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Traditionally, venue booking businesses were handled in physical offices and involved face-to-face contact with clients. The owners relied on human relations and cash transactions to effectively run their business.

However, with Internet touching every conventional business and transforming it, the likes of Sports Venue Booking services have received an upgrade. And amazingly, it is a clear win-win situation for both the businesses as well as the sports enthusiasts.

Benefits of Online Sports Venue Booking Software

Sports Venue bookings model is challenging at multiple levels: 

1. Lack of visibility: Most Sports facility centres don’t have an online presence.

2. A long list of playing courts: The playing courts of each game is distinctly different from the rest. 

And both these factors lead to a lack of awareness among the players regarding all the sports facilities in their region.

An online sports facility centre booking software bridges that gap between the players and the owners:

Benefits of Sports Venue Booking Software

Benefits of Booking Sports Facilities Online:

1. Easy searching

With an online sports venue booking software, you really don’t have to knock the door of every sports club in your area and keep asking about their services and availability. The online portal has them all sorted. 

Find the court of your choice, check their availability and book them right away!!

2. Flexible booking times

Ever reached out to a ticketing centre only to realize that the opening hours are over and you have to wait for the next day? You are not alone at this. 

An online venue booking software steps in as the desired solution here. You can book the sports facility at any time from anywhere, and you really don’t have to visit their offices.

3. Easy payment and refund options

Online booking solutions can channelize more streamlined payment methods for the business. Booking confirmation only gets faster. Accounting gets easier. Above all, the advanced payment gateways offer easy refund options if a customer opts for a cancellation.

4. More transparency in the business

Conventional businesses are often multi-layered. Business owners and the Venue owners have separate roles in the business. A custom booking software comes prepared for that. In fact, businesses can define commissioning for both the parties at every booking.

The experienced Laravel development team at The Brihaspati Infotech was recently approached for developing custom software to book sports facilities online. The client wanted to manage all the sports venues, their courts and the bookings from the same place. Furthermore, the need was to keep the sports facility owners on the loop during every reservation.

Our Approach: Sports Facility Booking Software Development

Our client books sports facility centres in the region and beyond. A majority of the bookings were handled on call. The client had to check all reservations on that day, re-check the availability from the staff and confirm the booking.

Manually handling all the reservation is a tough job for sure. Our custom sports venue booking software was everything our client was looking for. We chose Laravel for its excellent abilities at developing standalone solutions. Our PHP experts converted the client’s regular website to a fullfledged booking platform with every feature at its place.

Sports Facilities Booking made easier

Customers often lose their booking just because the registration hours coincided with their office hours. Considering that all the sports centres have nearly the same working hours, finding a court in their region is quite a difficult task.

On the other side of the coin, the centres also lose their customers just because they were too rigid with the booking hours. Our sports facilities booking software bridges this gap with a customized calendar perfectly aligned for online booking.

The customers can search for the sports venue along with the type of court. The inbuilt search engine filters the right facility centre along with the playing courts. In the following picture, for example, the customer is searching a Swimming pool. The portal finds him two sports centres with swimming facilities.

Filters for Sports Venues

Sports enthusiasts can similarly customize their search preferences by selecting multiple categories at the left side of the search page.

Forwarding with the searches, the customers can schedule their booking on the software. All they need to do is select the date from the calendar, select the time slot and the number of athletes. You just booked a ticket at your favourite sports club right from your couch. 

It’s that easy:

The best part about developing a custom sports facility booking system is, it readily transforms your existing infrastructure. We did the very same with the client’s website. While the integration allowed the sports clubs to pre-book courts, it also helped the Sportsplex owners and the facility booking agencies to stay on the same page.

Separate Dashboard for Venue Owners

Our custom sports facility booking software offers separate dashboards for both the parties. The venue owner plays the admin while the appointment booking agency is the super admin. 

The agencies control the entire business and that is reflected on their dashboard. They can manage the sports complex admins under them and the number of courts they have listed in the software. Below is the list of administrators the booking agency can manage. The dashboard offers the name of the facility owner, their email address and the number of reservations booked at their centres. The Objects marks the number of courts in each sports complex.

Managing Users on the Super Admin Dashboard

The business owner can similarly manage categories of the sports centres. They can add as many categories as they require, along with pictures and icons of their choice.

Managing Categories

The category list broadly classifies all the sports you had like to involve in your business. The Objects or shall we say the Courts are marked as subcategories to these sports Categories, thus managing all the venue listings in an organized manner.

Managing Reservations

When there are multiple parties involved in a booking, the reservations tend to clash. Our custom sports venue management software development gives the super admin complete authority to manage the bookings.

Every time customers add a schedule, the software sends a confirmation to the super admin along with the Court. The business owner can approve/reject the requests in simpler clicks.

Our software offers a Submit button right beside the pending reservations to confirm the booking. The business owner can similarly reject them right away with the Undo button.

In the following picture, we can find a confirmed booking and a pending reservation: 

Managing the Sports Venues Listings

The custom sports venue management platform provides the desired freedom to manage listings. From adding pictures of their courts to addresses and their opening hours, the sports facility owners can manage everything the customers would like to know, prior to the booking. 

The dashboard offers specially designed fields making it easier for them to add anything and everything to showcase their offerings. The Objects are placed under Categories which are managed by the business owner. This plays as a bridge between both the user roles while assisting with the business workflow.

Sports Centre Listing

Managing Time Slots

People love to visit sports complexes more on the weekends. Sports facility owners would love to open their courts for a few extra hours on these days. However, the lack of customer awareness is clearly a challenge for the parties.

Our sports venue booking software development agency offered a big relief to the client. The sports enthusiasts can find the opening hours of the courts right on the portal. The centre owners have the freedom to customize the time slots per their requirements.

Managing Opening and Closing Hours for your Sports Facility

These are directly reflected on the portal thus bridging that gap between the end customers and the sports facility centres. The software secretly adds a message that it cares about your customers while saving you plenty of time at managing all the centres.

Our Experience with Custom SAAS Development

The experts at The Brihaspati Infotech are known for their abilities at designing bespoke SAAS solutions. In the past 10+ years of professional experience, we have built some out-of-the-box products for our clients helping them streamline their business and teams.

The tailored solutions can be readily integrated into their existing systems apart from offering a low learning curve. Recently, we have discussed Whatsapp Shared Inbox, that provides a centralized inbox for the entire sales team.

If your business also works on a complex Role-based architecture and looking to automate it, you can reach out to us. There are high chances, we have designed a similar solution that you expect. Our custom web development experts will tailor it for your business, saving you time at cost-effective rates.

In a Nutshell

Conventional businesses are undoubtedly complex. Finding a readily available solution that finds a perfect fit for your business functioning, is rare. At this, you can reach out to third-party software development agencies who are expert at devising tailored SaaS solutions.

In case you are looking to hire resources from our agency, you can contact us right now. Our business experts will help you find more insights about your niche.