Bespoke Patient Record Management App for Doctors – Android


Healthcare as an industry has seen a massive transformation in the past decade. Hospitals have adopted technologies to safeguard the huge amount of patient records digitally.

Electronic Medical Record solutions have changed the way patient records were managed and processed. The physicians don’t have to run through thousands of paper files to find past diagnoses of the patient at their door. With EMR software by their side, searching a patient and all his past medications is now a matter of clicks.

With that in mind, the experienced mobile app development company at The Brihaspati Infotech recently developed a custom Patient record management application on Android. Physicians can now save patient records right on their mobile phones. The client wanted to ease the way physicians manage their patients, appointments, and generate invoices. Our custom-designed app shows up as a complete solution for the doctors.

Here is a glimpse of the app we delivered to the client where the doctor can manage the clients and their details.

Multiple profiles on Patient management app

This blog speaks of how we developed patient management app for android and a complete development approach. But before that, 

Need for developing custom Medical Records App for Doctors

According to a recent revelation by Softwareadvice,

The average cost of an Electronic Medical Record Management solution can cost $35000 or more.

That amount is yet to include the yearly costs, the training costs, and the initial losses. Large scaled hospitals can definitely go for it. But, what about the local clinics who can’t even generate that amount in a year or two?

Our client thus wanted to hire android developer for offering a minimal mobile application for the doctors that is easier to learn and still saves them from hours of manual effort at managing the patient records at an affordable rate. And we were more than willing to help.

The final app equips the physician a lot more than managing patient records:

  • Managing appointments
  • Managing the cost of the diagnoses
  • Generating Invoice
  • Managing patients and their medical records
  • Offline access

Needless to say, doctors can make the best of automated management without paying a hefty price.

Patient Record Management App: Development Approach

The mobile application was supposed to be designed from the ground up. Having said that, it is evident that our custom clinic management app development services had to offer an excellent user interface with room for the desired functions. 

We jotted down all the terms associated with the niche, the services offered by the Practitioners, and further functionalities to make it look more familiar to the doctors. We mapped out the architecture and created the wire-frames for every page. The mockups were shared with the client and were modified, wherever needed, thus boiling down to a design that meets the client’s vision.

Next, we started converting mock-up designs to the app interface. 

A complete offline solution

Our clinic management app development offers a completely offline solution for your business. The application can function flawlessly even in the absence of connectivity. The desired features are all stored locally and the app’s functions are wholly dependent on the doctor’s device. The only time when the app might require some connection is while updating it.

The feature allows users to function equally well in remote places. Thus physicians don’t have to suffer during cloud server downtimes and poor connectivity, especially during their peak working hours.

Managing Appointment Bookings

The doctors were highly dependent on physical diaries to keep a track of every appointment. The client wanted to ease the management with the tailored mobile app. We categorized the data into multiple tabs that are placed at the top. The physician can switch between them to manage individual records.

We integrated a calendar while building the practice management app for Android. The app further offers a complete overview of the appointment schedules, the patients, and their medical history, as shown in the pictures below.

Appointment-and-past-record on patient management app

The pictures above can be summarized as:

  1. The calendar lists all the appointments scheduled for the physician along with the patients’ names and their diagnoses.
  2. The physician can find past counseling dates with the patient and the diagnoses each time.
  3. The physician can check the active and inactive diagnoses for any patient.

The physician can add everything with a tap. The application provides an appointment wizard that offers all the desired fields at the same place. Scheduling appointments for a patient is easy:


With that, the physicians can add their appointments, time, and find every detail at its place. The minimal app design allows the doctors to overview pre-booked appointments and the related stuff with so much ease.

Tracking past services

The end-users are primarily clinics with multiple services for the patients. We have added a feature named “Procedure” that accounts for all the diagnoses the client has been provided in the past. The physician can simply hit the “Diagnosis” option at the top for adding a new service to the patient.

In the following picture, we can find the diagnoses availed to the patient, and the way to create one.

Managing Diagnoses for the patient

The “Diagnoses” tab includes all the active and inactive diagnoses provided to the patient. The toggle button signifies the current status of the procedure helping the doctor to make further decisions.

Managing Costs and e-receipts

Furthering with the ability of the custom patient record management Android app, the doctors can manage all the diagnoses offered at their clinics and their prices. The app stores these entries in the phone’s local storage. 

The Cost Type section keeps a track of all the diagnoses added to the app. The doctor can readily add a new Diagnosis from the Procedure button at the top. The physician can add the procedure name,  code, and cost with ease which can be edited in the future. We can find the section in the following picture:


The next time when the physician sets an appointment for a said patient, the app is ready to generate a detailed invoice.


In the picture above, we can find the automatically generated invoice. The best part, the app can help the physicians mail the invoice to the concerned patient. The physician can also set the app for sending due reminder mails to the patients.

Managing patients’ profiles

The app allows users to manage multiple patients at any time. With everything stored locally, the doctor can switch between the customers in a tweak. The diagnoses, the invoices, and the rest of the functions are all segregated for individual customers. While one can find them all on one screen, the respective customer is still recognizable.

The client further wanted to monetize the app. He wanted to set a limit on the number of patients a physician can manage at any given time. As a result, we created multiple pricing plans that allow the doctors to manage their accounts for a fixed number of customers. 

The physicians can expand the number of allowed patients with our in-app purchase module. The pricing plans vary from a free mode(up to 10 patients) to an unlimited plan that sets no limitation on the number of patients managed throughout the year.

Our experience with Clinic Management Mobile App Development

The client wanted to contribute to the clinics such that the doctors can save their precious hours from tracking their customers, billings, and the rest of the accounting. The doctors can thus focus on something they are mostly known for- curing the customers.

However, as our experienced Android development team has designed it from the scratch, the app can be availed for more Android apps that demand customer management. We are talking about local businesses like stationaries, hardware, or small canteens where hiring a professional account manager or a complete software is beyond their budget. The app finds a perfect fit for all the businesses where invoice generation and customer management go hand-in-hand.

The expert Android developers at The Brihaspati Infotech have been hired several times in the past to ease management for the local businesses. In one of our past blogs, we have discussed the development of a  Restaurant booking management app. The React Native based app allowed the restaurant owners to manage all their bookings with so much ease. When it comes to developing a custom solution, the experts at The Brihaspati Infotech never lack the expertise on any given mobile app development technology.

If you too are looking out for developing custom medical records app for doctors or planning to offer one to your immediate market, you can always hire Android developers from us. Having the basic prototype ready by our side, we can save you money and time spent at getting one developed. 

Patient Record Management App Development: Summary

Managing a physical outlet in this arena demands a lot more than merely a good service. You have to leverage the best of the technologies to save your priceless time and manual effort.

If your business also needs a tailored mobile application, you can always contact us. Our experts possess extensive knowledge of businesses, how they function, and the desired technologies to scale it.