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Since its advent back in 2004, “Facebook” continues to be the most popular social media platform. The giant continues to add roughly 400 new users and 147,000 photo uploads every minute, speaking of the popularity this app has gained over time.

Hootsuite, a popular social media management platform accumulates the business perspective of Facebook:

  • 90 million small businesses use Facebook with free tools like Pages, Groups and Messenger.
  • Nearly 87% of the US marketers used Facebook Marketing in 2019, and the numbers are expected to rise this year.

The very same source also claims:

The average engagement rate for Facebook posts is as low as 3.6%.

As a result, marketers are leveraging automation tools not only to enhance the engagement rates but also to save their effort at attending their users.

With that in mind, the React JS development team at The Brihaspati Infotech recently developed a Google Chrome Extension for auto replying Facebook post comments. The extension readily integrates with your FB profile and helps to automate the post comments.

Functioning of the Google chrome extension

Let’s learn more.

Need for FB Auto reply comment bot

The way Influencers and Marketers handle their social media is way different than ordinary accounts. The feedback and reviews in the form of comments can come in numbers as high as 4 digits. If not paid the desired attention the chances of retaining the same engagement across the posts, can see a sharp decline.

Getting closer to a more real-life scenario, marketers are known to manage multiple groups and pages to expand their reach. The net frequency of comments is now larger, making it harder for the marketer to attend all the comments.

The Marketers have been longing for a software that can reply to the commenters on their behalf, making the customers feel more valued and encouraging them for more engagement even in the future. At the same time, it can save the marketers plenty of time to do things they are best known for- expanding their current audience base.

Our Google Chrome extension fits in right here.

Auto comment Extension for Facebook posts: Our Solution

With this software by your side, you can set your group and page posts for auto-responding to the comments. The software detects a new comment on the post and sends the most suitable of the replies without the slightest hint of any automated reply. The comment section stays as close to human-to-human interaction as possible, and all this can occur in real-time, without your intervention. As a Facebook Marketer, you can leverage this tool for your day to day activities saving yourself with loads of time.

Integrates easily across any FB profile

The Google Chrome extension for auto comment reply on Facebook readily integrates to any profile- be it a regular profile, a Facebook page or a Group. The users can install the extension and add the credentials offered by the software. The extension is ready to serve your profiles.

Full control over the posts for the auto-response

The Chrome extension for Facebook auto comment reply doesn’t apply to all your posts, on its own. While adding the function as default, seems convenient from the outside, you will always require a way to control the posts that need the auto-response.

The extension creates a new option at the top of your every post. You can enable your post for creating auto-response with a click.

Adding option to the Facebook post

The Google Chrome extension for auto comment on Facebook posts, functions in a rather selective process, allowing you to control the automated responses. The manual selection keeps your profile in full and saves your account look more like a manually operated one.

Customizable replies

The Google Chrome extension for Facebook auto reply comment allows you to randomize the replies. The user can add multiple reply texts for the Facebook comments. The extension selects a text from the list to generate an auto-response to the comment.

In the following example, the user prepares a custom reply for the Facebook comments.

The section already has two texts for replying. The user now hits the ‘Start’ button to activate the automated replies. The extension selects one of the three texts randomly and replies to the comment(s).

It is noticeable that the software also offers personalization to the relies. That is, you can attend all your followers almost personally.

Personalizing replies

The software offers three options for users to attend their followers:

  • Using Full name
  • Using the First Name only
  • Using the Last Name only

In the following example, we can find the functioning of this reply.

Text customized for the reply

The user has the message with the First name of the follower. The software picks the first name of the commentator at the time of creating the reply.

One-touch control for all the pages and groups

One of the best parts of this extension is its ability to manage bulk messages. The application saves you from visiting every page and group and the respective posts to attend the followers. Once hit the ‘Start’ button, the application automates the replies for all the posts across all the pages/groups.

Centralized control to all the profiles

The button is able to control everything in a go.

Can it survive the FB spam prevention system?

The question had to come up in the wake that Facebook is gradually gripping on its spam control mechanisms. The social media giant is taking full control over the bots that led to taking down more than 1.3 billion fake accounts in the past couple of years.

Our Facebook auto reply comment extension is designed to overcome the spam-prevention system without hampering your privacy by any means.

Adding time delays

The Facebook auto reply comment bot can be set for time delays. You can automate the system in four ways:

  • Time delay between replies(this is done in terms of seconds).:
    The application waits for the scheduled gap before adding the next reply.
  • Setting a limit to the number of replies:
    You can place a limit on the number of replies to the post comments. Reaching the limit, the software stops responding any further comments on the post
  • Break between a chain of replies:
    You can set the software for taking temporary gaps between continuous replies. We do that manually as well- attending 10 comments at once-taking a gap- repeating the cycle.
  • Set length of temporary breaks:
    You can automate the length of temporary breaks. It is done in minutes.

Randomized replies and time gaps save it from being spam-marked

We don’t enter the same sentence for every comment on the post. Do we? This will rather feel so monotonous and boring for your customers that you are hitting the Copy and Paste commands for every post comment.

Adding a different sentence every now and then seems a more convenient way of doing that.

Randomized replies

In the picture above, we find three variations for the Facebook post comment auto-reply. One of them is a simple thank you post. The other two are personalized-one with the Full name and the other with the first name.

The users can add more custom replies for each post, saving it from being barred by the Facebook prevention algorithms.

Summing it up

Technology is here to help us, humans. We can leverage automated tools not only to save us time and effort but also to raise our efficiency at the job. This wasn’t the first time when we had our hands with tools for automating replies. In one of our older posts, we have discussed a Chat-bot powered Price negotiator that clips off a majority of price negotiation steps helping the business owner to finalize the prices faster.

The auto comment Facebook extension for Google Chrome is ready to serve the Marketers. The customers can use this software, generate auto-comments on their Facebook posts, and do more with monthly and annual subscriptions offered to our client. If you too have a similar business idea or need help regarding a smoother Social Media marketing experience, you can hire React JS developers directly from us or contact us for project discussions.

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