Bluetooth Android App Integrated With Biosensor Technology


Biosensors have redefined the way world works. From clinical analysis to monitoring of human brain, biosensors have given insights to create breakthrough technologies. For naives, biosensor is a device containing a biological element and transducer. This converts biological signals to electrical signals and help us understand the performance metrics.

Every now and then Technology geeks come-up with amazing biosensor solutions that monitor, capture, quantify, optimize and give detailed information of body and mind. The technology powers millions of products across various industries giving a new definition to their work processes. The biosensor platform is the basis of development of various applications used by everyone in everyday life activities. Heart rate monitoring app, fitness tracking app, mind attention level detecting app are some examples of how biosensors revolutionized the mobile world.

How we built bluetooth android  app for brain sensing and voice recognition

We developed Bluetooth Android App with distinctive feature of detecting brain signals and human voice through the headset sensors. The User Interface of this application was eye captivating, vibrant and less complex to use. Using third-party integration the app detects human voice, and levels of attention in your brain. In this third-party integration a third-party SDK was connected to android bluetooth through this application. Detection of human voice and brain attention levels through the application, and hence managing the sound levels based on that was the major challenge. We had to prevail:

  • Bluetooth headset pairing with mobile
  • Play music using bluetooth headset
  • Managing volume through bluetooth headset
  • Multi thread handling
  • Signal strength handling
  • Reading brain attention levels

To overcome above challenges our android developers implemented unique solutions. Various android classes were used to address the problems that were encountered. Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Device, Bluetooth Adapter, Bluetooth Adapter, TG Device, Bluetooth Device,, Audio Manager, Thread, Media Recorder, File, Broadcast Receiver were a few classes that were used. All the challenges were addressed separately by using following classes:

Bluetooth headset pairing with mobile we used:Settings ACTION_BLUETOOTH_SETTINGS
Listing of Music Player:MediaStore.INTENT_ACTION_MUSIC_PLAYER

Managing volume through bluetooth headset:mAudioManager = (AudioManager) getApplicationContext() .getSystemervice(Context.AUDIO_SERVICE);

Signal strength handling:

int N = AudioRecord.getMinBufferSize(8000,



 How bluetooth android app  works?

The bluetooth android app is designed to route sound through bluetooth headset and detect human voice to manage the sound system based on attention levels of brain. As soon as the app is run on android mobile phone, it automatically gets paired with android bluetooth headset. The music is played in the default music player through the inbuilt music list. The application detects our brain signals and human voice through the headphone sensors and controls sound levels. The app frees the user from having to select music or perform any other action, as it fetches human voice and controls the sound based on that. The app is workable within the range of 10-20 meters.This android application was built and delivered within a limited timeframe without compromising on high-quality.

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