Google Now Launcher: Now for All Android Devices


Google Now Launcher is touted as future of android by many android experts. The very first glimpses of Google Now Launcher were seen on Nexus 5 smartphone running on 4.1 OS a year ago. The change was made in the search app itself, where the app was offering voice searches and a swipe method to access Google cards. For a while other android users have been envious about the special advantage Nexus 5 users were getting with Google Now Launcher. The recent update has announced Google Now for all the android devices running on 4.1 jelly bean and on higher versions. Before digging deep into the advantages and planning to hire mobile app development company to make compatible apps, let’s take an overview of what it is all about.  

What is Google Now Launcher?

To begin with, it is basically a merger of Google search application with home screen. It is an interface that contains the home screen and apps. The name comes from the combination of what the app does-Google Now Launcher is an update to basic Google’s search application that powers ‘Google Now’. It is an initiative to offer more direct access to Google Now. Simply put, it places Google Now-Google’s personal assistant, in the front of your phone. Google Now is fundamentally an app for your android mobile leveraging you with features like measuring distance you’ve travelled, stay up-to-date with current movies, shows or TV shows, and get reminders anytime anywhere. This was initially seen on Nexus 5 but Google has now made it available for all the android devices running on Jelly bean 4.1 and all the devices with OS higher than this. An Android app development company can help you understand these details much better.

How it works?

To use Google now launcher you must download it from Google Play. After downloading, at the time of installing you will have to choose the standard home screen display or the app. With Google Now Launcher on your android you can access Google Now by swiping to the left. To perform any task, like sending a text message, you just have to say your query and “Ok Google”. With this you can also customize your home screen the way you want to. It makes it easy to add to your home screen, to add widgets to home screen or to change wallpaper.

What is so special about it?

The first special thing is that it is Simplistic. You can get the right information at the right time, without having to go to the Google search and type it. Google Now is available with just a swipe to the left of your home screen. It presents a clean, simple and customizable home screen. To make a Google search or to do any work on the device, you just need to speak ‘ok Google’ following the desired query—search query, or play a song, send a message and many more. Furthermore, the translucent navigation and status bars on the home screen give a larger viewing area on the front. With launcher on your device, the wallpaper fits within the edges and it appears even in the background of app drawer. Users also get option of adjusting and previewing before applying the wallpaper. The launcher also gives easy access to Google products and services viz. Google maps, Gmail and YouTube. Google Launcher adds it own wallpapers and widgets while retaining settings menu and notification panel. Now, that it works on most of the android devices you can enjoy all the features with all the ease.

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