Shopify App development: Custom Shopify wholesale app


Shopify merchants often spend several hours thinking to upscale their business. As a product owner, you must be investing in advertising or referral programs, to promote your store to new prospects.

Ever given a shot to the wholesaling? If not, this could be the best time to take them into the loop. Bulk-selling helps you to outreach more customers in a shorter time span. The chain system allows you to gain more prospects for your Shopify Store. The merchants can now sell in bulks with a good price-cut, providing a great business opportunity for the middlemen.

However, it is easier said than done. Shopify isn’t known much about its front-end customizations. You can either set up a separate store for wholesaling or try utilizing the best of Shopify’s pricing systems.

At this, our expert Shopify Developers have developed a Wholesale Shopify app that perfectly fits with your Shopify store and incentivises B2B businesses to grow your sales.

What is a Wholesale Shopify app?

Shopify and Shopify Plus encourage apps that can help other businesses to grow. The Wholesale Shopify apps enable the Shopify merchants to open themselves for bulk sales in exchange for lower rates.

The Wholesale Shopify App creates a separate space in your store, accessible only to authorized Wholesale users. Only they can find products with far-lowered pricings and other exclusive commercial benefits.

As a Shopify store owner, you can use it to create personalized discounts for tagged customers and categorizations. You can upsurge the discounts with the order quantity and much more. The following image shows one such an example:

wholesale price customizing

Source: BangGood

It can clearly be seen that the price of the product keeps decreasing with the quantity of order.

The Wholesale Shopify app provides the merchants full control over its customers, their tiers, tags and the prices they are supposed to find. Moreover, they can control the products that receive the discount coupons and the ones that don’t.

Here is a list of functions the Wholesale Shopify App is supposed to do:

-> A reserved Wholesaler space- The Wholesale space should be reserved for Wholesalers only

-> Fetch product details- like name, description, price, variants

->  Add custom Price- show the discounted price only to the Wholesalers

-> Discount coupons- to auto-generate the discounts

With those things on our mind, the next question that arises in our mind is:

How does the Wholesale App work?

Before moving ahead, let us have a brief look at how this works at the customer front:

customer login

We can see Home and Catalog at the Menu. The customer is not a Wholesaler.

On the other hand, here is the customer being tagged as a wholesaler.

Wholesaler Login

We can see the Catalog page(for common users) changes to Wholesale page (for Wholesale customer). The pricing too varies from 25 to 22.50.

In short, the users can not access the Wholesale listings unless the Merchant tags them as “Wholesaler” from his end.

Wholesale Tag Activation

The Wholesale Tag comes with an “Automatic Discount coupon”. It is entirely customizable.

Wholesale Tag Customization

We can see the section Automatic Discount, wherefrom the merchant can customize the sections like categorizations, the discount margin and the type.

What features does our Shopify Wholesale app have?

With this Shopify Wholesale we were very clear with our main motto- allow the merchants to create a store on their own. Along with that, we ensured that no stone remains unturned in the process of creating this store.

Tier the customers

Recognizing the bulk customers as “Wholesalers” is the best a Wholesale app can offer, not only to the retailers but also to the merchants. 

Merchants have the option to categorize buyers on the basis of their average purchases. The merchants can customise discount margins. Tiering a customer as “Wholesaler” automates the features offered by the tag, allowing them to receive benefits like personalized pricings. 

While the buyers can now have a better profit margin, the sellers too can expect massive sales by the other end.

No recurring charges

Unlike most Wholesaler apps in Shopify, our Wholesaler app comes with zero recurring charges. The users don’t have to remind themselves with timely payments every other week.

No limit to the offered services

Our Wholesaler App doesn’t limit its features just for the charges. While most apps out there ask you to purchase functionalities, our app is a fully functional Shopify app at any time. You can create a full-fledged store with the best of its features-set.

Personalized Pricing

The same set of products are visible by all the users equally, except the price. The pricing of the products will vary with the customers accessing the store and their tier badge. Wholesale tagged users can find the same products at a much-lowered price.

The pricing is controlled at the merchants’ end and they can set the price visible to different tiers at the same time.

Personalized Pricing

In the example above, we can see the price cutoffs exclusively for the Wholesale purchasers.

Unique features about the Wholesale Shopify App

  • Our Wholesale app generates Discount coupons automatically for “Wholesalers”.
  • This app DOES NOT DUPLICATE VARIANTS or HIDE products.
  • Offers discounts based on Order Quantity and Order Value
  • Can apply the discount on specific collections, products or the entire order.
  • Can schedule the Discount coupon

Technologies used for Shopify Wholesale Pricing app


 ♦ Polaris framework in Shopify allowed us to create the backend of the Wholesale app. It helps to generate situation-specific messages and alerts.

♦ The backend is well supported by Yii2 framework. The PHP based framework allowed us to store the customer details along with their tags and much more.

Coding Languages:

♦ Polaris is coded with HTML and CSS modules.

♦ Yii2 utilized PHP

Challenges faced at Shopify Wholesale App development

It was quite a difficult task to resolve the frontend uniformity between the original store and the Wholesale store. The Shopify storefront shows up in several ways: free, paid and custom across thousands of stores; and so does the complications, associated while extracting the right modules.

However, that’s where experience comes into play. Our developers were knowledgable of the numerous available templates. They were aware of the site modules that affect the basic layout, the functioning of the website and the areas for improvisation.

They extracted the .liquid files from the themes and implemented them across the newly built UI.

Wrapping up with Custom Shopify App development

Developing a pitch-perfect Wholesale Ordering app on Shopify was a difficult task for sure. Managing the customer tier and an unvaried front end had been among the most challenging parts of the project.

However, an excellent Shopify development company knows the exactness of pain-points and the most accurate resolution to it. 

Our expert E-commerce developers can attain the most delicate of the requirements with much ease while being adhered to the timeline. The agile process owned by us keeps you in a constant loop throughout the process, allowing you to control the phases and your unique business-personalizations.

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