Developing an Image Recognition iOS App with Tensorflow Lite


Searching for information on the internet has widely changed, especially in the last 5 years. Technologies like Voice Assistants and Reverse Image Searching have a major impact on the way we have interacted with the Search Engines.

Google Lens, which happened to be a theory a few years back is now an essential part of our in-built Android camera. You came across a beautiful quote and now you want to send it to one of your friends, typing it manually isn’t even needed. With Google Lens, just point out at the text, and this saves your day.

Google AI lens reads the text from a picture

However, is the scope of AI camera limited only to personal use? Definitely not. Businesses have used mobile app development company to leverage Image recognition in more than a way to streamline their existing infrastructure.

Commercial use of Image Recognition

People of all ages have been benefited from the new age smartphones. Image recognition plays a key role across every sector. The ease to carry a phone camera and a low learning curve only makes it a 24×7 solution for the users.

1. Education:

The penetration of mobile apps in education has been revolutionary. Students can scan their subjects, can cover more than their books and have more lively examples. 

Books these days offer more intuitive description to the subject with scannable QR codes for more ease. 

2. Ecommerce purchase:

Found an interesting product in your surrounding? It’s no more needed that you go searching its model name and the right store to place an order. Your phone camera will do the job for you. 

The delivery agents, their superiors along with the entire e-commerce site can stay on the same page at product shipping. The agents can confirm product delivery with proof, eventually adding more transparency to the business.

On a similar account, one of our clients chose to hire our iOS app development company for a custom camera app capable of detecting objects and reading QR codes. In the process, our experts have used Tensorflow for detecting objects and training the entire system. 

Let’s get started with our approach for a real-time object detection iOS app development!!

Tensorflow Image Recognition iOS App Development

Tensorflow is known for its abilities at building AI and Machine Learning based systems. The technology takes a deeper dig at the captured images and every component in the picture. In the following picture, for example, the system can clearly differentiate between multiple objects and the dominant object in each frame. 

Object detection with Tensorflow

Tensorflow analyzes every pixel in the picture and the closest pixels associated with it. As a result, we have details about the dominant colours and objects in the picture.

We used its abilities to build the custom image classification app for iOS.

Object detection with our custom iOS app

The app designed at our end converts your regular phone camera to a full-fledged AI lens. It can detect the presence of multiple products in a given frame and distinguish the region they cover.

The users can further add tags to each object in the picture. They can select the region that needs to be labelled, change size of the tagged region and add their tags.

Adding tags to the image

The AI image classification iOS app saves picture on the cloud along with tags added by the user. Click on the “i” button at the bottom and every tag is at its place.

Finding tags in an uploaded picture

Colour Detection

Tensorflow breaks the entire picture to smaller pixels, analyzing the wide range of colours and the ones that dominate. As a result, the app rightly knows the colour that makes the “Primary colour“. 

The feature makes it easier for the users while searching them in the future. They can click on any colour from the search panel and related picture is right on the screen.

Searching based on colour

Isn’t that a great feature for delivery agents who have been looking out for the Blue Tshirt they delivered a week back?

More features on our custom iOS camera app

QR Code scanner

Our custom iOS camera app development company offers an all-in-one camera application for your iOS phone. The app is capable of reading all kinds of QR and bar codes as well. Just point the phone camera to the QR code, the app scans and stores them with zero information loss.

Scanning QR and Bar Codes

Cloud Storage

The app is capable of creating tasks and adding texts and media files to them. A task can comprise of everything that can be handled on the app itself:

  • Adding texts
  • Creating e-Signatures
  • Adding pictures with image tags
  • Adding videos
  • Attached QR and Bar codes

The tasks can be saved on the cloud along with the Google Map location. 

Our iOS experts have used Firestore to ensure that the app saves everything on the cloud. Added with the benefits of a QR code scanner iOS app, it makes an ideal solution for local on-demand services that require proof of delivery for a transparent business functioning.

  • Click a picture of the delivered item
  • Add tags to the product
  • Mark defects of the product
  • Scan the item’s unique bar code
  • Get an e-signature from the end customer (Our app does that as well)
  • Add notes for the task
  • Save the task with Google map location
Cloud Storage App for IOS

The functions were specific to the client’s unique business needs. If you too feel that your business needs an app that can automate a majority of your manual jobs and streamline the complete workflow, you can hire iOS app developer from us. Now that they have already developed a custom image recognition iOS app, delivering a tailored solution for your business gets quicker and cost-effective.

Our experience with custom iOS app development

The Mobile app development agency at The Brihaspati Infotech is a pioneer in developing custom mobile applications. In the past, we have helped several businesses across the globe to instil automation and ease of management with handy mobile applications.

In one of our blogs, we have discussed the XMPP chat server for Android and iOS App, using which businesses can have their own internal chat services. You can find more about our custom iOS app development in our iOS archive.

Final words

Mobile apps are trending. Businesses have leveraged them in every possible way and there is no stop to its possibilities.

If you too have a similar business idea or just want to build a custom iOS app, you can contact us right away. Our experts will help convert your idea to a complete business solution.

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