Data Migration from Magento 1.9x to Magento 2.x


Migration to the latest Magento 2 version is highly recommended considering it to be much more secure and fast.  Magento 2 has new approaches and technologies that gives merchants an unmatched ability to offer innovative shopping experiences for the online shoppers. Magento 2 officially supports latest PHP versions which also includes PHP 7 that has new security features and improvements which directly affect the website’s speed.

The admin panel of Magneto 2 is much more user friendly that allows to navigate to all parts of the admin panel and manage the store more efficiently. Its dashboard displays various statistics that assists in monitoring the current status of business. You can add or remove the columns on the management grid from the admin panel yourself without the help of developer. Magento 2 offers responsive design which allows users to access the website on any mobile device.

We at TBI have a huge and successful experience in migrating to Magento 2 from OpenCart, Shopify, X-Cart and Zen Cart which not only enhances the speed of the shopping store but also provides increased performance and traffic. Apart from these, now we have come up with a new extension that will make the process of data migration from old Magento version to Magento 2.x a hassle free job. The process of upgrade from Magento 1.9x to Magento 2.x includes various steps from theme migration which will apply a new theme to your store to data migration that will move your complete data to the new version.

It will help to port all the critical data that includes products, order data, etc. to Magento 2.x in a highly efficient way. While migrating from Magento 1.9x to Magento 2.x, data migration is the most important step and with the help of our extension you can make it the most easy step of your migration. Below given are the stages it goes through before actually migrating the data:

Integrity Check: This check is to verify whether the structure of the data from the source and destination are compatible or not. An error occurs in case the entities are not compatible and a warning message is displayed if the fields have different datatype.

Data Transfer: After passing the integrity check, transferring of data takes place in which bulk data is transferred in the database.

Volume Check: Following the successful completion of data transfer, a volume check is executed that offers an additional check of data transferred correctly.

Delta Delivery: It is responsible for delivering rest of the data that includes incremental data updates which are added to Magento 1 storefront and admin panel while running previous migration stages. After the execution of these stages the tool is then needed to run in the following three migration modes in particular order for the migration process.

Settings Migration Mode: This mode of the data migration tool is used to transfer various entities like website, stores, store views and store configuration. It contains a file named settings.xml that describes the setting which are to migrated, ignored or renamed.

Data Migration Mode: This mode migrates most of the data after the execution of integrity check. The tool installs deltalog tables to Magneto 1 database and runs the data migration step. After the successful completion of data migration volume check verifies the migration.

Delta Migration Mode: To track the additional data from being migrated to Magento 2 database in the previous data migration mode, delta migration mode is executed. After this whole process of data migration, a testing of Magento 2 is done to check its working and is made live if the testing goes successful without any error.

Development of the data migration extension is a huge achievement for both business owners and Magento developers as Magento 2 is growing every day and becoming more and more popular due to its enhanced features that are quite useful. But before you begin upgrading your Magento store make sure you hire a professional Magento developer for your Magento upgrade. Contact us for our data migration extension to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and offer your customers a new shopping experience. When you Hire Magento Developer from India for your work, we make sure you get the best services at a very competitive price. You can also write and share your feedback with us.

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