Custom Chrome Extension Development for Gmail


A professional truly understands how much emails value to them. From owning a website to finding new customers, their email inbox keeps a record of every event that adds value to their daily job.

And to be very honest, email inboxes are poured in from several more sources. And do we have the time to attend them all?

Mostly not.

Need for filtering Gmail messages

We use our email even outside the professional perimeter – Retail stores, E-magazines, e-commerce sites, and social media platforms. On average, a user receives more than 60 emails a day. And users really don’t open them all until they tend to offer some value.

A recent report by Campaignmonitor confirms 

The average email open rate is less than 40%.

Gmail users are not reading 60% of their daily messages. In the course, they also miss out on promotional emails like seasonal sales announcements, that they have waited for long. After all, not every promotional message is meant to be marked as “spam” and the users should have the authority to control them.

A probable solution here is to find a software solution that can access all the emails, filter out the ones that interest the users, and stack them in a separate dashboard in a more intuitive manner.Extracting Promotional emails

The Node.js development team at The Brihaspati Infotech recently developed a custom Google Chrome extension with similar functions for a client. The AI-powered Chrome extension for Gmail is capable of filtering promotional emails based on the attachment contents and texts. The users can similarly set preferences for the emails, resulting in complete control over their inbox.

Let’s get started.

Features of our Chrome Extension for Gmail

Extracting personal emails is never easy, especially in a global situation where data leaks are not uncommon. Not only the mail providers need to assure the users that their personal emails are in safe hands, but also the mail extractor apps have to assure that the mails aren’t exported to any third-party server.

Our custom Chrome extension for Gmail is specially designed keeping in the eye that end-users’ mails are kept safe and aren’t accessed by any third party database. The extension extracts all the promotional emails to the user’s local storage, assesses them, and then proceeds with the filtering processes.

Google Authentication

The extension uses Google Authentication during the first-time installation. It ensures that the extension is installed on the right system with access to the right user.

The custom Chrome extension for Gmail has access to only mails placed under the “Promotions” tab. The rest of the mails remain untouched assuring that your personal emails are confined to you. The mails are extracted to a separate dashboard offered by the extension, which lets the users find all their filtered emails at the same place.

Parse Email Attachment

The extension is unique in various ways. One being its ability to analyze the banners within the Gmail messages. We have built the Chrome Extension to parse email attachments with ease. 

The AI-powered Chrome extension for filtering Gmail can break the banners to individual products and text sections. It can then analyze individual product details and the text parts that match with the set conditions. The text parts are treated as if they were picked from a regular text editor, checked with the user preferences followed by their extraction to the extension dashboard.

The dashboard offers the following details about the filtered emails:

  • Message preview screen
  • Conditions added for the promotion sender 
  • List of all the emails that fall under the set conditions.

For example, a user in the following image is only interested in emails sent by Flipkart, announcing a discount margin of at least 50%.Extracting text from images

It is worth noticing that the email fulfills the said condition (sales offer worth of 50% and more). The mail preview screen confirms that the banner has texts that match the condition. Hence, the reason for being filtered

Managing the preferences

One of the major reasons to build the Chrome extension for Gmail was to allow users to control their promotional emails. At this, we have built custom filter fields in the dashboard that allows the users to manage the emails they want the extension to fetch.

In the previous section, we have talked about a case where the user was able to locate the emails with discounts worth 50% and above. In the picture below, we can find the user managing the discount percentage of his interest.Setting preferences

The users can similarly have control over:

  • Email Interest type: Sales or Product type, or both
  • Notification Frequency: Varying from daily to monthly notification
  • Sales Percentage/Product of interest: Users can place their first email filter here
  • Interested in: This is a further breakdown of the filter, allowing the extension to find out more specific emails.

Notifications regarding filtered emails

The extension keeps a scheduled check on the user’s Gmail inbox. The dashboard fetches all the emails of the user’s interest based on the set frequency.

Users can find insights about emails of their interest, the email senders, and the filters applied for each. The dashboard offers insights regarding all the emails in the inbox and the ones that are filtered specifically to the user’s need.

In the following picture, we can find the email senders, the settings, and the number of emails that fall into these preferences: 

Filtering Gmail - custom Chrome extension

The Chrome extension for filtering Gmail is lightning fast with its functions. Change a preference in the “Settings” section and mark the spontaneous change in those numbers in the dashboard. 

We changed the Preference for one of the Brands from “Product only” to “Sales Only”. Compare the results in the following picture with the one we mentioned above:

Filtered emails with changed preferences

The larger picture:

It is pretty much clear that the development of Chrome Extension to filter Gmail will be a helping hand at saving you hours from screening all the emails, that offered only a couple to your interest. With the freedom to add your preferences, you can have an independent inbox with assorted emails.

The added advantage, you don’t have to go through the whole long messages to understand the mails, the extension does it for you. That is how AI puts logic to save your effort.

Our experience with Custom Chrome Extension Development

The Brihaspati Infotech, in its past ten years of industrial experience, has rendered its premium services to thousands of businesses across the globe. From a mere UI template to a full-fledged store setup, we have done everything to convert ideas into brands.

In one of our recent blogs, we have discussed a similar Chrome extension for Auto replying Facebook Posts. This was another AI-based development where the extension allowed businesses to interact with the customers even when there is no human on the other side to engage with them.

Final words

Businesses generally know the loopholes in their immediate infrastructure and probably the solution that can help them out. The only thing they lack is figuring out how to rebuild the organization without harming the existing workflow. At this, they seek help from third party agencies.

If you too have a similar business need, you can contact us today. Our Node.js experts will help you with the roadmap to convert your ideas to a business solution.