Custom Shopify Social Proof App Development


Ecommerce owners often experience low user conversion rates despite considerably high traffic on their stores. One of the prime reasons that lead to this condition is the cold traffic that has either visited your store for the first time or has little to no clarity regarding a purchase. Specialized eCommerce tools such as Shopify social proof app cater to this need, helping businesses convert passive visitors to their repeat buyers. 

Social proof is considered to be one of the most effective ways an eCommerce business can build trust. Customers tend to trust genuine reviews from real users and the growing popularity of the product among them. Ecommerce businesses have ways to implement social proof methods that not only help them convert more users but also maintain a healthy bond with them.

  • Customer Reviews: Leading eCommerce businesses such as Amazon accept product reviews from their users. The reviews are cross-verified by the user’s order history to ensure that they come from genuine sources.
  • Product Endorsement by Trusted Experts: Industry experts who are trusted for genuine endorsements can play a big role here. Unlike the usual sales pitches, their endorsements can look more natural and trustworthy.
  • Popularity: A comparatively popular product is more likely to be explored before the rest. The curiosity to try the product increases traffic and thus its chances to be purchased.

With that in mind, the Shopify development agency at The Brihaspati Infotech recently developed an eCommerce social proof app for Shopify merchants. The app readily adds a widget for the number of active shoppers on the said product page hence letting the user realize the popularity of the said product. 

The app is now public and can readily serve any eCommerce business on Shopify. Here is a glimpse of the working of our custom Shopify Social proof app:

Client requirements: Social proof eCommerce app development

Displaying active shoppers on Shopify product pages isn’t new. Some handy apps are capable of taking up the task effectively. However, the Shopify merchants who have used them will confess that the apps aren’t the best with the UI. Added to that, the apps don’t offer much flexibility for customizing the widgets.

This was when the client felt the urge to provide a public app that offers infinite customization to the active shoppers’ display widget along with a highly user-friendly admin panel.

Features of our Custom Shopify Social Proof App Development

  • Display widget on the product page
  • Ability to customize the Widget design
  • Real-time social proofing
  • Customize the number of active shoppers
  • Mobile responsive design

Challenges at Custom Shopify Social App Development:

  • Ensuring that the app can be installed on any Shopify store
  • The app doesn’t impact the page loading speed
  • The app creates the exact widget on the product page
  • The widget offers the same UI as the original store

Our Solution: Custom Social Proof App for Shopify

Our Shopify social proof app creates a sense of urgency among customers by displaying the number of active shoppers on the product page. The widget comes with the exact number of active shoppers along with a customizable color template. 
Custom Active Shoppers widget

To develop the custom social proof ecommerce app, we have used the in-built functions of Shopify. Our experts have enhanced the features using the Yii2 framework to turn the client’s vision into reality while ensuring that the customization unveils the best of a public Shopify app.

As a result, we left it for the Shopify store owner to choose the design template and position of the widget on their product pages.

Pre-designed Widget Layouts

The client wanted to give the desired freedom to Shopify merchants to select a Widget layout for their product pages. The app comes with three pre-designed layouts for the active shoppers’ widget. Shopify merchants can thus choose a layout that best fits their product page.

Design Layouts

Decide the number of Active Shoppers

The app gives merchants the desired freedom to add widgets for selected products. Your Shopify customers thus have the desired freedom to apply the active shoppers’ widget to all or selected products on their stores.

Our experts have furthered the abilities of the app for the number of active shoppers in the store. The app customers can either opt for real-time information or a random number of shoppers. The app is capable of generating random active shoppers numbers to impose social proofing for the said product.

In the gif below, an app customer introduces a custom widget for “Shirt” on the store along with a random number between 100 and 200. As a result, the widget displays 150 active shoppers:

Customize Widget Design

Furthering with the abilities of the custom Shopify social proof app, your customers can design the widget. They can add a border to the widget, customize its width and shape, and add a background color as shown below:

Designing Widget on Custom Shopify social proof app

The customized widget is displayed on the selected product pages exactly how they are designed by the app customer. The app customer can also decide the placement of the widget. Our custom admin panel provides a separate option for the same, named “Widget location”. The widget can either be placed above the product description or below it, based on the preferences of the app customer.

Active Shopper Widget Location

The Final Result:

  • Widget on the product page
  • A random number of active shoppers ranging between 100 and 200
  • Widget positioned below the product description
Final Active Shoppers widget

With that, our Shopify experts have led a Shopify ecommerce social proof app development tailored to client needs. The app can be installed on any Shopify store regardless of the number of products and the store size. The app readily creates a customizable widget on the storefront hence displaying the number of active shoppers on the page.

Our experience in developing Public Ecommerce Apps

With more than a decade worth of industry experience, the eCommerce development agency at The Brihaspati Infotech is prepared to build custom extensions for a variety of ecommerce business needs. 

Over years we have developed custom apps for product customization, payment gateways, loyalty programs, and more across the major ecommerce platforms. Custom extensions and apps developed by our experts are featured in ecommerce app stores for public use.

Our experts know the guidelines and the coding standards of ecommerce app stores and stay adhered to them while developing one. As a result, the chances of getting an app published on a public app store only get easier in our lab.

You can read more about the public apps developed by us for the following platforms:

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Summarizing Shopify Social Proof App Development 

Social proof in ecommerce is powerful and carries a huge potential for massive sales. Ecommerce owners will explore the store insights to convert more users and increase sales.

If you too have a unique app in your mind that solves business problems, you can reach out to us. Our business experts will help convert your ideas to reality.

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