Live Font Preview Tool for Etsy: Custom Text Design


Making online orders is the new norm especially in the past few years. The huge community of online shops serves as a universal store for anything and everything one can think of, with an endless number of variants.

With that in mind, the leading content management platforms have prepared themselves to avail online customizations, preferably with a live preview screen. The users can select a product of their choice, make changes in the base color, add designs and texts on their own. Above all, they can preview the final image of the product after customization that allows them to make their customizations as fruitful as it can be.

In the following Gif file, we can find a buyer customizing his Laptop Bag on CustomInk:

The user can be seen adding a text, customizing its size, color, and Font style on a live screen allowing him to analyze the exact space of the product acquired by his design.

On a similar note, our in-house WordPress development team built a font preview tool that allows the client’s Etsy customers to preview the custom font styles. With this WordPress plugin by your side, your customers can try the design best suited for their purpose which offers you an edge over your competitors.

Selling custom font designs through Etsy

Etsy gains a special place among its loyal customers. The marketplace giant is one of its kind with innumerable home decors and handicrafts. With more than 200 Million monthly visits, Etsy offers extensive exposure to the local businesses to sell their crafts on a global scale.

The marketplace houses some really good businesses around font designing. The merchants can sell customizable text with various font styles and sizes paving the way for more businesses in the chain. The merchants can make it easier for businesses that need custom-designed fonts, often in bulk like:

  • Event planners
  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Brand Managers, and more.

The list includes more businesses that ask for several units of the same text, with a uniform font style and size.

However, there is a reason for the following:

55% of customers prefer buying personalized gifts from offline stores.- ProgressiveGrocer

Online stores like Etsy fail to offer the physical experience that brick and mortar stores do. As a result, the customers often find themselves skeptical about the customizations they have requested online. There is a fair chance that the delivered product misses the bull’s eye, which might result in ending up the chances for any repeat purchase in the future. Undoubtedly, there is a desperate need for a tool that minimizes this gap in the business.

With that in mind, we came up with a solution that fulfills that void leaving both the parties with an excellent online purchase.

Our Live Font preview tool for Etsy as a solution

The custom font design preview tool by us readily allows the Etsy buyers to try your font designs before buying them. They can add their own texts, set the text size, and preview the custom design almost like a real-time check of the customizations.

Let’s explore the app more and understand what can it offer to your Etsy store for custom online printing.

Dynamic preview for font styles

The user can add texts in two formats- single word or phrase. Further Single word texts are differentiated on the basis of cursive and block letters. Thus, we have separate layouts for each kind. The user can type the desired text and the preview screen showcases the exact design for different fonts.

In the following example, we can find a user trying on all the font categories and various styles for the same text.

Accuracy at calculating the design’s dimensions

With the original Etsy store for custom text printing, users can ask merchants for a text height of their choice ranging between 1 inch to 32 inches. However, the exact length of the text is still far from the calculation.

The custom-designed online font preview tool allows your Etsy customers to give the approximate dimensions of the final text.

Resizing Font style

In the Gif file above, the user first sets the Font height at 8 inches, resulting in an approximate width ranging between 54 and 70 Inches. Changing the Height to 16 Inches, he receives a Width approximation between 108 and 141 Inches.

With that, your customer can have a clear idea regarding the exact space covered by the final design and taking the right call for the customizations.

Comparing font designs for the text

One of the best parts about our custom font preview online tool is, customers can compare all the font styles in real-time. While the tool is designed to serve the 3 basic font styles- Cursive, Block and the long phrases, we have added multiple fields for the same kind. The users can input the same text on two different fields, can add multiple font styles, and can preview them at the same time.

For instance, in the following image, the user wants a custom text from the Etsy store. He moves to the Block Letter Fonts section in our live design preview tool. Here he enters the same text on both the fields with different Fonts.

Comparing font styles on Live preview tool

That confirms the difference between the two font designs.

Making easier Cost estimations

The custom font preview tool is more than a mere extension to your existing Etsy store. The custom designs are being sold as Etsy products with every design being backed by a fixed font style. Now, that the tool can allow you to present all your font styles in the same screen and allowing your customers to judge the expected size of the final print, it can serve a unified portal to preview all your products. The customers are saved from keep checking every single design from the store to buy your design.

The added advantage of having a price estimator further helps you to find quicker conversions. The users can try the fonts they are looking for, compare with the rest of your products, check the budget, and get back to your Etsy store to place an order.

In the Gif file below, the user checks the pricing for various font sizes and character lengths.

cost estimation with font preview tool

This eventually helps them to manage the customizations more effectively

What does it hold for the merchants?

The merchants are at the center of the font preview tool. It is designed to make the management as easy as it can be. They can avail as many customizations possible on the tool. All they will need to do is to upload a Font, create a Font code of their choice, declare the Font type and size they want to showcase.

Adding new font

Moreover, they can declare the cost for each customization, as done here:

Setting Prices for Font Preview Tool

Here, the admin has declared various prices based on the number of letters and the height of the text.

Our experience at designing customization tools

Font preview tool development for Etsy stores is a great initiative by itself that can streamline several businesses in their verticals. More than meeting the ends, the tool plays as a bridge that enhances the way businesses are being carried out.

Speaking of our ability at developing similar applications, we have designed a good number of product customization tools in our past meant for various business niches. In one of the recent blogs, we were able to develop a Custom map printing plugin where users can create customized map posters for them with ease. The plugin makes it easier for the admin to create orders.

Summing it up

As of now, there aren’t many options for custom text font preview on Etsy stores. However, the WordPress experts can help you enable a font preview tool on your website allowing your Etsy customers to make quick decisions.

If your business also needs a similar tool, you can contact us. We can deliver a similar live preview tool meant for your business, with minimal customizations saving you precious time and money.

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