Shopify Packaging Box Design Software: Custom App Development


E-commerce is now more than mere online trading and distribution of products. Businesses are focusing on better connections with the end users than just adding more products for sale. The reason is simple, it leads to a higher conversion rate.

According to Campaignmonitor, 74% of the marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement, and they see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences. 

Nearly all the businesses that offer services online are now including customization in their models. We have seen e-commerce sites selling everything from a small keyring to expensive laptops with a touch of customization. Here is an example of a leading computer seller e-shop OriginPC where users can customize the Laptop color and configurations. It is noticeable that the customizations come for a cost:

Vendors have a chance to earn slightly better with those flexibilities.

A similar business pattern is noticed in B2B models where the businesses can ask for bulk orders from the vendors and can use the products for further selling. Selling custom printed packaging boxes is one such business.

Custom E-commerce Boxes

Marketing and Branding goes hand in hand. Businesses leave no stones unturned for creating a distinct space for their brand name. They make it sure that their brand name receives the amount of visibility it deserves be it any form. They mass distribute posters. Run campaigns and whatnot. More focused business owners target the packages of the product- the bag, the box and everything it comes with.

Brands can imprint their logo and name on the package boxes they are delivering to the end customers. And, the fact that the e-commerce businesses need several to thousands of boxes with similar designs every day, leaves us with an interesting B2B business model where you can sell customized boxes in bulk numbers and make a good revenue of that.

In fact, there are some existing third party service providers that are already selling custom printed boxes to their clients using Etsy marketplace for customized boxes is one such store that offers several boxes that can be designed and ordered online by the clients.

Etsy custom box

The expert Shopify development team at The Brihaspati Infotech recently developed a similar package box design software for Shopify store. The vendors can now easily handle box customization and sell in bulk. Let’s delve deeper into its needs and its functions.

Need for a bespoke Shopify app for Custom Packaging

Our client owns a website that sells custom printed packaging boxes in Shopify. Initially, the client used to gather every data manually. As the business expanded and they started getting more orders every other day, keeping a track of the designs started emerging as a huge challenge for them.

Here were some of the problems they started facing in their day-to-day lives:

  • The precision of the exact custom design
  • Area covered by the design
  • Placement of the design on product

Coming to bulk orders, they have another challenge to overcome

  • Managing uniformity in designs across several products

Keeping that in mind, we built a packaging box design software on Shopify that can readily integrate into any Shopify store and render customization with ease.

Developing Shopify Packaging Design Software

To resolve all the challenges faced by the client, we discussed all the possible functions that can make the custom box package design app a reliable solution. There we were with a bunch of features:

Add special shapes and logos by themselves

Customers can add images of their choice. The custom-designed packaging box design software is open for images in every form. They can either take the help of existing images or add them at their end.

In the media file above, the client can be seen adding Logo from his system. The customer can resize the logo and place them in the desired location.

Well, that’s not the limit to the way customers can add logos. They can add Cliparts with four filters as follows:

  • Grayscale
  • Sepia
  • Invert
  • Blur

Added to that, they can add pre-loaded shapes with customizable colors. The size of the shapes can be changed manually or can be set with a custom added scale.

Add text to packaging boxes

Apart from the logo, the customers can add their favourite tagline on the box. They can place it, resize it, add font styles and colors with ease.

An interactive live preview screen

The custom box package design app adds a live preview screen that allows the customers to preview customizations in real-time. Not just that they can add and resize elements, the screen offers more functions:

  • Deleting a specific component
  • Clearing the entire screen
  • Undo the last change
  • Redo the last step

The following image describes the same.

Live preview screen

With those features, customers can readily customize the design on their boxes. The storefront is ready to handle these customizations with ease.

Benefits of Ecommerce Packaging Software for Shopify Businesses

The sole purpose of designing a custom printed packaging app was to allow the merchants to understand the desired pattern and maintain uniformity in all the designs. For the same, we included a few features that render a scalable Shopify app.

Admin can select specific products for customization

The admin can design a packaging box in Shopify after manually declaring the products he wants to customize. The app readily fetches all the details from the existing products (here, boxes) and can overlap the information to render the desired customizations.

In the picture below, we can find three products being declared. We have a new product collection named “Custom Printed Products” that sets the products for customizations we allow through the app.

Adding collections for Shopify box printing app

While, for the rest of the products, the app isn’t visible at all, declaring the products for customization instantly adds a new action button on the storefront. The difference can be seen in the following screen:

The button is, in fact, an API call to our custom Shopify app for box designing.

Action buttons for Shopify box printing app

The Box design Shopify app gets you the right details

Getting back to the challenges, one of the biggest challenges at managing the designs was bulk producing uniform patterns and their position. At this, the best possible way was to deliver detailed documentation of the customizations made.

The order details confirm the brief details of the custom options while a more detailed downloadable documentation is available from the option beside the final image.

Documentation of the custom options

With that, the admin can let the vendors custom boxes printing in Shopify.

Our experience in custom Shopify app development

This is not the first time that we have developed a product customizer app. The Shopify experts at The Brihaspati Infotech have developed several Shopify apps to meet custom client needs. In one of our recent blogs, we have discussed a similar custom Shopify app for poster designing where users can avail themselves custom-designed posters with ease.

Hiring Shopify developers from us has one big advantage. Having said that we have worked for several e-commerce enhancement tools, we have most likely developed a tool that meets your business needs. We can deliver you with minimal requirements saving you time and money.

In fact, we were approached by some industry leaders looking to streamline their box packaging business on Shopify.
The solution is updated several times by July 2021 to ensure that it perfectly aligns with their respective business.

Concluding lines

With stats mentioned above, it is easy to recognize what customization can do to your business and revenue. With better means to handle them, you can easily gain a good name in your verticals. Allowing the same customization to e-commerce essentials like box and packages can head you for a B2B market leader. The Shopify app for custom box printing can get you there.

If your business too has similar needs, contact us or drop us an email.

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