Dating App Development with Native iOS, Android Technology Stack


Dating apps are gaining popularity in the modern internet-savvy age and play a pivotal role in bringing people with the same interest closer to each other.  Whether someone is looking for love or trying to make new friends, dating apps can come in handy. This also makes Android and iOS dating app development a profitable venture for business owners.

However, amidst competitive and highly popular dating apps such as Tinder, making a dating application thrive can become quite challenging. To ensure the success of an iOS dating app development project, business owners must implement niche-specific popular features to stand apart from the competition.

Trending Dating App Development features in 2021

With advancements in technology, the way people date each other has also changed drastically. Instead of old-school blind dates, nowadays couples discover each other online according to their choices and preferences. To make finding love for today’s youth a memorable experience it’s crucial for business owners to create a dating app using the latest trends and technologies:

AR-based Facelift: Ever wondered how people get those weird sparkly pictures of themselves online? That’s the magic of Augmented Reality. By using AR business owners can provide face filters to the users while they upload their pictures. This makes sharing content more fun and adds up to the creative expression as well.

AI Chatbots: A chatbot that accompanies the user through the navigation of the dating platform in every step can be very beneficial. As it can guide the users when they are in doubt and provide them with useful tips easily.

iOS Dating app development

Geolocation: By adapting the geolocation feature through swift iOS app development business owners can easily improve the interaction amongst their users. This makes it easier for users to find dates near their physical location. This as a result can easily help business owners to provide value for their app.

Ephemeral Content: Content that’s accessible to users for a limited time is also a great tool for improving user interaction. So business owners can adapt to the Ephemeral content feature during dating app development to improve engagement.

VR: Virtual Reality can provide users new dimensions to express themselves and their personality. Hence, during the process of iOS and Android dating app development business owners must also provide features to share VR and 360-degree videos as well.

Our Experience with Dating App Development

Our expert developers at The Brihaspati Infotech have created multiple Social network platforms and apps using Android and native ios app development. Recently, we were approached by one of our clients for android and iOS dating app development. The client wanted this dating app to link users across the globe. Also, they wanted their users to share what’s in their minds with their connections through the application.

Client Requirements:

  • User profile matching
  • List of nearby people using the application
  • Feed for the recent activity of users
  • Personal messages and media sharing feature
  • Admin user dashboard

Our Solution:

After analyzing client requirements, we decided to work on an Android dating app development process that would also provide the app social networking features. Because they wanted the app to not only help people find dates but also help users in sharing content and making friends.

To cater to the client’s requirement, our mobile app developers decided to adapt to Swift iOS development to create a dating app. For iOS devices, we used native Swift and for Android we used Kotlin.

Why Choose Native Dating Application Development?

By choosing Android and native iOS app development, business owners can have a number of amazing benefits. Below is a list of benefits of adapting to native application development:

  • With Native technologies such as Kotlin and Swift iOS development, developers can optimize the mobile app for specific platforms. This allows business owners to provide their users better performance and navigation experience.
  • When developers create a dating app using native technologies, it becomes easier for them to use platform-specific best practices. This enables them to improve their development speed and app performance.
  • Also, with native application development, business owners can utilize every feature of the OS during dating app development. This also makes native technologies a wiser choice for the development process.

Features in our Dating App Development Solution

By adapting to the Agile development methodology our developers were able to successfully create a dating app. During the development process, we divided the whole app development process into user and admin modules. This streamlined the development process efficiently. With dedicated development, we were able to deliver the following features:

User Module

The user module consists of multiple features that are used by the visitors. By using Kotlin and Swift we were able to apply the following features in the user module:

Login and Signup: 


During the dating app software development process, we started with the login features. With the help of email, passwords, and a few basic information the users could easily Sign up and log into the application. Also, to ensure safe and easy access to the app, we applied features such as email authentication, field validation, and password reset facilities.

Content Creation and Sharing: 


Since the client wanted to build a Social Network app-like interface, we also added content creation and sharing features. The users can share posts, pictures, and videos across their network in the app. Also, they can like, comment, and share the content of other users as well. Moreover, the users can catch up on all of their connections activity in the feed of the application.

Messages & Finding Matches


We also implemented the messaging and match-finding features in the application. With these features, users could easily find matches according to their personal preferences. Also, they can easily send images, texts, and voice messages to their matches.

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Account Settings: 

Dating-app-account settings

User privacy is usually an important factor. To ensure users can control their account’s visibility and reach. We also created an account setting section in the users’ module. It included options to edit account info, set privacy, deactivate the account, etc.

Admin Module

The Admin module was created to provide our client the management facilities for the app. In the Admin module, the admin can log in to their admin account, receive complaints about accounts, block and create new accounts, and send reminder notifications to their user’s devices.

Further, we provided feature access management, and revenue tracking facilities as well. Apart from these features, the admin module also had the user module features which allowed the client to use the app efficiently.



To make the navigation easier and interactive we also implemented an AI-powered chatbot. This chatbot is available to every user. Users can easily interact with the chatbot to clear their doubts regarding application functionality.

Geo-based Match Finder


Since we were aiming to create a dating app that also acts as a networking platform. We enabled the users to find suitable matches in the explore section. Here users can check and interact with the profiles of their potential matches. Further, they can also find people near to their location as well. To implement this feature, we used geolocation technology.

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The challenges Faced during Dating App Development

Although our developers are seasoned in custom social media app development, this project brought its own unique set of challenges. Below is a list of challenges we faced during the development process:

  • During dating app development, we noticed that the development of all the features in one-go for iOS and Android could significantly increase the development cost. Further, it was not a sustainable alternative for the long run as well. So we decided to build a minimum viable product with the necessary features for the app launch. This significantly decreased the overall development cost and improved the development time as well.
  • The client wanted to keep their audience engaged with their app. However, by using a light theme for the UI that would become impossible. Because the light themes can put a strain on user’s eyes which might make them close the app sooner. To handle this, our developers used the dark theme for the app UI.


Business owners can easily create a dating app with our mobile application development services. Our developers are seasoned to implement modern technologies for delivering industry-specific solutions for our clients.

For similar iOS dating app development do get in touch with us today with your business idea. Our dedicated developers can easily build a niche-specific solution to cater to your business needs efficiently.

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