Headless Website Development with React JS for eCommerce


According to Think With Google,

The bounce rate percent increases by 32 percent with page load time increasing from 1 to 3 seconds.

50 percent of mobile users prefer shopping from the brand website on their device rather than downloading the  mobile application.

From the above stats, it is evident that the efficiency of a website’s front end is crucial. So, merchants focus a great deal on frontend development.

Since the frontend ecosystem is evolving. Merchants now have access to a plethora of amazing UI development technology for their eStores such as eCommerce development with React.js. With the help of technologies such as React.js, Angular, Vue.js, merchants can build efficient, interactive, and high-speed sites.

These technologies not only provide tools for creating an efficient frontend. They are also designed to make the whole UI development process versatile and efficient. 

Our recent React.js Headless website development project

The Brihaspati Infotech recently helped a client with React.js-based high-response eCommerce website development for representing their products and services. They owned a product-editing website that operates on Magento.

Reactjs for Ecommerce Website developmentClient requirement:

  • Fast load speed
  • Interactive UI customized to work with Magento Backend
  • Responsive Website Design

The solution:

Addressing these requirements was no major challenge for our development team as we have created similar solutions before. Our team has expertise in technologies such as Vue.js, Angular, and React.js for eCommerce websites.  

Implementing SEO-friendly responsive frontend design

We decided to analyze the client’s business requirement and their current website. During this, we noticed that due to a large number of images and content in it, the Website had slowed down significantly. Also, it didn’t have a mobile-friendly approach to make its services accessible to mobile device users. 

As a result, the website faced a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rates. To help our client take these business issues head-on, we decided to perform Frontend development with React.js.

Why we used React.JS for eCommerce frontend development

To accomplish the required results, we used React.js web development services. React.js offers versatile features and emphasizes faster frontend development along with code-reusability.

Why use Reactjs

Moreover, React is compatible with a variety of libraries. This enables the implementation of unique features as well. Besides, we can even implement similar functionalities using other JS technologies such as Vue.js, Angular, etc. 

Here’s a list of the benefits of Frontend development with React.js for eCommerce stores:

  • React.js provides component-reusability, this makes it easier for eCommerce merchants to save time and money. Further, code reusability helps merchants avoid code duplicacy, simplifying codebase management. 
  • eCommerce store management also includes dealing with the changing state of the online store. With React’s state management, merchants can improve their website performance, efficiency, and memory consumption.
  • React provides the React-Router library which can be used to provide routing capabilities for a web app. This makes the development of single-page applications using React.js easier for developers.

With the help of React.js, we implemented the following features for the client:

Customizable frontend with headless architecture

The UI needed customization for providing the users an efficient navigation experience. However, the services provided by the merchants and the way they operated were quite unique. So, it was challenging for our hire frontend React.js developer to use a pre-made theme to represent the client’s products and services.

Reactjs with Magento using API

To cater to this, we decided to use Headless Architecture. With the Headless Architecture, we were able to create a custom Frontend design by using React.js from scratch. Further, we combined it with the Magento Backend by using APIs.

This allowed the website to have an improved load speed and better UI design. Also, it made customization easier and the website lightweight. 

PWA development with React for mobile devices

Further, to make the whole website accessible on mobile devices, we created a Progressive web App using React.js. This allowed users to have an app-like browsing experience while accessing the website on their browser.

PWA development using Reactjs

With the help of PWA, the website provided an app-like experience to mobile users. This made the user navigation more convenient. Though we used React.js for creating the PWA, there are multiple other ways to build a PWA.  

We can also create PWA using Vue Storefront and Angular which our developers have implemented several times in the past. You can read more about our PWA accomplishments here:

Progressive Web Apps Archive

Static website development with React.js

Our developers also created Static Pages using React.js for the service pages so that they could become easily accessible to users. For this, we used server-side rendering with React.js during the development.

Reactjs for Frontend development

It allowed the website to export arrays of modules beforehand. As a result, we were able to improve the overall speed and accessibility of the service pages.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to React.js?

The use of React.js web development can help merchants create amazing storefronts for their business. But, since the eCommerce ecosystem evolves, merchants often have many doubts regarding the technology to be used. 

Here’re a few FAQs that might help merchants make a well-informed decision:

Is it important to hire separate developers for Javascript and React.js?

No, if you have a team of talented Javascript developers you won’t need to React.js developers separately. As javascript developers can easily learn React.js since it comes with an easy learning curve.

Is React.js considered as a framework or library?

React is a javascript library used to create frontend websites. However, React.JS is now surrounded by a massive library ecosystem. Hence, we can add up a few libraries to get a better view that helps decide the rest of your frontend architecture.

It empowers developers to work with the virtual browser, reusable codebase, and customizable components. A seasoned Javascript developer also provides React.js-related APIs and functions for delivering a unique website frontend.

Summarizing eCommerce website development with React.js

Efficient use of React.js for eCommerce development can easily help merchants in improving their UI and user experience. Improving the navigation experience helps eCommerce owners enhance their brand image. Therefore, adapting to custom Frontend development services with React.js is crucial for online merchants. 

If you have a similar requirement for your business website or eCommerce store do get in touch with us today. Our team of experienced and skilled frontend developers can create an amazing custom frontend using modern development technologies. Hence, to cater to your unique, industry-specific business needs you can easily count on us. 

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