On-Demand Food Delivery App Development: Case Study


On-demand applications have revolutionized the way businesses are being managed. From finding Taxies to Mechanics, On-demand apps allow you to get served right at their doorstep. While they allow the ease for the customer to find the desired services, the local businesses also have started to gain the much-needed attention.

Among all the businesses that have benefited from on-demand delivery services, it’s the local eateries, that have seen a considerable spike in sales. The App stores across both the major mobile OS platforms (Googe Play Store and iOS App Store) have a plethora of applications devoted to on-demand food delivery in the local circuit. The apps help connect the users and the business owners alike to make the best of an online food ordering system.

The app provider (UberEats, for example) lists all the restaurants tied up with the brand on the app. The users can scroll through several restaurants and their dishes or simply input pre-defined filters to find the eatery of their interest.

On a similar note, the iOS app development team at The Brihaspati Infotech had the opportunity to provide a scalable Food delivery management software for one of our clients. The solution allows them to organize all the stores on their list and to manage them with ease.

Our custom food delivery management software

Our custom-built food delivery app is a complete solution for the on-demand food ordering service. The application binds all the participants in the business together to help convert the leads quicker. The application is broadly focused on three crucial job roles, that is:

  • The user (who wants to order food online)
  • The store owner (who owns the Kiosk machine)
  • The super admin (who accumulates all the store owners)

Small and medium-sized store owners can now make a presence on the online channels without the need for getting an app designed from scratch. Users can locate all the food stores in their immediate locality thus minimizing the estimated food delivery time. The custom-built food delivery app interacts with the Google Map API to locate the nearest service provider allowing the users to connect with the right store. The restaurant owners are now saved from arranging everything manually. An added advantage, they don’t have to maintain records for every sale as an automated tool, now takes the charge effectively.

The application designed by our food delivery app developers helps to keep track of all the food items the stores provide, the kiosk machine used, and the commissions involved. The admin, the store owner, and the users can stay on the same page throughout the order process.

Let us understand every part step by step:

Customer initiates a Food order

The customers are required to Sign up with personal details like Email ID along with the exact details of their residence. The Google map considers the location of the customer as the default reference for finding the nearest stores. The users can otherwise, manually enter the location for food order.

The customers can first select the kind of service they require. Based on their choice, the app takes them to the related stores in the locality and the categories of products they are looking for.

The users can proceed with the product filters taking them to the desired product.

The application is backed by a huge list of stores, based on the user’s preferences. The stores are star-rated based on their services. The users can filter the stores based on various filters like average reviews, the products they sell and more. To manage the huge list of products, we have segregated them under categories and subsequent subcategories.

Fulfilling On-demand food ordering gets easier

The conventional food ordering was managed via calls and registers, plus the store owners had to convince their customers regarding the closures for the day. Needless to say this, but that makes the job heftier with expansion of your user base.

The store owners can now automate a heap of their tasks to be carried out through the food ordering app. The best part about the food ordering app is, the users can precisely select their food items. That slices down the chances of human-related errors at manually taking orders.

Order Management for the Store owner

The app further generates a unique Order ID on behalf of the owner, at the time of taking food orders. The Food Order panel is supported by a Search bar at the top, where the store owner can enter the Order Id and readily check the status of any order in the past.

Added to that, the app also confirms the estimated order delivery time letting the owners focus on more important job.  This is how the users can find the fixed working hours of the store on their app:

Opening and Closing times of the store

Store owners can declare their area of distribution

One of the best parts about the food delivery management software is the freedom it provides at declaring your range of distribution. The Store owners will always like to expand their area for selling their services. With that in mind, we designed a scalable panel for them.

The store owners can set new points directly on the Google map attached to their store information.

In the following media file, we can find the owner expand his distribution range:

Setting Maximum Distribution Range

Admin can manage approval for stores

On-demand food delivery app development enables all the local stores to be controlled on a centrally managed platform. Store owners can make an online presence to their store with such platforms. In our case, the store owners can approach the admin via a form submission.

Form submission by ownerThe prospective store owner can fill the form. The food delivery management software sends the form to the Superadmin. The admin can now decide to include the store in its chain. Furthermore, as a Superadmin, you can update the store information or remove it from all the services right away. The following screen shows the option using which you can exclude the store from your services.

Updating the store information

Admin can add products and categories

A food ordering app development company can offer a complete end-to-end software that allows you to add food products and create categories. You can declare corresponding subcategories and more.

Managing products

In the picture above, the first picture displays how the admin can add and manage the Categories. The dashboard can be seen with related options like Managing Subcategories and Subsubcategories.

In the second picture, the admin can add new products. The existing products can be seen with their respective subcategories and Subsubcategories.

With that, the app proves its worth as a complete food delivery app solution where every participant is at profit.

On-demand food delivery app development benefits

Online food delivery app development offers a complete solution-focused to meet the needs of all the participants in the business model. Being centrally designed for all the job roles, the app keeps all the participants on the same page for every food order. The unique order id generated at the time of confirming the order is shared across all the roles in the system. That is, the store owner along with the Super admin and the user has the access to the Order Id.

Tracking the order status now turns easier for all the roles, thus minimizing the chances for miscommunications. In short, food delivery app developers can offer you a better grip over your business.

Our experience in designing Order management software

As a leading web development agency, The Brihaspati Infotech has helped to boost several businesses in their verticals by fulfilling custom business needs. In more than a decade worth of industry experience, we have developed several tools that have helped them streamline their daily tasks. In one of our recent blogs, we have talked about Restaurant booking app development where the users can pre-book tables in their favorite restaurant. The Restaurant booking app was designed on React Native unlike our food delivery app designed by our iOS experts. When it comes to meeting your business needs, our knowledge of technology isn’t a constraint.

Final words

Automating orders can do miracles by minimizing the food ordering time while making it far easier for the store owners to handle and process them.  While our food delivery app development company offered a custom solution that precisely meets the needs of the aforementioned business, it can be scaled by our expert developers for nearly every business where order management is a thing. You can drop us an email or contact us to get one designed for you.

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