On Demand Car Wash Booking App : Featuring Smart Garage Door Opener


Advancement in technology has left no part of the world untouched. We have witnessed significant transformations in the way devices are operated in the immediate surroundings mostly led by mobile apps. Nearly every electronic device at home, like a Refrigerator and TV, can now be remotely controlled with a native mobile application.

Forwarding with the capabilities of cross-device control with a mobile app, our Mobile app development company at The Brihaspati Infotech recently led to Garage Door opener app development. The Car wash centers owners can now manage the closing and opening of their Garage doors right from their mobile phones and do more.

Need for developing a Mobile Car Wash App

Our client offers car washing services for the immediate locality. However, the physical setup highly relied on the age-old conventional means for everything they were dealing with. From finding customers to queuing up for a car wash and managing the garage, everything required manual inputs from the client.

As a result, they felt a dire need of Hybrid app development company to find a way that unburdens their tasks like:

  • Ability to book a car wash beforehand
  • Monitor the Garage
  • A transparent medium to register service complaints

In short, the need was for an on-demand car wash app development along with a setup for the smartphone-controlled Garage door opener. Going by the depth, we tried to resolve every restraint in the business bit by bit.

Car wash booking app development

Our custom developed mobile app is a complete solution for the car wash servicing centers. The app ensures that your customers find you and book a slot for a car wash without visiting in person. The app is enabled with a live-preview option allowing the customer to monitor their car being washed in real-time.

Additionally, the garage owner along with the staff can manage the garage doors without hitting the switches. We will discuss the features one by one:

Book car wash appointments from the app

On any general day, business owners can find it difficult to prioritize the customers waiting at their door. Longer queues and excessive wait hours can often discourage them from keeping up their loyalty with your services.

Booking a car wash

With car wash mobile app development, your customers can find you in no time. The application connects the user with the car wash garage through the in-built calling facility, which eventually reduces the time buffers by manifolds. With that, the customers and the garage owners can clarify the availability of the slot and confirm the most convenient schedule in a go.

Live Monitoring the Garage Insides

One of the best parts of car wash appointment app development is that the customers and the garage owners can monitor the garage activities in real-time. The app provides a live screen for every garage activity which can be accessed from any part of the globe. As a result, a customer can keep a live-check on his car being washed regardless of his current physical location.

Live Preview the Garage

The app is equipped for multiple live screens at the same time. Here, the app shows different angles of the garage via two live cameras.

Reporting on Mobile Car Wash App

The app extends its abilities for reporting issues via mail. The customer can lodge a report with a ready to go button on the from the customer panel.

Once created the report, the app forwards it as an email to the garage owner. With that, the app creates a rather transparent channel between the customer and the garage owner, allowing each party to indulge in a healthy relationship.

Creating report

Ability as a Garage door opener app

The best part about our app is its ability to control Garage doors. The garage owners can control their garage doors on with a tap on mobile.

The client has installed a Shelly Door Opener kit that allows the customers to operate their doors electronically. Moreover, the device allows the customers can control the garage doors via remote devices which can be accessed with Wifi connectivity. 

We took this challenge as an IoT setup, the way we did for IoT managed Locker system, where the users can operate their refrigerated bank lockers with a simple mobile tap.

In the current project, we utilized Shelly cloud API to successfully build a remote garage door opener app. The app collaborates with the Shelly door locker device via the cloud setup. The instructions are passed to the device via Cloud API allowing the users to have a complete grip over the doors.

We can find multiple options availed by the Garage door opener phone app developed at our end. The staff can control multiple doors with an easy tap as shown in the image below. 

Building a smartphone-controlled garage door opener app can offer way more than just benefits.

Our experience with IoT mobile app development

IoT has amazed us for quite a good time now. And, it’s not just that the enterprises and the large firms who are investing in it. With time, we have been approached by various small and medium-sized businesses with the hope to minimize their workloads. A majority of them being local stores that primarily rely on their conventional work models.

With IoT devices capturing a huge part of the market, these businesses are seeking upgradations in every form. In the past, clients have hired iOS experts from us to smarten their conventional businesses. We have mentioned a few in our blog category: Internet of Things.

Summing it up

Mobile apps have gradually evolved from a presence to an essence. With a custom-designed mobile app, business owners can deduce a majority of their tasks and leaving their loyal clients with an excellent customer base. 

The develop a garage door opener app for iPhone is specifically designed to meet the client’s business idea. Furthering with the concept, we can design an independent solution that fits in businesses that require independent booking solutions or controlling gates. Simple customization to the existing mobile app by our hybrid app development company can get you the desired full-fledged app saving you time and costs. 

If your business also requires a similar app that can de-clutter your daily processes, you can contact us or drop us an email.

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