Gift Wrapping App – Product Customiser Tool for Shopify


We all know that products sell better on a user-friendly site with great deals and products. But when you have both, you can still be confusing your customers with the layout of your store. When you’re offering too many product choices, displaying too many pictures of your products, or arranging your products in jarring ways, you risk losing your customers. You don’t want bad design to kill your sales. So, as a Shopify development services company we would like to suggest a solution that can help you prevent customers from  moving to your competitors.

Best way out is integrating a Gift Wrapping App which can help you categorize the products in your store according to various categories while maintaining the simplicity and user-friendliness of your store. Below are some of the features of the Gift Wrapping App developed by our expert and talented team of developers:

  • Customers do not have to go through all the categories for the product they need. We have created a platform where the customers can navigate on a single page between the different categories.
  • When products are not well-organized, it’s less likely for the customer to feel paralyzed by the choices. Our expert developers have arranged the various gift sets which makes it simple for the customer to search for the items they require and add it to the basket.
  • Customers are more likely to buy products when they’re presented visually and for this reason our developers have displayed the pictures of the items for the ease of the customers.
  • Another feature of this app is that while shopping for the required products, customers can also select the related accessories of the selected items.
  • The items which are selected by the customers are added in the basket where he/she can review them to make any final changes (if any) and finally add in the cart from where he can check out to the payment gateways.
  • The items selected by the customer are finally gift wrapped and delivered to the shipping address of the customer.

All the studies suggest that the showcasing of products should be done very carefully without overwhelming the customers which includes not putting too many pictures on a single page, having simple navigation for customers and many more. So we have kept all these things in mind before developing this app and ensured that it is the most attractive and compelling app.

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