How Green.Money Used Shopify To Broaden Their Customer Base


World Wide web features more than 900 + payment gateway service providers. If studies were to believe then only 1/12th of these are being adopted by E-Commerce merchants around the globe.


Most payment gateways lack a plug and play solution which allows merchants to easily get their store up and running without actually having to deal with complex API integrations.

Local payment gateways are the leaders of the pack when it comes to running services without an easy to use solution.

Here is where similar service providers can take a leaf out of Green.Money’s book.

Green.Money payments have been one of the pioneers in Echeck processing and have been facilitating SECURE and QUICK payments since the past 10 years.

Green.Money is not your ordinary payment processor, as they have their unique way of processing payments through E-Checks and provide unmatched security and processing time.

We don’t want you to take our word for how SECURE and QUICKLY they do their job. The following claims speak for themselves:

  • Green.Money utilizes security encrypted servers to process the payment information and has encrypted every single line of code written behind the processing system which makes them one of the most secure systems available.
  • With state of the art technologies in place and services like
    • RDC (Remote Deposit)
    • ICL (Image Cash Letter)

Green money can get your E-checks deposited and processed on the same day, unlike the most commonly used ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing which usually takes 4 to 5 days business days to process your payments.

  • With Green.Money, you can even accept E-Check payments on a recurring basis.

Green money has achieved great success over these years with their superior security, unmatched E-Check processing time and warm customer support that never let their customers down.

The ingenious creators at Green.Money realized that even though their ship had been sailing smoothly all this while in the vast sea of competition that is payment gateway services, the E-Commerce industry has been expanding at a rapid pace and it was the right time for an upgrade which can bring in more customers on board.

And hence, they came up with the idea that opened up new channels and started generating new customers even before they actually started marketing the final product.

Green.Money decided it was about time that they publish Merchant oriented plug and play solutions, allowing merchants to accept and process payments without leaving their E-Commerce store.

What helped with the implementation of this idea was Green.Money’s core payment processing system that already had an API (Application Programming Interface) built by their in-house programmers. All that was required was to exploit the API in the right fashion.

And so it began. The initial implementation started with the development of a Shopify Application.

Why Shopify?

With an astounding claim of 81% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), Shopify is undoubtedly one of the most viral CMS solutions at present.

The idea was to exploit the opportunities present in the market of a relatively new CMS solution which is attracting tons of merchants in a very short timeframe.

A twist of fate and an exhaustive interview later, Green.Money was all set to have the Shopify app built, and were looking to hire Shopify developer for application development. They chose The Brihaspati Infotech’s Shopify team to accomplish the Application.

The development team utilized Green.Money’s Ecart API with precision to set up an interface that allowed the Shopify app to seamlessly communicate with Green.Money’s payment interface.

Once the project plan was ready, all it took was few hours of Web development magic that included :

  • Writing the code (As per Shopify’s standards)
  • Testing the build under various stress levels.
  • And finally, deploying it live.

In no time, a plug and play solution was ready that any Shopify merchant can install in a Shopify store to accept E-check payments.

A Sneak Peak into the App for Merchants:

The initial step for Merchants to install the App is to Contact Green.Money’s tech support and sign up for a Merchant account and obtain the Shopify App. 

Once done, simply install the App in your Shopify store and enter your merchant account details in the App’s interface.

shopify panel

greenmoney panel

This is all that is required for the Merchant and he is all set to take E-Check Payments.

How to pay using Green.Money?

A payee should possess a checking account which comes along with a Cheque book.

Simply select a Cheque and enter following details that are mentioned on all the cheques in your checkbook.

  1. Routing Number
  2. Bank Account number


greenmoney shopify payment

That’s it. It is as simple as that. No need to remember any passwords or going through a lengthy payment process.
Avoiding multiple redirects there is less chance of hackers tapping into your data on the payment page.

How is the App Performing?

Just a few weeks post development Green.Money has started getting Merchants requests for App installation.

With an App for Shopify, Green.Money has already covered a major ground in the E-commerce industry.

In addition to this, Green.Money has also published similar plug and play Extensions for other major CMS like WooCommerce, Magento and Ecwid.

An OpenCart extension is under development and will soon be available for the users.

With dedicated extensions for top CMS solutions, Green.Money has surely taken a step in the right direction. Green.Money’s investment has started yielding the positive returns while the initial reactions of the customers indicate a promising future.