Essential WordPress Plugins Used In 2014


Ever since it was published in 2003, WordPress has enjoyed its share of popularity by receiving more than 60 million downloads. Its flexibility and comprehensive set up has lured everybody from TED to the NFL to TechCrunch to CNN use this amazing Content Management System. This can be easily used by non-technical users without having to understand the technicalities. Even with the developers, this CMS is highly popular because their WordPress experience can be enhanced by the use of plugins. Plugins are certain programs that are made to handle things that WordPress couldn’t. They complement the core installation of WordPress without having to completely alter the WordPress original code. There are more than 32,000 WordPress plugins available. This is likely to confuse users regarding which Plugin should they use and which shouldn’t. However your choice for Essential WordPress plugins depends upon what you want from website, we are sharing the most popular and Essential WordPress plugins and discuss what makes them so special.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular Essential WordPress plugins used in 2014:

Google Analytics +

Google Analytics Plugin lets site managers view their website’s stats on your WordPress dashboard. You can view Google Analytics up to data, demographics, interest reports and other stats for your site, without having to visit the Google Analytics website. It tracks all search your pages along with 404 pages.

Custom Contact Form

This WordPress Plugin allows  website owners to implement form or feedback form to a post within fraction of seconds. This can be inserted on any page easily by just activating the Plugin and inserting eth short code into the text. This Plugin allows you to choose where to send messages be it to any particular user or in any email id. You can also add a field for file attachment using the Plugin.

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin

It is a WordPress security Plugin formerly known as Better WP Security, which gives you multiple ways to protect your WordPress supported website. It has multiple features that include scanning the entire website for any suspected threats and fixes them; it makes backups for the database, generates strong passwords, changes URLs for login and admin and strengthens server security.

Contact 7

Contact 7 is a simple, flexible and popular contact WordPress Plugin that is downloaded nearly 16 million times by website users. This Plugin allows you to customize form fields, look, and mail contents. You can create various contact forms and put them on any page or post. Contact Form 7 supports Ajax-powered submitting, Akismet, and CAPTCHA spam filtering, and is available in multiple languages.  


This allows you to implement super security Captcha forms into your website forms. This uses math logic that can be easily understood by human beings, to protect your website from spam. You can use Captcha fro password recovery, registration, logins and comment forms. Captcha Pro is the enhanced version of this Plugin that is compatible with ‘Contact From 7’ and ‘Buddy Press’.  

Quick Ad sense

Ad sense has been in talks since years now and WordPress is one popular platform to place ad sense advertisements. If you place your ad sense ads in between the posts written, Quick Ad sense is extremely helpful in inserting such ads.

Google XML Sitemaps

If getting ranked on major search engines is your foremost goal you must insert this plug-in without delaying. The plug-in generate the XML site map itself for your website and helps Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index it. Search engines can retrieve all the information present on your website easily using the site map created by XML sitemaps plug-in. It supports all kinds of custom URLs, WordPress generated pages and inform search engines each time you make changes on the website.


If you are an amateur in e-commerce Woo-commerce is the best choice to start with because of its easy installation and limited features. It provides users with feature extensive and user friendly experience making it easy to understand. It is the most popular ecommerce plugins available for WordPress. Woocommerce is free to download and when we say free we clearly points to the basic online store. However, even if you want to upgrade to premium themes, it won’t cost you much and the premium woo-commerce add-ons can be installed from the store anytime. Woocommerce  multisite plugin is also popular plugin of wordpress.

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a free plug-in to use and is rated as the top WordPress SEO Plugin to use. It complements all your SEO efforts. Its features include entire page analysis, advanced XML sitemaps, social media integration, automatically optimize and insert Meta tags, compatible with multiple sites and optimize RSS feeds. It is an essential WordPress Plugin that boosts your website’s ranking without having to put many efforts.


Are you annoyed by all the spam comments in your blog? If yes, then using this Plugin is advised by the experts. This is the Plugin that continuously checks for spam in your blog comments and if it detects any, you are immediately notified through a notification. Apart from this it has amazing features of highlighting links, saving comment status history, allow you view and delete spam reports.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache is one of the most important caching Plugins available for WordPress. It is basically designed to improve website’s speed and user experience. The Plugin is trusted by most of the top websites online viz.,,, AT&T and The Plugin improves the server performance by reducing the downloading times and providing robust content delivery network integration. It performs caching of CSS and Javascript in the memory, feeds, pages/posts, and caching of search result pages. WordPress Plugins extends the CMS to perform almost anything it restricts. Our WordPress experts have tried and tested all these plugins. These make the entire experience extremely easy. Easy installation of these plugins makes them easy to add without having to think of any unintended ramifications. If you are interested in creating a website supported by WordPress, our team of experts are ready to assist you with all the latest technology and WordPress plugins. You can avail our services by reaching out to us HERE.

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