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Digital payment is the new cash. E-wallets have replaced the physical ones. The shifting has been really fast. E-commerce has proved as a revolution for businesses and their verticals, transforming the way they are seen and managed.

A recent report confirms that

With a CAGR of 14.2% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2025, Online Payment Gateway Market Size will expected to reach USD 3672.1 million by 2025 – Market Watch

As a matter of fact, every payment gateway is different from the other on a variety of functions. Some charge more, some take longer to process the payments, few are confined to their countries while few are designed to serve Credit cards only. Business owners thus need to select their payment gateway wisely. The community of developers is ready to help them integrate and customize the payment gateway that matches their purpose.

The eCommerce development team at The Brihaspati Infotech recently had the opportunity to develop a custom payment gateway for Ecwid. The custom payment gateway allows the merchants to introduce a new payment option on the Ecwid storefront.

Custom Payment Gateway integration

Through this blog, we will discuss the entire development process, the challenges, and how our experts were able to deliver it with success.

Need for Ecwid custom payment gateway integration

An online presence of physical stores can provide the storeowners more than they can even ask for:

  • A broader audience
  • Lowered marketing effort
  • An edge over the competitors
  • Manage home delivery more efficiently

However, at the end of the day, it’s all about Money. Online stores handle the transactions using specially designed software solutions called “Online Payment Gateway”. And, if chosen wisely, the payment gateway will not only provide you with a successful end-to-end transaction but also an online safety along with higher savings.

Our client owns an online store on Ecwid. While there were plenty of payment options in the App Market, the client was interested in the services of a payment gateway named Connexussecure

However, there was no direct way to leverage its services in the store. Neither Connexus makes it to the currently available Ecwid Payment Gateway options, nor is there a ready-made solution to help establish an Ecwid payment gateway for Connexussecure.

That left our developers with the only option for a custom payment gateway integration on Ecwid.

Why Connexussecure?

Connexussecure is gaining some serious attention lately. The community of web developers has several reasons to justify its rising popularity:

3D secure-Anti-Fraud:

Connexussecure provides a highly secured gateway to manage online payments. The 3D security protects the merchants from chargebacks, NSF, frauds, and high return rates. The anti-fraud mechanism is beneficial for merchants in all the risk categories-low, standard, and high.

KYC verification:

Ensures that Online banking security stays as the topmost priority. The Account details are only shared with the companies of your choice, saves from malicious hackers.


Connexusxsecure enables you to debit funds from your customer’s bank account to your business bank account.

Save time:

Connexussecure provides a virtual terminal to process payments, that enable same-day fund transfer. 

Developing Custom payment gateway on Ecwid

The eCommerce expert developers at The Brihaspati Infotech took special care of the Ecwid custom payment gateway development process. Ecwid has its share of commons and differences with the rest of the eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento. The first is, Ecwid is an eCommerce plugin and doesn’t hold a separate eCommerce platform on its own. The next point that makes it stand out, is its policies for custom development.

Developing a public app on the likes of Shopify and Magento demands the app to fulfill the respective platform’s standards. However, developing a private app isn’t paid much heed by the platform owners.

On the other hand, the control of all the public and private apps designed for Ecwid plugin is directly controlled by the platform owners. The app is tested on every ground prior to its availability for the client’s store. We see that as a really careful measure to keep a check on the standards of Ecwid based stores.

Installing the payment gateway app

The Ecwid custom payment gateway integration starts with installing the plugin to your store. Once done, the merchants can add the plugin key provided by Connexus.

Installing Payment Gateway on Ecwid

Though the app is private and is custom designed for the client’s online shop, it can fit in any Ecwid store. The app meets the standards set for Ecwid plugins and finds itself a perfect match regardless of the products being sold and the store size.

Activating the app

Much like any other plugin, the custom Ecwid payment gateway plugin can be activated/removed in a click. The merchant can now control all the payment options available to the customers.

The merchant can take the following actions on the payment app:

  • Disable
  • Edit
  • Remove

The options are shown below:

Activating the app

Once activated, the Connexus Payment Gateway option can be seen in the storefront. The user can now make the best of the Connexus based services.

Ecwid Custom Payment Gateway

Ecwid Custom payment gateway integration done right

We are well aware of these procedures at online payments:

1. Select the product
2. Add personal details
3. Add card details
4. Confirm the payment

However, that is not the case with Connexus.

The account details of the customer are controllable and only availed to the merchant of his will. The gif file below, speaks of a step-by-step payment process using the custom Ecwid payment gateway.

It is worth noticing that the store doesn’t get any details about the card at any time. The customer only adds the bank/card details when he is redirected to the payment processor screen.

The user can thus save himself the assurance that his bank details aren’t passed to the third party.

How good is Ecwid for an eCommerce store?

Ecwid and Shopify belong to the same niche-helping businesses establish an independent eCommerce store. However, they have a different approach to provide services. 

Ecommerce Plugin vs platform 

While the likes of Shopify are complete platforms to build eCommerce stores, Ecwid is a mere plugin. It supports websites on every CMS platform and can readily convert a pre-existing website to a complete online store.

Ecommerce platforms are handy when your store is all that you have on the web. It is recommended for stores that demand high-end e-Commerce abilities.

Minimal prices:

Being a simple eCommerce plugin, Ecwid doesn’t boast a complex architecture. The dependency on full-fledged platforms is lesser, so is the transaction cost involved in the process. Ecwid comes with very minimal pricing plans and doesn’t involve transactions every now and then, helping the merchants save several dollars a day.

Ecwid has been overshadowed by giants such as Shopify and Magento. A reason, there aren’t ample payment methods for the store owners. By July 2021, our experts have deployed the Connexussecure integration for several online stores on Ecwid.

Still confused about establishing your online store? Consult our eCommerce experts today. They will find you the solution that best suits your purpose. 

Our experience with custom payment gateway development

The Brihaspati Infotech is a pioneer in e-commerce business development. Our organization has been a consistent part of the Top e-Commerce development agencies on Clutch, a leader in reviewing organizations.

Clutch review for our E-Commerce development Agency

Source: Clutch

In the past 10+ years of our professional experience, the in-house expert developers have helped thousands of businesses establish scalable and robust online stores. Not only have we developed a complete store from scratch, but we have also carried out major changes in the existing e-store. Our e-Commerce blog category speaks of our grip of various e-commerce projects we have handled successfully over the years, like:

  • Platform migration
  • Custom app development
  • Theme development

And more.

We have had a fair share of contribution to custom payment gateway integration. In one of our previous blogs, we have mentioned a similar payment gateway integration on Shopify for Paycertify. Much similar to our current blog, our developers had helped the Shopify merchant to make payments via Paycertify.

Developing Custom Ecwid Payment Gateway: Final Words

With multiple payment gateways, the Ecwid merchants can have a wider range of options to make the payments. They can find themselves, payment options that are efficient, quick, and reliable at the same time. In the absence of sufficient pre-designed solutions, custom payment gateway integration on Ecwid can empower your store with the abilities it has always deserved.

If your business also requires similar customization, you can contact us and share your project ideas. Our experience will transform your thoughts into reality.

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