Criterias to choose link exchange sites for off page optimization


Off page optimization plays a major role in dragging a webpage up on Google’s search engine result pages. With plenty of cutting-edge marketing and promoting methods coming into practice these days-basics are quite easily forgotten. Link exchange between websites is one such basic and proven off page optimization technique. Due to advent of new Panda and Penguin Google updates and new off page techniques, link exchange is not thought of as effective as it was back in early days of search engine rankings. However, as per the old adage “a few good manners go a very long way”.sounds perfectly applicable to modern internet marketing and promotion strategies.

Stats suggest that on an average a website only receives around 5 new visitors a day. The number drops down if you happen to be a newbie in the market. So what is the method to go above this average? May be a bit of entreating to begin with! Link exchange serves this propose for you. While choosing the link exchange websites, relevancy and quality are the two cornerstones. The websites you exchange links with must be trusted and established sources on internet. Relevant links were, are and will always be good for rankings.

In order to choose good link exchange sites there are various criteria to consider. Let us take a look at some of them


First things first, choose a link exchange partner with relevant and related services. Otherwise your activity would be considered as a spam. This is the most authentic and proven method to build links. Search for the websites that give information about the products you’re selling and confirm their authenticity. You can then add your authentic company and profile details and start adding links through any genuine means viz. article writing or directory submissions.

Google Page rank:

We already know that Google uses page rank algorithm to measure the popularity and rank them accordingly. If you’re linked to websites with better page ranks, you’re ranking would automatically rise on search engines.

Link Rationally:

As mentioned above Google rankings are very important in estimating the authenticity of a particular website, but at times things become intricate to jump to a conclusion. A website with good and informative content can also have a page rank of 3/10 for various reasons. Linking to them can be beneficial because they will give right information to your clients.

Well structured websites:

Link to websites that are well-structured so that it becomes easier for your users to find your site. Preferably you must link to a website which prominent text link to directory page on home page. This is valid if you are submitting links to directories.

Choose Right Category:

If you are exchanging links through articles, it is important to place your articles in the right categories. Also, pay special attention to where your links are placed. All the high ranking websites have their articles placed in different categories, for the users to reach these articles easily.

To get a good amount of back links to your site top webmasters suggests linking to only high traffic websites. Here are some top link exchange sites that can be used for trading backlinks.

  • Social bookmarking websites, directory submission websites and article submission websites.
  • -To submit quality articles with a link back to your website
  • – To submit articles

These websites are willing to add links to their web pages in return of a link to their website or an article on their web page. It is considered as one of the most popular SEO techniques for off page optimization of your websites. This helps you to boost your rankings and build good relations at the same time.

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