Google Penguin 3.0: Quick SEO Changes You Need to Make!


Be it Google Panda or Penguin, the updates are always accompanied by a huge buzz creating a major shuffle in Search Engine world. This time it was no different! If you are still not aware of the news, then please note that a month ago, Google rolled out Penguin 3.0. Penguin 3.0 is the list of latest updates in Google’s Penguin algorithm. So, if your rankings have taken a huge leap or dive do not waste time in blaming yourself and check the recent updates.

What is Penguin?

For all those who are naïve, Penguin is Google’s algorithm launched in April, 2012 to fight spamming practices in search results. The major function of this algorithm is to eliminate the websites using spam or black hat techniques, like keyword stuffing and forbidden link building practices, to rank high on search engines. Penguin algorithm penalizes any website that doesn’t follow guidelines laid out by Google Webmaster. The current update is the 6th penguin update which is, by and large, focusing on spammy back-link profiles and pages. If we look at Google algorithm change history starting from April 26, 2012, it shows us a clear picture of how the search queries are affected.
Penguin Update 1.0– 3.1 % of search queries were affected

Penguin Update 1.1– 0.1 % of search queries were affected

Penguin Update 1.2– 0.3 % of search queries were affected

Penguin Update 2.0– 2.3 % of search queries were affected

Penguin Update 2.1– 1 % of search queries were affected

Penguin Update 3.0– 1 % of search queries were affected

To give you an idea—if 1% of the search queries are affected by any update, it refers to millions of pages getting removed from search engines.

What is there in Penguin 3.0?

The worst part about Penguin updates is that if a website is de-ranked by Google Penguin algorithm, the website has to wait for next update for Google to re-evaluate it. Even this time the algorithm has targeted websites that have been following Spamdexing (practice of manipulating search engine indexes). All the websites that were ranking high without the presence of good content on them were cracked down by the update. Also, it was rolled out to de-rank the websites left out by earlier update. Penguin 3.0 is being considered as a ray of hope for the websites who have made required changes for betterment. The three main things that can affect your SEO strategies after Penguin 3.0 are:

  • Disavowing Back links: This basically refers to avoid linking to bad sites. If your website is linked to a website that has been penalized by Google for following unethical practices of link-building, your websites would be penalized too. You might not want to take such a chance! This Penguin 3.0 update detects low-quality link providers and penalizes them, and if you’re associated with any such website, your website will be de-ranked too.
  • Creating good content: Ever since Google started to roll out Panda and Penguin updates, creating good content has always been a recurring theme. The primary goal is to create content that is valuable to the people and not to the search robots. Creating spam content is a big ‘NO’ from Google Penguin 3.0
  • Avoid paid-links: Spending money to get highly ranked websites to link back to you has offended Google algorithms since the beginning. If you continue doing this, you will surely help Penguin 3.0 to remove your website from the search results.
  • Blog Networks: Matt Cutts (the guy behind the entire Search Engine Optimization rules) this time increased the focus on Blog Networks. If you have paid any website or blog to find ‘guest post’ opportunities, you must remove it. This is because the practice of paying websites for blog posting is very much similar to paying them to get high-quality links.

Stay Penguin 3.0-Proof!

Google works because users trust it for sending back best results, and if the websites are spammy Google wouldn’t be as credible source as it is now. In order to save itself from this loss, it filters all the spam websites using Penguin algorithm. To stay Penguin 3.0-proof

  • Stay away from spam practices and create genuine content
  • Do not over-optimize your website
  • Focus on visitor engagement on your website
  • Focus on generating quality and genuine content

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