Drop Ship Extension for Magento 2.0


In mid of November 2015, Magento (World’s number 1 E-commerce platform company) released its new Magento version 2.0. Although the version was not stable initially but with the growing time, it became stable. Almost all the extensions which use to work perfectly fine with 1.9.x version did not support new version and the Magento users were puzzled especially those who wanted to migrate from the previous version to this newly launched version. The basic two reasons why extensions did not support were:-

  1. Folder structure
  2. Coding structure changed

In this dilemma whether to migrate or not, there was one more extension which was under the same situation Drop Ship Extension. Drop Ship extension for Magento 2.0 is basically selling or providing products by direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer.

Our Drop Ship Extension The extension has quite a unique feature that is becoming very upcoming this day, a store owner sells products directly from the manufacturer / vendor to retailer and gets the commission on the basis of percentage which he sets for each product. The commission can be of two types

  1. Fixed commission: – The store owner can set vendors commission for the fixed cost. The commission could be set on the product level and at the vendor level, the priority is given to the product level commission if the product level commission is not set then the vendor level commission is calculated for the particular product sold.
  1. Percentage commission: – The super admin can set the set the percentage of the commission which will be given to him once a product is sold, this was also in the same manner as the fixed commission works.

Now a unique thing was it is possible that a store owner / super admin can set the commission on percentage and fixed basis both at one time. For example, a commission for a particular vendor is set to 35 % and for a particular product, it is set to fix $100. In this case, the store owner will get flat $100 commission once the product is sold. This could be vise a verse also means fixed set of the commission set for a vendor and percentage commission for on particular product. Shipping of the product is also taken care by the vendor, store owner is not responsible for the shipping as well, as soon as the order is placed at that every time following things is done:-

  1. Order placement email is sent to the vendor
  2. Order placement email is sent to the buyer
  3. Inventory is updated accordingly

Once the order is to be shipped the vendor changes the status, once the status is changed in vendor system is it updated in store own Magento with the help of the API which is called once a day, this API picks up the shipping details of those products which were sold from store owners Magento site from a particular FTP location which is also set in the extension and updates the store owner shipping details with tracking ID. This automation of shipping is done with a scheduler / cronjob. In this way an end user can check the order status and the can track the order in Magento front end.

There are few more features in this extension which allow the store owner to manage the vendors, manage purchase orders even there is a feature which allows store own to decide when to place the order to the vendor, there are 3 statues pending, processing and complete. The feature of updating the vendors ordered ID was also included with the help of exchanging XML’s from vendors to store owner.

One of the features which are more interesting is that store owner can set the priority for the vendors for e.g. if a single product is sold by 3 vendors then store owner can set the priority in such a way that to which vendor should the order be placed first, in super admin section he has a facility to do so. And if the vendor gets out of stock then the automatically second vendor will be in the place and if the third vendor also goes out of stock then the only site shows out of stock for the particular product.   I hope you enjoyed the Article!

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