Custom Shopify App for Affiliate Programs: Improve Affiliate Relationships


As a Shopify store owner, you can engage a network of self-motivated affiliates who can help you excel in the unexplored grounds and fetch quality leads in a short time frame. Affiliate marketers have their own chain of marketing tools to channelize a more streamlined network of sales thereby helping you to outshine your competitors.

As a Shopify store owner, you can engage a network of self-motivated affiliates who can help you excel in the unexplored grounds and fetch quality leads in a short time frame. Affiliate marketers have their own chain of marketing tools to channelize a more streamlined network of sales thereby helping you to outshine your competitors.

The affiliation business model is, however, tedious in terms of keeping a count of the leads, the conversion rates and the percentage share of profits that varies from one affiliate marketer to another. Instead of banging their heads at keeping these records, the Shopify merchants shall rather automate these tasks and utilize their time for expanding their business in better means.

E-commerce platform giants like Shopify have the desired features to channelize affiliate programs that take the pains of finding new affiliates, tracking the generated leads and automate their service charges at the completion of the process.

In this blog, we will cover a similar custom Shopify app for affiliate programs developed by our expert Shopify Development team that will help the Shopify merchants to sell better without actually reaching out to the end customers.

Overview of Custom Shopify App for Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing app is basically designed to help you broaden your reach to customers at a faster pace. It entices your customer-turned-affiliates to sell products on your behalf, for which they are paid on a pay-per-sale model. The Affiliate marketing applications encourage marketers with coupon codes, special discounts and much more. At the same time, they automate a track of the leads generated and the distribution of sales percentage.

Our custom Shopify affiliate marketing app helps to manage all the tasks from a single dashboard. The merchants can keep a check on the affiliates, their progressions, and the discount coupons availed to them.

On the other hand, affiliates also have their personal dashboards that can help them track their leads.

What more does it pack for your Shopify store? How easy it is to manage the app? Let us explore more on the features of this Affiliate marketing Shopify app.

Features of affiliate marketing Shopify app for merchants

Being the market leaders in the field of Shopify development services, we understand the needs of a Shopify merchant and the pain-points associated with affiliate marketing. We thus had to come up with a solution that manages all the desired integrations and renderings with utter smoothness. The end results offered us a clean and streamlined setup of features that will allow the store owners to run a flawless Affiliate program.

A clean dashboard to manage the affiliates

The merchant’s Dashboard is kept clean and sorted to help them manage the leads, with ease. The merchant can keep an eye on the affiliates, the conversions, the payments and much more from the front panel.

The Dashboard allows the merchant to check the following parts in order.

  • The pending affiliate approvals, conversions, and payment
  • Tracking Performance
  • Total revenue, commission, and conversion rate
  • Top-performing affiliates

Merchant Dashboard

Generate Referral link

You can use your dedicated customers as primary resources for marketing. The merchants can generate referral links for their stores which can be used for converting the users to affiliates. The generated link opens up a custom field form with personalized discounts and sales margins. The fields can be managed by the merchant from the Shopify backend.

Generate Referral Link

Simpler Sign up process

The Merchant can generate customized field form for their customers to convert them to affiliates. The field form consists of personal details along with custom coupon codes and commission margin.

The interested affiliate gets a confirmation on signing up followed by confirmation at the merchant’s end.

Referral link by merchants

Promote your Affiliate form on Social media

Internet surfers are best found on Social media channels. Pitch them your referral link directly and let them find leads for you. The Affiliate program app allows the merchants to reach out to their customers through popular social media channels.

The following image shows this part, wherefrom the merchants can socially share their referral links and invite affiliates to their shop.

social share referral links

Approval of affiliation

As a merchant, the affiliate program application gives you the authority to join hands with interested affiliates or reject them. The merchant is notified on the dashboard about his probable affiliates with one click acceptance/rejection option.

affiliate approve home screen

The affiliate Tab displays the details of the affiliate along with the offer they are interested in.

The Approved affiliates make it to the Affiliate List, while the Rejected ones are immediately deleted. The rest are tagged as Pending in the same list.

Once approved, the affiliate is allotted an affiliate URL for further usage.

affiliate approve home screen

What does the Affiliate marketing app hold for the Affiliates?

The affiliate marketing app takes care of the affiliates in terms of managing their leads and conversions as well. Much like a dashboard for merchants, we have a personal dashboard for the Affiliates as well.

The Affiliate dashboard comprises of the following:

The performance panel at the left:

It shows the overall performance of the affiliate in forms as numbers

  • The clicks represent the number of clicks to the product via the Affiliate’s URL.
  • Conversions mark the number of clicks that have ended up paying for the product.
  • The earning of the affiliate is displayed under “Payments”.

Sharing referral code

The affiliate link provided by the merchant’s affiliate program is displayed in this section. The affiliate can share this link manually or automatically through the social sharing buttons at the bottom. The referral code is redirected to the merchant’s store, however, with a digital footprint of the affiliate. This helps to keep a count of the clicks offered through an Affiliate on the whole.

Performance Panel

Managing the payments

The section alerts the affiliates of the commissions they have earned through the process. It keeps a count of the future estimated payments, the ongoing commissions and the payments received in the past. 

Our past experience with Custom Shopify apps

As the leading Shopify development service provider, The Brihaspati Infotech has served several projects on Shopify. We have custom designed the storefronts and their back panels of Shopify stores to render soothing experience for both users as well as the merchants.

In one of our past projects, we have designed a Custom Shopify wholesale app for one of our clients that helped them manage their wholesaling business including personalization of discounts and much more at the merchant’s end.

With years of experience and handling several projects on Shopify, we understand the businesses, their verticals, the challenges at developing custom apps for them, and their resolution at every stage. Our expert Shopify developers are ready to take up challenges and help you excel in your niche.

Final words on custom Shopify app for Affiliate program

Affiliate programs comprise of marketing weapons ranging from traditional tools like word of mouth to unconventional campaigns like influencing on social media channels. The marketers can spend their vacations and still magnetize customers with promising conversion rates.

Keeping in the eye of the comfort that an affiliate marketer owns and the lack of synchronization between respective tools for their merchants, we came up with the idea of this custom Shopify app.

For similar custom Shopify app development and consultation for e-commerce business, you can contact us here.