Commercial real estate website developer: Helping real estate businesses scale!


With the immense growth in the real estate industry, the role of a Commercial real estate website developer is increasing rapidly. It is quite important for real estate businesses to grab the attention of their potential client through an online commercial real estate platform. Real estate brokers are no longer the sole point of contact and source of information for their clients.

Studies indicate that in order to bring properties and clients together, you need an online platform with amazing property real estate website design. It will help to show off all your listings & make the commercial real estate process as easy as possible! Thus, to get such a solution, you will need a Commercial real estate website developer.

Why you need a Commercial real estate website developer?

We at The Brihaspati Infotech offer commercial real estate website development services, commercial real estate website design & development. Our Commercial real estate website developer provides web designs and marketing strategies that will set you apart within your trade.

Working with our brand specialists, we can help your business establish its own special image and company voice. So, if you are planning to get a website for your commercial real estate business, you are at the right place!

Reason to hire real estate website developer
Reasons to hire real estate website development company

Commercial real estate website developers at The Brihaspati Infotech will help you with real estate web portal development. Let’s take a look at one of our commercial real estate web portal developments!

Real estate web portal development

A good real estate web platform should do three things:

  • No.1 is market listings and find buyers around the globe
  • No. 2 is to provide transparency into a transaction
  • No.3 is to really streamline the transaction — make it easier, simpler, and just more efficient

Thus, our Commercial real estate website developers developed a real estate online portal that has been used by brokers, lenders, agents, and tenants, etc to search for commercial properties. Moreover, helps realtors for listing commercial properties and their tenants throughout the country.

Features of our real estate online platform

Being a real estate website development company, our main motive was to develop an online platform that should make it easy for the users to search for commercial properties. And, it should be easier for the admins to manage the data of so many users, property listings, etc too.

Keeping that at our topmost priority, our real estate website developers developed a real estate website that offers various features such as:

1) Managing Dispersed Agents, Brokers, and Sellers

Any online platform becomes effective when it allows the owner to manage the whole process with ease and transparency. Considering the same, our commercial real estate website developers designed offered two main modules:

Image for Inventory Management
Inventory Management

For updating the property listing regularly, it was necessary to design a dedicated dashboard for the admins. Thus, It empowers them to manage the whole inventory with ease. This module helps the admin to:

  • Include new property into the database using the user-friendly dashboard.
  • Update, Delete already available properties data.
  • Directly import properties data from another source.
b) Data tracking

Managing the data of these many subscribers isn’t an easy task to perform. Thus, to make it hassle-free for the admins, we empower them with a feature that will allow them to:

  • Track activities: Admin can keep a check on users ‘Activities log’ i.e. when they logged on to the website, what properties they were searching for and are interested in.
  • Manage subscribers: It is really easy for the admins to manually add/remove the new subscribers and manage their profiles. Moreover, they can re-introduce the old subscribers into the listings as well.

2) Advertising an Array of commercial properties

Featured Listing for Product Vendors allows vendors to highlight their products in the “featured section” of the shop page and boost their sales. Thus, our commercial real estate website developers followed the same approach for our real estate web portal development as well.

It shows a featured offering list on its home page. Which is used as an add-on to increase the visibility of all the available properties featured in this list.

Featured list of commercial real estate properties
Featured Listing of commercial real estate properties

3) Advance search filters for precised results

Real estate property and rental searches have to give appropriate results. Thus, our commercial real estate services company website development team provides users with a comprehensive set of search filters.

We used various search filters: tenant name, state, price range, lease type, sector, city, metropolitan areas, and many more.

4) E-mail Marketing

Of all marketing strategies, email marketing offers the highest return. It remains the best way to create recognition, keep oneself at the forefront of the consumer’s mind, and continuously turn lead to sales.

Thus, one of the most powerful tools real estate admins have for engaging their database is the E-alert email. It gives users the opportunity to look at the property available in the market without having to talk to anybody until they are ready to do so.

Email showing available commercial properties
Email showing available commercial properties

All these features make our solution a powerful online platform for commercial real estate properties. Even you can hire a WordPress developer from us to get a similar solution for your business as well.

Perks of having an online commercial real estate platform

There are many benefits of having a commercial real estate platform, and if you don’t have one, you’ll risk being left behind. So, what exactly are those benefits?

⏱️ Saves time– In a world where people don’t have much time to go out searching for a home to buy or hire on rent, for them these property portals and listings are a boon. So, they can simply log in to these portals and search for properties as per their needs.

? Faster means of searching a property– Online searching is the fastest means of finding a suitable property. Within a few minutes you can have a look at countless properties and also the deals are quicker

? Wider reach– Helps users to garner information about properties in any part of the world with the help of these Real Estate portals, just by sitting on their PCs.

? Effective– More and more people come across the online real estate platform, thus, chances of getting a buyer, seller, or tenant becomes higher.

? Lead Generation– Engaging customers and capturing potential leads on your real estate portal is what you can get help within the first place. Thus the aim here is to generate enough traffic to deliver a sufficient number of clients.

Final Words from our commercial real estate website developers

We know the commercial real estate industry and have a proven track record of producing scalable and lead-generating property developer websites! Don’t just take our word for it though. Take the words of our commercial real estate website developers, moreover, our delivered projects witness it as well.

If you are planning to move your business online, you can hire a WordPress developer from TBI. Our experts are well prepared to deliver a top-notch solution for your business.