Developing a Custom Keyboard in iOS


With iOS 8.0, Apple provided various app extensions that let developers extend custom functionality beyond a particular app and make it available for other apps as well. One of those app extensions is the custom keyboard. This extension allows our mobile app development company to replace the system’s standard keyboard to use a novel text input method or use a language not supported in iOS by default. The essential function of a custom keyboard is to provide the capability to respond to taps, gestures, or other input events.

The custom keyboard extension also allows the access to the GIF’s and emojis from the keyboards itself. The users who wish for a faster way of messaging by just swiping the fingers on the keyboard, these extensions work amazingly for them. Custom keyboards also lets you store custom snippets of the texts you use frequently and brings them to the typing interface for you to use them. You should hire iOS developer today to get it for your app.

With the increasing popularity of the chatting applications, where users prefer to communicate using various emojis and GIFs rather than text messages, these extensions are great in demand. It allows to get a custom keyboard with the app and users will be able to select it as the keyboard for each application that requires text input. The user can switch to the custom keyboards by keyboard switcher icon which looks like a globe.

These keyboards are safe to use as they do not use any confidential data for other purposes which are not obvious to the user. At the points if it needs access to some other data like location or contacts, it asks for your permission and moves ahead if you choose to. Also, these extensions do not work and are temporarily disabled when you reach a secure input type like password field.

TBI also came up with a custom keyboard extension that enabled its users to create unlimited GIFs and emojis. One can build GIFs and emojis using the pictures and videos of friends, family, puppies and many more using the phone’s library. It has a number of features like crop, trim, enhance, orientation, blur etc. Also, these pictures and videos do not require the phone memory for their storage as they are stored in the app itself.

Countless free filters, stickers and frames are available in this application to enhance your creativity skills and make your stuff more interesting. This application automatically transforms the videos into GIFs which are synced with the custom keyboard automatically and appear in the typing interface when the user reaches an input field. It also allows you to upload your created emojis and GIFs in the shop section where the stuff created by other users is also available for download. You can share your created pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

TBI will be focusing on delivering improved and more exciting features with increasing popularity of this application. TBI is a reputed Mobile app development company having rich experience in iOS applications and are capable to customize the applications tailored to the requirements. Hire iOS developer for us to create amazing iOS applications and extensions for your business. We are ready to provide assistance for the development of the applications or can develop the complete application for your business.

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