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Today, people are conscious of their mental and physical health more than ever. We have adapted quite a number of practices to our daily routines that have a direct impact on our health- ranging from food habits, exercise routines to sleep cycles.

While most of these are either advised by a physician or health blogs by experts, their continuous presence in our immediate environment isn’t even an option. Technology has played a crucial role here, alerting us for our next medication, limiting the calories we intake or a heart rate beyond the normal limits, almost like a 24×7 doctor.

On a similar occasion, our mobile app development company recently helped a client develop a custom sleep tracker app that offers more than effective sleep monitoring.

Let’s get started!!  

Need for developing a custom Sleep Cycle app

Sleep tracking apps have gained attention, especially in the past few years. Google Trends provides some insights through the last five years’ searches for the term: Google trends for Sleep Tracking

Source: Google Trends

The app stores for respective mobile OS platforms thus have several applications for the task. There are more than 200 sleep monitor apps on the Android play store alone, each meant to serve specific needs. Few are integrated with a fitness app to offer a complete health track, few closely work with a music app.

Our client wanted the app to offer something that was needed the most: a virtual sleep instructor. Added to that, the client wanted the end-users to have an excellent experience through the sleep monitor app with a UI that is actually soft to the eyes. 

With that in mind, the client was keen to hire Android developer from us. The experienced team was at the help. The idea was to offer more than an effective sleep analyzer app on Android:

  • A soothing app UI
  • Deeper, yet readable insights into the sleep cycles
  • A virtual sleep instructor 

Sleeping App Android Development: Our approach

The app needed development from the ground up. We have developed every part of the Android app ranging from the UI designs to the exclusive app options. We were in a continuous conversation with the client to understand his expectation with the mobile app, the exact user experience he wants to offer, and the related services.

The sessions helped us understand his vision for developing a custom sleep cycle app on Android and deciding the technologies that best suit the purpose.

Android Sleep Tracker App Development: Design Approach

Pixel-perfect wireframes were designed and passed on to the client for a preview. The dashboard, the position of the buttons, their size, the timers, were all placed exactly how the client wanted them. We boiled down to the designs that best suited his visions.

On approval, we proceeded with the best color combinations for the buttons, the dashboard, and the rest of the sections. Our expertise played its part here, helping us to decide the best scheme for an eye-catchy yet harmless UI design.

The background is soothing, so is the color palette for the buttons that seek special attention. We also took special care of the font style and the size that offers a high-end reading experience. The strategy worked out, leading to the successful delivery of an Android app to track sleep patterns.

Offering instructions for a good sleep

Here comes one of the most crucial parts of the custom sleep monitor app on Android. The app furthers its ability to add special instructions for the user. The client wanted to share his experience for sound sleep, the habits that can be readily adopted, regardless of the physical location of the user. 

Sleep instructions-Sleep cycle app

The idea was to save the user from distractions of every kind. In the other half of the story, these instructions make the app more accurate with the tracking. Most sleep tracking apps are generally connected with smart wristwatches that closely track your fitness and sleep quality. Something that fails the mobile-based sleep trackers is the lack of direct contact and the presence of other electronic devices in the surroundings.

The instructions lead to an effective sleep track for the end-users which is way ahead of the competitors.

Initiate and stop tracking on a tap

This is no more a secret that electronic screen times affect the sleep quality. With our app aiming to offer sound sleep, we have tried to limit the time taken to set for tracking. In the process, we found the button for initiating the tracker, as highly redundant.

The app kickstarts the tracking, once it is done with the instructions. The users really don’t have to look out for options, it is there, already started.

Google trends for Sleep Tracking

However, the user can manually stop the tracking. We have added a special button for the same. End-users just have to swipe the button up. That’s all it takes to stop the sleep tracker.

Graphical insights to your sleep

Visualization is probably the best and most effective way to learn data. 5 and 9 don’t seem that distant unless you put them on the same chart with 10 as the maximum height. Now, 9 is nearly twice as high as 5 is.

The app divides your sleep time into three parts:

  • Deep Sleep
  • Time asleep
  • Awake

The bar at the top compares the proportion of the three throughout the time, helping you analyze the kind of sleep your body has experienced. The screen also offers an hourly depiction of the sleep quality helping you to analyze the exact sleep patterns your body is used to.

Sleep analytics in Sleep Tracker

The app is designed to offer insights for sleep times of more than 30 minutes. Sleep time below half an hour isn’t saved by the app. The custom sleep monitor app furthers this idea with a datewise track. Users can scroll through the dates to compare their sleep patterns over time, the days when they slept well and the days, when they didn’t.

With that, our custom-designed app fulfills every need of our client making it one of its kind in the App store. While the client wanted us to develop it for Android alone, we can get this designed for the iOS platform as well, when in need. Our iOS app development agency is prepared for that.

Our experience in designing custom Android apps

The Brihaspati Infotech is known for its third-party web and mobile app development services. The agency through its decade worth of experience has helped thousands of businesses across the globe with more organized and scalable infrastructure. 

The Android app development agency, in the past, has delivered some excellent out of the box solutions for businesses looking to expand their functioning through mobile apps. We have talked about them in our Mobile App development archive.

The blogs speak about the critical business problems clients faced in their daily functioning and our approach to build the solution. We have also discussed the larger picture these apps can offer to other businesses in the verticals.

Custom Sleep Tracking App Android: Final words

Business owners have different ideas for reaching out to their audience. Undoubtedly there are several applications in the market that are your immediate competitors, but with unique ideas and the right technologies to implement them on a mobile app, you can always gain the right attention.

If you too have a similar idea that no other app offers, you can hire Android developers from us. Our expertise goes beyond dedicated mobile app development to native, hybrid app development, for which you can contact us directly.

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