity in the app store users.

App store optimization is an online effort you need to make in order to get the desired attention. Mobile application development is just the 20% of what is required to get the revenues, marketing it properly involves its own share of hard work. Giving a perfect layout design and perfect implementation of your application on app store is one of the specialties we have.

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