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Humans are named SOCIAL living beings. The reason is pretty obvious. We love to interact with people of shared thoughts, tastes, and relatively the same age.

Popular networking platforms like Tinder have played a crucial role in bridging like-minded people beyond the geographical perimeters. Similar applications can intake data from either end, with a series of questionnaires, analyzing them, and matching them to find the right connections. Call this Neuro-tracking, that’s how the app finds you the partner.

On a similar occasion, the Mobile app development company at The Brihaspati Infotech recently developed a social media dating app for a client. The custom-designed application is capable of finding the right partner, users can rely on, even in their real life. We call this a transparent dating mobile app.

Here is a glimpse of the custom iOS dating app we developed:

Custom iOS Dating App

Need for developing a custom dating iOS App

The iOS and Android app stores are already brimming with Dating apps, most of them with relatively the same set of features, like:

  • Location-based profile searching
  • Added Filters for Age and Gender
  • Swipe options to Like/Dislike profiles
  • Star marking profiles
  • Private chats
Profile Filtering - iOS Dating App

Regular dating app users know that placing faith in someone requires more than app algorithms and filters.

According to a recent report by SurveyMonkey

56% of adults find dating apps unfavorable

And one of the main reasons to tell that is a misrepresentation of personalities. The accuracy of the application at predicting the right behavior is often questionable. 

There are high chances that the person has read your preferences and the way you are being treated isn’t the wholesome reality. And to be very honest, you can’t spy around to cross-check them.

At this, the client of our iOS app development company wanted to provide a more transparent dating app that not only allows the users to find them a partner but also to track their behavior and past dates without actually hampering their privacy.

There were several dating application templates that could have helped the client developing an iOS Dating app. However, they failed to attend to this tailored feature for the app.

That was when the client approached us for developing a social network dating app on iOS.

Our solution: Social Media-cum-Dating iOS App

The client has been in the industry for quite some time. So are we. Over the years, we have seen the app market getting saturated with dating apps that nearly have the same set of features, hence the concerns.

Social Media activities can be a great way to trace your date whom you haven’t met yet. Your posts, people you follow, speak a lot about your exact character. At least that’s what a recent blog by Psychologytoday confirms. If not all, we can at least track the Big 5 Personality Traits of the said person:

  • Extraversion: Sociability and the energy levels during interactions with others
  • Agreeableness: Cooperativeness, Warmth, and the desire to get along with the next person
  • Conscientiousness: Practicality, organized, and hard-working
  • Openness: Intellectualism, creativity, and openness to new experiences
  • Neuroticism: Anxiety and moodiness

Our custom app introduces a similar social media like platform for the daters. The app offers a more transparent environment to find and select the dates of your choice. For the same, our social dating app development company implemented some exclusive features for the users:

Publicly Visible Chats

One of the best ways to screen your probable date is to find out how they treat the rest of the daters. The existing solutions were confined to private messaging services. As a result, it was impossible to track user behavior. 

Our custom ios app for dating and social network offers chat rooms that can be accessed publicly. As a potential dater, you can browse through their past interactions with other daters and their daily conversations, which will eventually help you judge the person in real terms.

Users can exchange one-to-one conversations much like other dating applications, only that the messages here are publicly accessible. We have a separate tab under messages, named “Public”. As the name suggests, this section is visible to interested daters.

Public Chats in iOS dating app

The visitors can open public chats of the user with other daters, scroll through them, and read them easily. Our custom iOS social dating app development adds a reminder that the conversation is publicly accessible. As a result, the chat occurs with consent for public disclosure.

Private Chats and Video calls

Not every message is meant for public display. The users can have private conversations with their dates. The messaging section offers a private room for users to exchange messages and video calls in the app.

The conversations stay private for both parties and unlike the public interactions, these can’t be accessed by any other user on the app. For the same, we have added a separate tab in the messaging section, named “Quiet Mode”.

Private chats and calls- iOS Dating app

The custom social media and dating app takes transparency in dating to the next level. Most existing apps charge the users for every private interaction- be it the chats or the calls. Hence, limiting the access of the users to mere biography and photographs.

Users can now make real-life interactions with their dates via a series of video and audio calls, mostly for free. The app thus beats the existing solutions by numbers, when it comes to transparency.

What does it hold for the app owners?

Undoubtedly, app owners can earn a fortune with dating applications. Tinder, for example, charges roughly $240 every year per user. As of now, there are more than 6.6 million paying members in Tinder which quite speaks of its earnings.

On the other side of the coin, mobile applications tend to lose more than 85% of their direct active users in the first two weeks of installation. iOS dating applications are no exception to this.

While there are numerous reasons for the rest of the apps at losing their DAUs, dating apps mostly lose due to a monotonous loop of “Discover” and “Swipe”.

The client thus wanted the new app to be more engaging, allowing the users to do more than just Swiping. The admins can share interactive posts and create polls in the app. The users can hit likes and participate in the posts. 

Social Media posting in iOS Dating App

The admins also have complete control over the private messages. They can moderate the texts to ensure that the users don’t indulge in objectionable conversations. The feature assures that the private rooms are in favor of the users.

Our experience with custom iOS app development

The iOS app development experts at The Brihaspati Infotech have developed several tailor applications in the past. The apps are designed keeping in the eye of the custom needs of the clients’ businesses.

In one of our recent blogs, we have discussed Social sports mobile app development. The custom-designed iOS app offers a great platform for sports enthusiasts to build a fan base for themselves and a private community that favors them.

With that, we have successfully delivered a custom social networking app for dating that brings the best experience for the daters. Now that we have a prototype by our side, it gets easier for us to deliver a similar solution in the future.

If you too are looking out for a similar solution, we can get you the solution quicker, saving you time and resources, with all the customizations you demand. All you need to do is hire our  iPhone app development company today!

Summing up with Custom iOS Dating App

The app market is saturated with apps of all shapes. Something that can keep you alive in the competition is your out-of-box business ideas that resolve customer pain points.

Feel free to contact us if you too have a similar unique idea and feel that the readily available solutions are incompetent to meet the desired features.

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