Custom Shopify App for Monitoring Google and Facebook Ads


People prefer buying online for several reasons. While the ability to find more varieties and the convenience to buy everything from the same place is one crucial factor, KPMG claims that it is the ability to shop 24/7 that attracts more consumers to online stores.

Preferring E-commerce over in-store purchase

Source: KPMG

That being said, a more visible presence for the product-specific queries can help you fetch more leads and thus, conversions. You will be able to find more people down the sales funnel.

The stats mentioned above reveal one more number-only 15% of the buyers landed on the online store for there was no other option. That simply means that a majority of the buyers have options and as a merchant who faces a stiff market competition, you shall look forward to a more advanced marketing strategy Paid advertisement.

The Giants in their platforms-Google and Facebook let the merchants find more buyers directly. While the search engine mammoth pushes results based on user’s queries (keywords in technical terms), Facebook injects Sponsored ads in the news feed section.

These are tagged as “Sponsored” for obvious reasons-they come at a price. For a fixed hourly cost, you are finding the top position in the searches that exceed every organic strategy saving you weeks of efforts at testing the ranks and optimize them. But what if your future customers click on the Sponsored link and all they find is a website on its downtime? You are losing customers and of course, the money spent to get that place. 

Our expert Shopify developers recently came up with a solution that can help you manage your Google and Facebook advertisements, and can save you during the site outrage.

Need for a custom Shopify app to monitor Ads

The paid Ad campaigns show up on Search engine and Social Media irrespective of the performance of the landing page. While your Landing page is outraged, you can still find these campaigns up there, trying to pull more customers to a cul-de-sac. Unaware of the landing page issues, Facebook and Google charge you incessantly that can certainly be seen as a leak.

Facebook Ad Manager and Google Adwords give you the option to manually pause the current campaigns. But then again, they seek manual inputs where the merchant is supposed to turn off every ad individually. A merchant might need a checklist of all the platforms, the campaigns, the pause duration and the budgets to keep a count of the savings.

Custom Shopify app for monitoring Ads as a solution

The Ad monitoring app by our Shopify developers can help the merchants manage multiple ad campaigns in a go. It stores the details of all the running ad campaigns allowing it to have a grip on them. The tool is capable of analyzing the state of landing pages and take actions in the ad campaigns-pausing them and resuming them. 

The app used APIs from Google and Facebook to automate the controls saving time and efforts at the merchant’s end.

Steps followed: 

  • The Laravel based cron job keeps a check on the landing page availability
  • Pings the server every minute to check the landing page status.
  • Updates the API if the landing page is not working.
  • The API decides whether the Ad campaigns should be stopped
  • Passes on the status to Facebook API and Adwords API to pause the ad sessions.

Monitoring Ad campaigns with Custom Shopify app

The Google and Facebook Ad Monitoring app makes sure that you keep a count on all your active campaigns and the ones that have been paused. Moreover, it accumulates data regarding the total pause time and the costs it has saved in the given period.

The dashboard avails you with the desired stats:

Shopify App Dashboard for Monitoring Google and Facebook Ads

The app keeps a count of all the campaigns on Facebook and Google. As a merchant, you will need to add your campaign details along with the daily budget for the concerned campaign. The tool uses these details to calculate the savings during downtimes.

Add budgets to Ad monitoring app

The app allows the merchant to track the following information:

  • If the campaign is enabled
  • The platform of the Ad campaign
  • Duration of Ad pause
  • Costs saved in the time.

Ad campaigns list

Based on the campaign details and the times involved at the pause and resumption, the app can calculate the total saved amount. The picture above displays a set of campaigns with varied pause length and their respective ad cost saving. The picture below is the detailed view of the information stored by every ad tracking. 

Ad campaign details

It is noticeable that the Event carries details like the Pause-enabling time, resumption time and the costs saved in the process.

Managing Advertising Accounts

The first question this app asks you is the advertisement account that merchants need to monitor. The merchants need to specify their campaign platform along with related information that helps the Ad monitoring app to track your ads better.

Managing ad Accounts with Shopify App for Monitoring Google and Facebook Ads
Alerting the merchant regarding the Ad-discontinuation

We added this feature to enhance the merchant’s experience at using this Ad monitoring application. The merchant needs to be alerted whenever there is a break in the ads. For the same, we came up with this idea to add Email and SMS alerts. 

The merchant is alerted whenever an ad is pushed for pause, through the added point of contact(Email/SMS contact number). 

Email alerts through Mail/SMS

In short, the Ad monitoring app successfully overcomes the following struggles for any Shopify merchant:

  • Leaking costs
  • Tracking the landing pages
  • Tracking multiple Ad accounts
  • Managing each Ad account individually
  • Switching every Ad account from time to time

The tool is capable of managing every task all by itself, helps you to focus on more crucial and decision-making tasks.

Final Words on Ad monitoring App

This is no brainer that finding a place on the first page of Search Engine stays the prime goal for every marketer. Taken that the conventional organic optimization techniques are slower and full of trials, paid marketing is one solution that will never lose its place. At first, it might look rather dispersed and bulky, but with custom tools for Ad monitoring, you can excel with the part.

If your Shopify business also needs custom out-of-box solutions like the Facebook and Google Ad Monitoring app, you can hire our experienced Shopify Development team and ease your self off the manual tasks.

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