Swipe with 'ShopFast-LITE' E-commerce Payment Processing App'


To begin with the e-commerce stats, nearly 30% of the revenues generated by these businesses come from mobile versions of their websites and their apps! Or simply put from m-commerce side of their business. Off late they have seen more investments pouring in through this m-commerce window. Transformation of e-commerce to m-commerce has not only changed rules of the game, but has overturned them completely. Missing on building e-commerce app for your business can be a huge drag on profitability. Every e-commerce activity is made easy by the use of apps, be it easy access to products and deals or secure payment through card swiping using your tablet. Payment processing apps are gaining popularity for their secure and error-free technologies.

Development of Card Swipe E-Commerce Payment Processing App.

ShopFast-LITE is an E-commerce payment processing app intended to provide ease in credit-card processing while making payments. Swipe card technology was integrated in the ShopFast android app to make the payment process simpler. It was designed to streamline the processes of online e-commerce store ShopFast, by organizing the orders, sales, accounting, credit card processing and shipping. A connection was built between android app and e-commerce backend in order to fetch store products, and check their availability. The major features to be added were implementation of ‘Add to cart facility’ for managing cart products, external hardware integration for credit card swiping, fetching credit information to be sent to magento backend and placing orders by accepting data from the application. Our developers addressed the challenges by implementing following technologies:

  • We used JSON connect extension and REST-API to build a connection between ShopFast magento store and Android device.
  • Magento e-commerce platform was linked with android devices, where app sends API request (plain HTTP GET/POST) to the magento backend, which then responds with JSON (Java Script Object Notation) result.
  • We implemented the ‘add to cart facility in the application. Various classes and calculations were used for Management of cart processes-item selection, tax calculations, shipping fees.
  • External hardware integration to the device for card swiping was done through SDK/ library. External hardware was used for reading the card magnetic strip hidden data and check signatures. This information was obtained through SDK/Library. Credit card information was then decoded from above obtained information.

How the E-commerce payment processing app works?

As soon as the application is installed in your Smartphone, you can use it to purchase product through ShopFast ecommerce store. The payment processing app, ShopFast-LITE, gives a clear view of products and categories of the e-store. The moment products are selected, the information is sent to the magento backend and the entire cart processes are managed through the app. Purchase is made through just swiping your card on your device. Though SDK/Library card and signature information was obtained and an authenticated payment system was set up without having to go through long payment process. With features like product fetching from online store, POS support, quick processing of orders invoices and secure payment system, ShopFast app condenses hour long process into minutes. The android application is a proven technology platform with integrating integrated payments and consumer acquisition solutions. The Brihaspati Infotech has extensive experience in building android apps for small and big businesses. If you too are looking for our expert android services, you can Reach Out To Us and avail our services.

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