With an online wedding dress designer tool, Shopify merchants can let their customers design a gown all by themselves. Our developers built one for our clients.

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Developing Online Wedding Dress Customizer App – Shopify

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E-commerce has a major impact on the ways conventional businesses function. Brick and mortar stores have witnessed a spike in sales, reaching out to a wider customer base has become easier, and getting the products delivered is smoother, helping the local stores to grow as a global brand.

Apparently, the customers also have loved this transformation leading to a change in the ratio of online to offline purchases.

A recent report by DigitalCommerce360 confirms:

Ecommerce’s share of clothing sales has grown from 29.9% in 2017 to 38.6% in 2019.

While a variety of factors have contributed to this rise in online apparel purchases, the community of expert Ecommerce developers deserves the majority of the credit. Not only have they made it easier to open an online clothing store but also the desired technologies to offer a real life-like purchase experience for the customers.

On a similar note, the Shopify development agency at The Brihaspati Infotech recently helped one of our clients develop a Shopify app for custom wedding dresses online. The client can now let his customers design their own wedding gowns online, along with the desired accessories.

Here is a glimpse of our custom online bridal shop on Shopify.

 Online Wedding Dress Customization    

Before delving deeper into the development insights, let us first understand:

Need for a custom Shopify app development

Regardless of which part of the world you stay in, the wedding day marks a very special affair. People want it to be remembered for everything from decorations to the wedding cake. While the rest of the things can still wait, finding the right bridal dress tops the priority list.

The Bridal dress can make numerous variations with a wide range of combinations that include the top, skirt, crown, anklets, and their subsequent designs. The client wanted to add a few products as mandatory parts of the customization and the rest as an option. With an online wedding dress designer tool for Shopify store, he wanted the customers to further preview the final customized dress.

While the Shopify app store has some pretty good tools that help establish online product customization, they weren’t exactly fulfilling the client’s vision. Thus, he had to approach us.

Online Wedding Dress Customizer Shopify App: Development approach

The bespoke Shopify app we were about to develop is one of its kind. We have developed product customization tools in the past. However, the requirements of the current project were way different. We started developing every section from scratch.

Treating every part separately

The Wedding Dress consists of a variety of parts. We divided them based on the purpose they served for the end-users. For example, the products related to Bodice and Skirts were placed under “Basic Combination”. The likes of the Veil and the Shoulder attachments have been placed as Accessories.

In the following example, we can find the user selecting the designs for Bodice, Skirt, and accessories. The preview screen attached shows all the product parts at their desired places.

Managing parts of the Wedding Dress

The Shopify backend understands the position of each part. The “Basic combinations” mark the place for essential customization parts, while the Removal Accessories have all the optional products.

Multiple preview options

Getting closer to a real store like purchase experience, the virtual wedding dress app for Shopify offers a final preview for the final design. The customers can check the final design from the front as well as the backside. To implement the same, we have added custom options at the bottom of the preview screen. The customer can thus, readily switch between the front preview and the back preview of the final customized design.

Front and Back Preview of the Custom Wedding Dress

For this part, the client had provided us with all the available design options. We used them to produce all the possible combinations of mandatory parts as well as accessories, a probable customer can look out for. As a result, the customer’s design combination is added for an instant preview.

More customizations for the business:

Apart from just the designs, the bridal dress online store on Shopify offers more options to the customers in terms of wedding dress sizes and how urgently, does one want them. We have added two other options at the bottom of the wedding dress customizer section. 

The client wanted to offer the customer the available standard size options for the customers along with the option for a tailor-fit measurement helping him to grow in his local circle as well.

The customers can opt for an urgent delivery at the cost of some additional price that works as an upsell for the client.

Added options for Wedding Dress Customizer

Saving multiple designs

Our Shopify online bridal shop development sets no limitation on the excellent online shopping experience it can offer to its customers. Apart from selecting the designs, accessories, and previewing them, the customers can always compare complete wedding dresses by placing them on the same screen.

The customers can save wedding dresses with changes in the tops or skirts or the accessories and find the dress that makes the best combination. For example, in the following picture, we can find three designs saved by the customer with each design having a different set of skirts and veil compared to the next. 

Saving multiple customized dresses

The customers can further edit the saved designs and save them as they were, or directly proceed with the payments. With that, the custom wedding dress design Shopify app fulfills everything the client had always wanted in his online store.

Our experience with custom wedding dress design app development

The eCommerce development team at The Brihaspati Infotech has received excellent feedback from its clients on various business review platforms. Clutch has been placing our name among the Top E-Commerce Developers Firms consistently for the past few years.

Clutch review - Ecommerce Development Agency

In our 10+ years of professional experience, we have been asked for custom development on all the major eCommerce platforms- Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and few others. As a result, devising a customization tool comes very naturally to us.

In one of our recent projects, we have talked about a Shopify Product Customizer app where the client can let users personalize their products. The app offers a live preview option for the customized product.

Final words

E-Commerce is here to stay, and with the growing technology, its expansion is inevitable. While it will offer a wider number of product options for the end-customers, the sellers will be able to show their true worth. If your Shopify store also is in need of a product customizer application or you are stuck at getting an online store developed, you can always hire Shopify experts from us.

In case you are thinking of redesigning your e-commerce store or to build your own wedding dress tool, you can contact us.