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Bigcommerce Product Configurator

Get More Conversions with a ‘Custom Product Configurator integration’ in BigCommerce

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Personalization has become a key concept for the eCommerce industry. Its earlier stages involved product recommendations or showing relevant content to potential users. However, multiple advances in technology and development approaches have transformed the traditional personalization concept.

If you are planning to implement personalization in your existing website, a custom product configurator integration is the best choice to make.

Why? Let’s find below!

Nowadays, it is a common sight online brands offering product customization abilities. Ranging from apparel to electronics or other gadgets, almost every industry caters to the audience’s need for getting tailored end products. The customers can easily get desirable designs and features of products while simply assembling the different attributes and components of a product.

The benefits of product personalization involve:

– An increase in average order value (AOV),

– Improved conversion rates,

– And, more returning customers.

Providing personalized products not only bring you all these listed benefits but parallelly improves the shopping experiences of the customers also. So, you can sell your products in such a way that it is beneficial for both the selling and buying ends.

Today’s consumers are quite demanding and wish to get products that depict their personality more, they don’t like to fit in a standard product. To serve this need, there comes a product configurator that facilitates the retailers to deliver personalized experiences while giving the power of customization in the hands of users.

Right now, retail brands like Nike are ruling the market of custom products. However, apart from typical clothing and shoe customizations, several other product configurator solutions are offering the extreme of personalization. For instance,

Customizing Car

As shown in this example from UltraWheel, the online vendor has leveraged a great deal of product personalization- starting from brand to model, to color, etc. a buyer can craft a four-wheeler of his own choice, too without chasing the dealers for the real-implementations.

So, it is pretty much clear that the scope of product customization is vast, irrelevant to the industry you deal with. The only thing that you require is an online website. Rest the technology can take care of.

Approaches to Deliver ‘Product Design Tools’

There are two approaches to harnessing the power of a product configurator in your online store. One way is to go for readily available extensions that act like Plug and Play. And, the other way around is to develop custom product configurator solutions fulfilling the needs of businesses comprehensively.

The first approach, i.e., extensions to integrate product configurator software are often challenged by some hurdles such as the additional cost involved, heavy JavaScripts that cause longer page load times, and outdated support from the development team.

To overcome such challenges, the business chooses to hire developers for building product customization tools that are not only cost-effective but also complement the unique requirements.

Our Experience in Custom BigCommerce Product Configurator Integration

Undoubtedly, BigCommerce is a top-rated SaaS eCommerce platform extremely preferred by SMEs and mid-market entrepreneurs. It helps you save money and time in developing and scaling your business.

With its robust default and built-in features than other eCommerce platforms available, BigCommerce extends its offerings in the field of developing custom product personalization software, without any use of external tool or extension.

At The Brihaspati Infotech, our team of BigCommerce developers got an opportunity to deliver one practical solution of a similar concept, i.e., developing product configurator with the in-built features of BigCommerce.

Client requirements:

This project was similar to the exception of traditional retail websites including clothing or other fashion items. The client deals with providing custom knives and relevant accessories.

Instead of ordering standard knives and sounding monotonous, he wanted to offer personalization to the buyers in terms of knife’s attributes inclusive of blade type, color, handle, and more.

Product Customization

The website was set up on the BigCommerce platform. All-in-all, the client’s project requirement was to integrate a custom product configurator software in BigCommerce to allow the users to try out and design a product of their own choice. And, our leading BigCommerce company holds a dedicated team of experts who are well-versed with all the ins and outs of this software.

By default, BigCommerce facilitates all the essentials of developing product design tools at the back-end. The core concepts of BigCommerce that come handy while accomplishing this task include product options, option sets, and values.

So, what are product options, option sets, and values in BigCommerce?

To embark on, options refer to the attributes (color, size, etc.) of a product that further holds the values for your product. Here, the choice of  ‘attributes’ allows the users to customize or modify a product.

And, the option set is a reusable set that can be reused and applied to different products. The options and values that we discussed above belong to an option set that constitutes a product.

Our Workflow:

Although these terms sound quite easy to understand and use, there remains a need to follow a hierarchical procedure to put everything in alignment. To give you insights into our workflow, I have curated a list of steps undertaken by our team.

Step 1: To start with, we created a product category in the BigCommerce admin panel. The categories help to collect all the similar products (in terms of attributes) under one section. Otherwise, the website will be cluttered from the front-end. Moreover, the admin will also find it hard to take and manage orders.

Step 2: One additional requirement of choosing a product configurator integration is to build a custom product template supporting multiple images displaying all the possible combinations tried by users. Because whenever changes in the product attributes and values occur, there needs to be a front-end page that can respond while getting commands from the back-end rules.

To serve this need, the developers went on developing a custom product page template that was completely independent of the other pages and functionalities of the whole website. The basic front-end technologies like JS (JavaScript) and HTML are involved to construct an appealing and responsive product template.

Additionally, product options were created at the backend, especially for the custom product page template developed.

BigCommerce product options

Step 3: Moving ahead, the list of values for product options were provided along with display name & type along with the choices available for the end-users. For instance,

Product Type

Step 4: In addition to all these settings in the custom product configurator tool, the developers facilitated the client with a choice of show/hide options in the custom product page template designed by us. To achieve that, the client simply needs to stuff in the custom instructions provided by us in the code at the backend.

Now, if we conclude all these steps together, we can visualize the process in a simple chart provided below:-

Bigcommerce Options Set

This image is a perfect illustration of the hierarchy followed to achieve the client’s custom design solution as depicted in the aforementioned visuals.

Here, our final product is Knife. And, the blade is a set of options that can be customized on the basis of different attributes assigned under the options section. Now, the features that you can customize in a blade fall under the options followed by different values that can be chosen.

In addition to this, there was also a requirement of hiding some values in case of non-availability at the client’s end. Here, we created a custom set of functions and provide the admin with an authority to enable or disable as per his convenience.

Not only the blade but the handle of the knife was also customizable at the user’s end. Here, the hierarchy followed was the same as mentioned previously and shown in the chart above.

Parting thoughts!

When it comes to personalizing the web experiences, the vendors need to stay attentive to each detail at both user and consumer end experiences. No doubt, the plug, and play solutions appeal easy to deal with and might work well in some cases. However, if you plan to incorporate a custom solution that can provide a thorough detailing of everything in terms of features and flexibility, the outcome is always a fruitious one.

And, in case you are also looking for a custom product configurator or something similar functionality to deliver personalized products & other offerings, contact our team of experts. At The Brihaspati Infotech, we provide a keen eye to the project’s requirements while delivering the best possible solution.