Building An App Through BiznessApps


With thousands of apps available for free or at practical pricing, you do not have to lose sight of short and long term goals, or lose track of your projects as well as clients. Selecting the right mobile app reseller program is absolutely vital as it can mean the difference between failure or success in the industry. The apps should not only be simple and beautiful, but should also offer a huge wealth of features.

Bizness Apps offers a rock solid, stable solution that paves the road for optimal returns. It has a huge experience in creating android as well as iOS apps and has created hundreds of them. It allows the integration of the apps with a wide variety of programs which gives huge returns irrespective of the industry. It includes great looking free of cost templates that can be customized to become a mobile friendly and easy to use application in minutes.

There are various reasons to go for Bizness Apps and choosing it over any other mobile app reseller programs. Bizness Apps is a globally trusted platform and numerous developers rely on it for all their needs. It provides effective and continuous marketing to drive maximum profits. It offers white labeled marketing materials that helps in selling apps which is not provided by most of the app building platforms. The wide variety of functionalities provided by Bizness Apps is not offered anywhere else.

Along with a mobile app building platform, it also provides website builder that saves even more resources. The main focus of Bizness Apps is on customer retention rather than customer acquisition. It has been appreciated by the world’s best news outlets and has also been ranked one of the quickest growing platforms. And the reason for becoming the leading app building platforms is its cost effectiveness and great return on investment.

The developers at TBI have extended their talent and are building apps on Bizness Apps. Our developers have gained the expertise to create their own template with customized design on Bizness Apps. The development part of the apps has also been done and tested successfully. The apps created by the professionals at TBI have been published and are working smoothly without any hindrance gaining great user reviews. Various features of Bizness Apps that TBI has mastered are mentioned below:

FanWall: We can make you see what your customers have to say for you by their reviews. This is a forum for people to connect over their shared adoration for you and all that you do.

Image Gallery: We can display relevant images inside your app by creating custom gallery through the dashboard or integrate with Flickr, Instagram or Picasa to fetch the images. You can also switch between your different accounts without losing any changes.

Merchandise: Our developers can integrate your Shopify or Magneto store with Bizness Apps if you have an existing marketplace on any one of them or can create your own marketplace. This will help you start making sales through your app.

Podcast: Our developers are experienced enough to offer podcast feature in your mobile app which allows you to integrate audio/video podcasts that automatically updates with the latest content.

YouTube Channel: We can also integrate your business’ YouTube channel in a clean and accessible format through your app. You just need to have custom URL for your YouTube channel before configuring.

Tell Friend: We can set up this great marketing tool in you app in just a few minutes that banks on word of mouth. You give the sharing power to your users allowing them to share your business in just few clicks.

There are various other features of Bizness Apps which when added in your app will make it more user friendly and offer a great experience to the users while navigating through the app. TBI has mastered all those features and can implement them in your app within no time and with much more efficiency. Trust with our developers and get a great running app.

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