Automotive e-commerce solutions development using WordPress


The automobile industry is the business of producing and selling vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, farm equipment, and other automotive accessories. The modern automotive industry is in a state of flux and the major reason for this fluctuation is web technology. With web technological advancement various automotive e-commerce solutions come into play.

Today, many customers prefer to shop online rather than go to local dealers. The same is happening in the case of the automotive auto parts e-commerce websites. Significantly customers can be seen searching automotive parts on various automotive auto parts e-commerce websites. For this reason, our WordPress development team has built worked on a WordPress auto parts website development project.

According to the report by Fortune Business Insights, the global Automotive E Commerce market size to reach USD 202.94 billion at CAGR of 21.8% by 2028.

In this blog, we want to enumerate the need for automotive e-commerce solutions as well as features our team has included in the WordPress auto parts website development project.

Need for automotive e-commerce solutions

Firstly let’s review some most important reasons for which automotive e-commerce solutions are required. Some reasons are such as :

  • To save customer time and efforts.
  • To provide better platform for searching automotive parts.
  • A way to provide automotive parts available if local dealers are unable to provide.
  • For generating an opportunity to compare various automotive products.

Our solution : WordPress auto parts website development

Our team of WordPress developers has built a user-friendly, optimum-performing automotive auto parts e-commerce website. The main objective of our team was to keep WordPress automotive e-commerce solutions simple and easy to use.

Working flow of automotive e-commerce solutions
Automotive e-commerce solutions working flow

As shown above in the image a basic overview of our automotive e-commerce solutions working flow. The overall functionality of our WordPress auto parts solutions is easy to use.

Features of automotive auto parts e-commerce website

Using state-of-the-art web technology our team of WordPress developers accomplished the project of WordPress auto parts website development. We have enumerated below the key features of the automotive auto parts e-commerce website.

1. Products searching filters :

Automotive parts have numerous variations based on the car model, wheel size, etc. Therefore a product searching feature on the website is equally important. While developing WordPress auto parts solutions our WordPress developers team configured various products searching filters functionality. For instance, customers can search automotive parts by :

  • Search by vehicles
  • Search by wheel and types size
  • Filter products by brands, colors
Filters available for searching products
Products searching filters

2. Comprehensive products information :

Our WordPress development team has integrated various APIs into the automotive auto parts e-commerce website. When filters values are filled by the customer thereafter an automotive API integration WordPress starts working. This automotive API fetches data based on filters values filled by customers and reflects precise products information.

Searched products information
Products Information

Additionally searched products information API also display some related products options which can help customer to make a better decision for buying a specific product.

3. Add to cart and multiple payments options :

WordPress automotive e-commerce solutions built by the team of The Brihaspati Infotech offer a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform. After reviewing the comprehensive information of products customers can now add products to the cart.

The last step for completing online shopping is making payments for the products. In order to facilitate the customer’s shopping experience easier, we have coupled the Automotive auto parts e-commerce website with multiple payment options. As shown above, in the image our WordPress auto parts solutions also provide the ‘Finance’ option.

Various payments making options
Multiple payment options

4. Social media integration :

Online shoppers demand transparency about products they are buying so businesses that do not have access to social media may be at a disadvantage. Today many customers identify products they are interested in purchasing through social media.

So, as per the importance and demand of social media platforms, our team has integrated social media API with automotive e-commerce solutions. Now, customers can also use social media platforms to buy products from the automotive auto parts e-commerce website.

Social media integration
Integrated Facebook page

Final words for automotive e-commerce solutions

If you are planning to commence the business of online automotive parts selling or looking to enhance an existing automotive auto parts e-commerce website. Then, get in touch with us today!

Our expert team of WordPress developers can provide you with reliable WordPress automotive e-commerce solutions accordingly to your needs. Furthermore, we can also assist you in setting up a fresh e-commerce store.

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